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News Archive - 2006
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January 2006 -

Courtesy Right NASA, Left NASA/Ames Research Center
TOUCHDOWN! NASA 'Stardust' Returns To Earth OK!
Returned Capsule Contains Dust From Comet 'Wild 2'
Homepage   NASA   Stardust   PDF   Latest Multimedia

Rare e-/e+/e- State
Noted Astronomerís Clyde Tombaugh Centennial Celebrated
'humuhumunukunukuapuaa' Hawaii's Official State Fish?
Prime Time to View Saturn   At Opposition   Viewing Guide
Longest Laser Built: 75 Kilometers Long
Found: World's Smallest Fish   Vertebrate: Paedocypris progenetica
Scientists Spot a New Earthlike Exoplanet
Cars with 'Adaptive Cruise Control' (ACC) Avoid Roadway Traffic Jams
Scientists Make 2D Arrays of Particles Held Together by Just Light

'New Horizons' Spacecraft to Pluto:
Launches OK, On Way to Pluto!   Homepage   Latest Status
First Mission to Last Planet Not Explored Yet
Pluto Info   Pluto Moon Charon Info   Kuiper Belt Info

Laughter Proves Good Medicine for Heart
Magnetic Levitation Elevators to Debut in 2008
New World Record: Leyan Lo Breaks Record Solving Rubik's Cube
Electric Hurricanes - 2005 Most Powerful Filled with Mysterious Lightning

Courtesy NASA, ESA and A. Schaller (for STScI)
Mystery Solved: High-Energy Fireworks Linked to Massive Star Cluster

New Cat Family Tree Revealed
Ants Harbor Antibiotic to Protect Their Crops
Chemists Calculate Structure of Puzzling "Scrambler" Molecule
2005 Ties for 2nd Warmest Year Ever, But Cause Still Uncertain
Earliest Mayan Writing Found Beneath Guatemalen Pyramid
Moon Veterans Go Back to the Future
Missouri Researchers Find Largest Prime Number
How Does Matter Terminate?
Thai Rice Field Yields Treasure Trove of Mammal Fossils
Whales Found to Speak in Dialects
China Says 21 Rare Pandas Born in '05
Saturn Cassini Spacecraft Maps of Several Saturn Moons Released
The Surprising Complexity of Walking
From Sundials to Cell Phones
Star Near Southern Cross is Ringing Like a Bell

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