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News Archive - 2005
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December 2005 -

Mystery of 'Unicorn' Whale Solved
Flexible Nine-Foot Narwhal Tooth   Pictures

SPACE.COM: Top Astronomy Stories of 2005
Sky and Telescope: Year in Astronomy 2005
The Year in Images: Jet Propulsion Laboratory 2005
Physics Web: 2005 Review of the Year
NASA 2005: A Year of Exploration Milestones
American Institute of Physics: Top Physics Stories of 2005
2005 Worst for Extreme Weather
The Planets in 2006
New Mammal Named after Chocolate Giant, Named Kryoryctes cadburyi
Kenya's Hippo 'Owen' & Tortoise 'Mzee' Mark One Year Together
Monkeys Have Accents, Japanese Study Finds
Galaxy's Neighboring Spiral Arm is Closer Than Thought
Chandra X-Ray Observatory Looks Back at the Earth
Einstein Was Right: NIST & MIT Confirm that E=mc2
Robot Car Drives into the Future
Scientists Find Cache of Dodo Bird Bones
Hubble Space Telescope Finds Two New Rings Around Uranus
A Fleeting Detection of Gravitational Waves
Beetle Sports Photonic Crystal Coat
Spitzer Telescope Spots Stellar Snowflake on 'Christmas Tree Cluster'
Scientists Find a ‘Sweet Tooth’ in the Brain
Everyone Will Need a Digital TV Converter by 2009
How Santa's Reindeers Work Through the Night
Partial Ingredients for DNA and Protein Found Around Star
Scientists Figure Out Why 'Mona Lisa' Smiles, She's Happy
Magnetic North Pole Drifting Fast
Fissure in Afar Desert Could Become New Sea
Found in Borneo: What Appears to be a New Mammal Species
Simple Experiment Creates Surprising State of Matter
NASA Satellites Yield Best-Ever Antarctic Maps
XCOR'S EZ-Rocket's Sets Point-To-Point Rocket Plane World Record
Silicon Chip Puts the Brakes on Light
World's Tallest Building Possibly Causing Earthquakes
First Brazilian Rocket Launched from Esrange

Courtesy NASA/ESA/J. Hester & A. Loll (Arizona State University)
A Giant Hubble Mosaic of the Crab Nebula

Early-Bird Fossil has Dinosaur Feet   Archaeopteryx Picture
Fossil 'Footprints' Stir Debate About Earliest Americans

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November 2005 -

ESA Venus Express Launch:
Launched Successfully, On Way to Venus
Latest Status   Launch Video   Where is it Now?
Homepage   Venus   Info PDF

"Mini Ice Age" May Be Coming Soon, Sea Study Warns
'Singing' Iceberg Recorded in Antarctica
Longstanding Puzzle of Honeybee Flight Solved at Last
Ancient Roman Anchors Found in Dead Sea
World's Oldest Rocks Suggest Early Earth was Habitable
World Record Broken with Highest Flight in a Hot Air Balloon

Japanese Space Probe 'Hayabusa':
Touches Down on Asteroid Itokawa & Gathers Material   Hayabusa
NASA Spacecraft Description   Image

Record Ice Core Reveals Earth's Ancient Atmosphere
Dead Sea is Dying
Matter-Antimatter Molecules
How Ants Navigate
Mid-November Peak of Modest Leonid Meteor Shower   Leonids

 Courtesy NASA
B-15A Antarctic Iceberg Breaks into 3 More Pieces
More Pics   Video   National Ice Center

Sea Monster Found, Nicknamed 'Godzilla':
Researchers Find Ancient Crocodile   Dakosaurus andiniensis Pictures

777-200LR Worldliner Jet Sets New Nonstop Flight Mark
Graphite Found to Exhibit Surprising Quantum Effects
Solving the Mystery of the Tibetan Plateau
Could Sound Move at the Speed of Light?

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October 2005 -

Pluto - Two New Moons Discovered:
Sky & Telescope   Pluto   Info   Hubble   Audio   NASA

What's Best? Regular or Discount Gas? Experts Say Buy Cheapest
Bright Mars Now Closest to Earth, Closest until 2018   Viewing Guide
What do Einstein, Darwin and E-mails have in Common?

Historic Major League Baseball World Series 2005:
Chicago White Sox Win First World Series Since 1917   World Series
Redemption for 'Shoeless' Joe Jackson?   Joe Jackson's Hall of Fame
Game 3, Longest Game in World Series History

Galapagos Volcano Erupts    Galapagos National Park
NANOTECH: The Worlds Smallest Car - Wheels Only 60 Atoms Each
Happy 120th? Science Pushes Human Longevity
Video iPod, At Long Last

Bigfoot Conference in Texas Draws Hundreds  Conference Info
Bigfoot Links:   1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9   10

Warmest September Globally Since Record Keeping Began
China Launches Second Manned Spacecraft, First Time with Two Men
NASA Discovers Life's Building Blocks are Common in Space
Rockets of the Future take Center Stage, The New Space Race
60 Year Anniversary of the Launch of the WAC 'Corporal' Test Rocket
Russia Test-Launches Mini-Shuttle
Movie Review: Wallace & Gromit - The Curse of the Were-Rabbit
The World’s Smallest Fountain Pen
First Private Spaceship 'SpaceShipOne' Now in the Smithsonian
U.S. Nickel Gets a Whole New Look
World Space Week, October 4-10
Moon 'Gabrielle' Discovered Orbiting Claimed 10th Planet 'Xena'
October 1 Marks NASA's 47th Anniversary
Motorcycling Sees Boomer Boom

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September 2005 -

courtesy NASA, ESA, and the Hubble Heritage Team (J. Biretta STScI/AURA)
Hubble Telescope Catches Scattered Light
From The Boomerang Nebula

Did Rising Oxygen Levels Fuel Mammal Evolution?
Land of Homer's 'Odyssey' Said Found
Snowball Earth Theory Comes Under Fire
Pivo: Concept Car Shaped Like an Egg, Cab Spins 360 Degrees
Emmy Awarded for Sony PlayStation 3D Work
Nuclear Seismology: Physicists Discover a New Excited Nuclear State
Study Reveals How Your Brain Sleeps
Evidence Found for a Novel Quantum State Called 'Metallic Superfluid'
Celebrating 50 Years of Planetary Radio Astronomy
Did You Say Hydrophobic Water?
Long-Sought Maya City Found in Guatemala
Live Giant Squid Photographed for First Time   Pictures
UFO Landing Site: If He Builds It, Will They Come?
Sandcastle Physics Revealed
New Robots Can Replicate Themselves
$10 Bill Gets a Makeover   More Info, Begins Circulating March 2006
Unusual Meteorite Unlocks Treasure Trove of Solar System Secrets
Carl Sagan’s ‘Cosmos’ Returns to Television
Meteorites Offer Glimpse of the Early Earth, Say Purdue Scientists
Atari: Yes, You Can Play 'Pong' Again
Supernova Explosion May Have Caused Mammoth Extinction
Secrets of Largest Fish Revealed
Scientists: No Stopping Hurricanes
Digital Memory Keys Lighten Students' Bookbags
Evolutionary Tools Help Unlock Origins of Ancient Languages
Video Games Go To College
A Giant Leap for Nanodroplets
Original 'Alice in Wonderland' Manuscript Now in 3D Online  3D Online
Weighing the Amazon River
Thyristors Go Organic
First Bose-Einstein Condensate in a Solid
Marine Microorganism Might Affect Global Carbon & Nitrogen Cycles
Solid-State Supercapacitors
Cold Plasmas Move On
Scientists Use Whale Lice to Track Whale Evolution
Spintronics: Tiny Twister
Sounds of Typing Give Messages Away
Global Plan to Rescue Amphibians
Tammy Brook's 'Beverage Barricade' Wins 'Mothers of Invention' Contest
Statistical Physicists Ask: What Music Do You Like?
Stolen Self-Portrait of Rembrandt Recovered
A Cold Twist on the Hanbury Brown Twiss Effect
'Warming Link': Records Show Hurricanes Got Stronger in Recent Times
Nintendo Unveils New-Type Controller for Next Generation Video Game
The World’s Smallest Robot
Nanomagnets Come Together
Microsoft New Xbox 360 Debuts November 22nd, Before Thanksgiving
Why Do We Reside in a Three-Dimensional (3D) Universe?
Genetics: 28 Horses Spawned All Living Racehorses Alive Today
The 'Cheerios' Effect
Walking Movement Generates Electricity When Wearing Novel Backpack
Sun Kicks Up Major Flare, More Expected
Physicists Create Artificial Crystals Made of Colloidal Particles
Ceres, Largest Asteroid May Be 'Mini Planet' with Water Ice
Atom-Molecule Dark States
Spear Led to Era of Early-Human Peace, Expert Says
Hubble Telescope's Movie of Neptune's Dynamic Atmosphere   Movie
The Physics of Pasta

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August 2005 -

First Space Shuttle Launch In Over 2 Years:
 courtesy NASA
Mission to Space Station Complete - Lands Safely!
Discovery STS 114 - Space Shuttle Homepage
Space Station Info   STS-114 Launch Video

First-ever Chimp Fossils Found
Fastest Pulsar Speeding Out of the Galaxy, Astronomers Discover
Comic-Strip 'Blondie' is Still Ageless at 75
How the Earth Spins
Hualapai to Build Tourist Glass Walkway Above Grand Canyon   Pic
Cassini Spacecraft Shows Saturn's Rings Have Their Own Atmosphere
Student Unearths Einstein Paper   'Year of Wonders' 100 Years Later
Viewer's Guide: Mars to be Spectacular in Fall, 2005
Branching Is Key to Carbon Nanotube Transistors
Electrifying Internet Access, Broadband Connection From a Wall Outlet
Ions Feel the Field Effect
A New 'Phase' for Biological Imaging
Video Game Review: Madden NFL '06 Title Tackles the Field
Experts Decipher Knotted String Used By The Ancient Inca
Photonic Crystal Accelerator

2005 Perseid Meteor Shower:
Subdued Meteor Shower Ends  Picture Gallery  Sky Map

NASA Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter Launch:
 courtesy NASA
Launched OK - On Way to Mars Orbit   'MRO' Homepage
4 Year Mission   PDF

2007: New Daylight Savings Changes Almost Like 'Y2K' Problem in 2000
Getting a Handle on Proteins

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July 2005 -

   Both courtesy NASA/JPL-Caltech/UMD
                    BEFORE / AFTER
July 4th Space Fireworks:
First Time Ever - Spacecraft Smashes into Comet
Info   Deep Impact Spacecraft   Comet Tempel 1  PDF
Images   Hubble Pics   JPL   Audio   Approach Video
Crash Video   Launch Video

New 10th Planet Found:
Scientists Claim Discovery   Audio Story   2003 UB313
National Geographic Story   Sky & Telescope Story

Geoneutrinos Detected
Quantum Boost for Optical Clocks, More Accurate Atomic Clocks?
Breakthrough: New Way to Peek Inside Earth
Asteroid May Buzz Earth in 2029
Sea Turtles Hunted to Brink, Study Finds
SMART-1 Craft Views 'Hadley Rille' Near Apollo 15 Landing Site   Pic
Lance Armstrong Seals Seventh Tour de France Win
Microsoft Names New Windows Operating System 'Vista'  Vista Home
Amateur Team Discovers a Record 100 Supernovae
NASA, Save Sight with More Light, NASA Helps Develop New Bulb
July 21st 1969: America Lands Man on the Moon  Project Apollo
SOHO Spacecraft Watches Saturn & Cassini Spacecraft Pass Behind Sun
Trees... from the Moon
Napoleon Dynamite: Nerd, Geek Or Dork?
The Biggest Starquake Ever
Base on Skis Wins Polar Contract
June 2006: Movie 'Superman Returns' to be Released
Two Natural Wonders of Africa Named World Heritage Sites
Strengthening Quantum Cryptography by Putting On Blinders
Far Galaxy Particles Used to Understand Processes at Earth's Surface
Panda Baby Born at National Zoo in Washington D.C.
Mount Rushmore Getting Cleaned for First Time   Mount Rushmore
NASA Funds Quieter Supersonic Boom Study
Ladies & Gentlemen, Start Your Solar Cars!   Solar Car Info Interactive
Protein Tells Flowers When Spring Starts
North Atlantic Ocean Temps Rise
'Fires Wiped Out' Ancient Mammals
Teleportation: Express Lane Space Travel - Think 'Star Trek'
Deep Sea Creature Siphonophores uses Red Light for Lure
Bottoms Down for Quarks
A Coulomb Experiment for the Weak Nuclear Force
Dinosaur Footprint Found in Alaskan Park
Why is the Sky Blue and Not Violet?
Richard F. Darsie Jr. Ph.D., Mosquito Man
Stalagmite Fuels Climate Debate
Footprints Could Rewrite History of First Americans by 30,000 Years
Take Your Time: Extra Second Will be Added to 2005
Astrologer Sues NASA for $300M
Laser Pulses Could Power Quantum Logic Gate
Once Again Takeru Kobayashi Wins Coney Island Hot Dog Eating Contest
U.S. Pair Recreate Record 1919 Trans-Atlantic Flight
ESO's Very Large Telescope Discovers Einstein Ring in Distant Universe
Entering a Dark Age of Innovation?
Global Observer - First Hydrogen Plane Tested
Antarctic Concept Vehicle Unveiled
Leonardo Da Vinci Sketch Discovered Hidden Under Painting
Earth Trembles as Big Hurricane Winds Move In
Discovery: Largest Solid Core Extrasolar Planet  Exoplanet Encyclopedia
Climate Change Could Set Dunes in Motion, Study Suggests

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June 2005 -

Courtesy NASA
40th Anniversary of the 1st U.S Spacewalk on Gemini 4

Pac-Man Turns 25, Chomp Chomping Away
June 27th: Venus & Mercury Closest In Sky For Years
World's Largest Frozen Ice Pop Melts, Floods New York Streets
Ancient Egyptian Glass Factory Found
Pink Floyd's Live 8 Concert First Since 1981

'War of the Worlds' New Movie Release: Homepage/Trailers
Orson Welles Caused 1938 Radio Panic  QT Trailers   Movie Review

SETI Institute to Ponder Habitability of M Stars
Russia's Future Kliper Spacecraft Showcased in Paris
Summer of 1975: Movie 'Jaws' at 30
Ripples in Cosmic Neutrino Background Measured for the First Time
Nuclear Physics: 'Magic' Numbers Remain Magic
Japan, France to Jointly Develop New Supersonic Jet
Neutron Star Weigh-In
Mens 100-Meter World Record Set by Asafa Powell from Jamaica
Astronomers Discover Active Earth-Like Exoplanet   Hybrid Earth-Uranus
Giant Mucus Balls Feed Ocean Depths
Tree Seed Grows After 2,000 Years
World’s Smallest Toothbrush Scrubs Capillaries Clean
NASA and Russians Team Up for Gravity Studies
Pocahontas' Earrings Go on Display
X-rays Reveal More About Exotic Atoms Called Kaonic Hydrogen
National Geographic Photo: Ultra-Lifelike Robot Debuts in Japan
Big Dipper Stars in Summer Sky

Courtesy NASA/JPL-Caltech(Steward Observatory)
NASA's Spitzer Captures Echo of Dead Star's Rumblings   Picture

In Pictures: Japanese Prototype Robots
Molecular Surprise in One Dimension
Glass-Like Metal Performs Better Under Stress
Golf: Cousins Card Consecutive Aces, MacDonald & Villecco 2 Holes in 1
'007 Spy Suit' Found in NASA Bunker
SMART-1 Detects Calcium on the Moon   SMART-1 Spacecraft
Battle Heats Up Over DVD Formats
Propane Powers Micro Fuel Cells, 1 Centimetre Across

Courtesy NASA, ESA, HEIC, Hubble Heritage Team (STScI,AURA)
Hubble Space Telescope Snaps N63A Supernova Remnant   Picture

Scientists Help Develop First Single Molecule Transistor
Quantum Cryptography Network Gets Quantum Wireless Link
Dancing Robot is Strictly Ballroom
Astronomers Find New Evidence for the Violent Demise of Sun-like Stars
Dolphins Use Tools To Find Food
Key Evidence Supporting Theory of Quasars Found
Unlocking the Mystery Behind Lightning's Puzzling Friend, an Eerie Flash
King Tut Reigns Again
Ancient Bear DNA Mapped, A First for Extinct Species
The 'Blue Brain' Project: Mission to Simulate the Human Brain Begins
Monkey Hear, Monkey Count: New Rhesus Monkey Research
Human Pacman: Pac Man Game Comes to Life Virtually in Real World
Cosmic Mystery: Where is that Missing Neutron Star?
125 Large Northern Lakes Disappear
Brown-Dwarf Binary May Challenge Theories
NASA Scientist Confirm Liquid Water on Early Earth
Deep Roots of Solar Wind Help Predict Space Weather
The First Original Space Race: Baikonur Cosmodrome Turns 50
Palaeontologists Might Be Able to Tell Male/Female Difference in Dinos
Galex Provides Ultraviolet Star Flare Video   Video   Galex
Space Pioneer Neil Armstrong's Hair-Raising Gripe
How Animals Find Things
Card Trick Holds Promise for Movie Special Effects

'Active' Hurricane Season Predicted for U.S.   Hurricane Season Starts
NASA Launches New Hurricane Web Page   NASA Hurricane Resource

'Trust' Hormone's Smell Helps Us Hand Over Cash, Study Says
Leading Theories of Cosmic Explosions Contradicted
Comet Catalina '2005 JQ5', Put on List of Potential Earth Impactors
Biggest Ever Evolution of the Cosmos Supercomputer Simulation

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May 2005 -

Twelve New Saturn Moons Discovered

Courtesy NASA
Voyager 1 Spacecraft Enters Edge of Interstellar Space   Launched 1977
Voyager - the Interstellar Mission   Heliosphere   Images   Video History

Most Accurate Clock: Lattice Trap Improves Optical Clocks
Solar Sail Spacecraft 'Cosmos 1' Launch Set for June Solstice
NOAA-N Spacecraft Successfully Launched   NOAA-N   Launch Status
New African Monkey Lophocebus kipinji Discovered in Tanzania
Prehistoric Bones Point to First Modern-Human Settlement in Europe
NASA $250,000 Award for First to Get Breathable Oxygen from Moon Dirt

Star Wars Episode III: Revenge Of The Sith:
Some Modern Tech Comes From Star Wars  Movie Review
Star Wars Homepage & Trailer  10 Things Movie Should Resolve
Coming: New TV Show   Quiz  Pics & Info

A Science To Winning? Wear Red
Planets with Two Suns Likely Common
Extrasolar Planet Takes its Star for a Spin
Chinese Made First Use of Diamond
New Collision Looks Imminent for B-15A Iceberg
Busy Hurricane Season Seen, Estimates 7 Named Hurricanes

International Space Station Alert: Oxygen Generator Fails for Good
Now Burning Oxygen Generating Candles   Latest Status

Ancient Pioneers Took Coastal Route Out of Africa
'Woof Woof' Means 'I Love You', Service Tells if Dog is Happy or Sad
Latest Status: Ulysses Spacecraft
Most Precise Mass Calculation for Lattice QCD
World's Fastest Plant: New Speed Record Set
Latest in Electronics: Ready, Set, Go, It's the E3 Expo   E3 Homepage
Microsoft Officially Inveils 'Xbox 360'

Courtesy NASA
Titan's Atmosphere Revealed by New NASA Observation   Titan

A Recipe for Making Superstrings in the Lab
New Robot Reproduces on Its Own
What We Don't Know About the World
Goddard Techs Propose High-Tech Sensitive Skin Covering for Robots
Solar Outbursts Protected Early Earth, Study Suggests
NASA Developing Robots with Human Traits
(AFM) Atomic Force Microscope that Works in Liquid Made in China
Rare Species of Tree with Jurassic Roots Planted at Botanic Gardens
Quantum Cryptography Tackles Video
Generation M: Natural Multitaskers
Lost Asteroid Clue to Pioneer Puzzle
A Bright Future
Over 2,000 Year Old Iron Age Shoe Unearthed at Whiteball Quarry
10 Years of Planet Hunting: Amazing Variety Out There
Vacuum Elevator Gives Users a Gentle Lift
Doorstep Astronomy: See Saturn and Jupiter Now!
Saturns Moon Phoebe is From Pluto   Phoebe   Saturn   Pluto
Antioxidants a Key to 'Long Life'
One Law Rules Dedicated Followers of Fashion
An Optical Conveyer Belt
Solar Myth, with Solar Minimum Near, Sun Continues to be Very Active
Hot Chips Chilled with Liquid Metal
New Thermometer Reveals Wet Conditions on Earliest Earth
Mars Polar Lander Found at Last?
Room Temperature Liquid Sodium
Thursday, May 5th is Space Day 2005
Serious Science Stuff on Four New U.S. Stamps
Pennsylvania Restaurant Offers World's Biggest Burger at 15 Pounds
Stars of 'American Chopper' Visit Johnson Space Center
Rosamond Gifford Zoo to be Powered by Doo-Doo?
Gamma Rays from Thunderstorms?
Lab Tests Ultra-Thin Material for Outer-Space Sails
'Envisat' Helps Polar Challenge Racers on Way to Magnetic North Pole
Innovative Plasma Technology Tested for Future Deep-Space Missions
Squeaky Clean Fossil Fuels
Time Traveler Convention Planned for Saturday, May 7th
Skylark Space Program Ends After 47 Years with 441st Final Launch
New Dinosaur Species Found in South Dakota, Flat-Headed Plant Eater

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April 2005 -

First Ever Dinosaur Eggs Discovered Inside Mother

Astronomers Confirm the First Image of a Planet Outside of Solar System
Mars Rover 'Spirit' Panorama Shows 'Lookout' Point Vista   360 Video
NASA Scientists Confirm Earth's Energy is Out of Balance
Movie Review: Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy   Homepage/Trailer

Courtesy NASA
‘Human Satellite’ Bruce McCandless, First Freeflyer In Space,
Enters Astronaut Hall of Fame

Mars Express Spacecraft's Radar to be Deployed in May
NASA Gives Artificial Gravity a Spin
'Extinct' Woodpecker Found in Arkansas, Experts Say
Table-Top Fusion 'Demonstrated'
'Opportunity' Mars Rover Stuck in Sand
Pyrofusion: A Room-Temperature, Palm-Sized Nuclear Fusion Device
NASA's Deep Impact Spacecraft Spots Its Target Comet   Mission   Status
Cassini: Sounds of Saturn Moon Enceladus Using Magnetometer   Sound
Fuel Cell Converts Biomass into Hydrogen
Nickel-78, The Most Neutron-Rich of the Doubly-Magic Nuclei
Without Top Predators, Ecosystems Turn Topsy-Turvy
Hot Spots on Neutron Stars Tracked for First Time
Low Level of Extinction During Ice Age Linked to Adaptability

Courtesy NASA/ESA/STScl
Hubble Celebrates 15th Anniversary with Spectacular New Images
Space Telescope Science Institute   Video   New Eagle Nebula Pic

New Phase of Ice Might Exist
Hybrid Car Sales Keep Growing
Reef Fish Lives Fastest, Dies Youngest  'Pygmy Goby' Eviota sigillata
Earth’s Gravity Scar
Cavers Smash World Depth Record   Photo 'Bottom of the World'

Courtesy NASA/JPL
Mars Rover 'Spirit' Images 'Dust Devil' In Gusev Crater   Video

Giant Rare Bloom Amorphophallus titanum Gives Off Stench
Video Game Review: MVP 2005
When Snow Melts, Ocean Plants Bloom
Tech Giants Explore 'Hybrid' DVDs
Hurricane Prediction Gets a Hand
Gas Puts Mice into Suspended Animation for First Time
An Ocean of Quarks   RHIC Full Energy Collision Images
Pentaquark Hunt Draws a Blank
Bug-Eyed Baby Aye-Aye Makes Public Debut
Extreme Life Discovery in Yellowstone Bodes Well for Astrobiologists
Happy People are Healthier, Study Suggests
Computer Generates Verifiable Math Proof of 150 Year Old Theorem
Iceberg B-15A Collides with Antarctic Drygalski Ice Tongue
Controlling Heat Flow with a Magnet
Moore's Law on Chips Marks 40th Year   Moore's Law
'Lyrid' Meteor Shower April 15-22   Peaked Early 4/22   Sky Map
Using Atom Smasher, Scientists Create New State of Matter
Flying Cars Ready To Take Off

Courtesy NASA
Flight to Space Station: Soyuz TMA-6 Arrives with New Crew
Old Crew Lands Safely   Also Completes ENEIDE Mission
Expedition 11   Mission PDF   Space Station   Landing Info

April 16th is Astronomy Day
Whale-Dolphin Hybrid has Baby 'Wholphin'
'Toad Tunnels' Built to Help Amphibians Cross Roads
New Transistor Breaks Speed Record
Finally, a Solid Look at Earth's Core
Happy 50th Birthday to McDonalds Hamburger Restaurants

NASA 'DART' Mission: Mishap Ends Mission in Orbit
DART   Mission PDF   Homepage   Pegasus Rocket   MSFC

Partial Solar Eclipse: Skywatchers Catch April 8th's Hybrid Eclipse
Info   Viewers Guide   Next One: 2012   Picture Gallery

Coral Reef Sounds Guide Young Fish Back To Home
Auroras Aren't Mirror Images
Ice Age Mammoth Discovered at Construction Site in California
New Robot Shifts Shape
A First: Measuring Plutonic Band Structure of a Photonic Material
Woolly Mammoth Resurrection, 'Jurassic Park' Planned
The Surprising New Science of Splashes
A Single-Protein Wet Bio-Transistor
Sony Patent takes First Step Towards Real-Life Matrix
Solar Plane Planned for Around-the-World Flight
Large Hadron Collider will be Most Powerful Particle Accelerator in 2007
Hole Drilled to Bottom of Earth's Crust, Breakthrough to Mantle Looms
The Smallest Electric Motor   More Info & Animated Picture

Courtesy NASA
Explosions in Space May Have Initiated Ancient Extinction on Earth

Robot Competition Student Winners   2005 Robotics Competition   FIRST
Butterflies Don't Fly Aimlessly But Follow Precise Flightpath
Asimo Robot Helps Demonstrate Science in Action to Classroom
'Geek Speak' Confuses Net Users
In Still Waters, Protons Run Deep
Turning the Lotus Effect on its Head
Yosemite Gets Back to Nature With Extreme Makeover
Mona Lisa Gains New Home at Refurbished Louvre Art Gallery in Paris
NASA's Marshall Center to Begin Test of 20-Meter Solar Sail Technology
Solution Found for Cosmology's Great Pancake Mystery
Many 'Earths' Are Out There, Study Says
Habitable Planets: Disaster Zones and Safe Havens
Case of Sedna's Missing Moon Solved
Extinct Marsupial Lion had Most Powerful Mammal Bite
Mars Rovers Go into Triple Overtime, 18 More Months Exploring

Courtesy NASA/JPL/Space Science Institute
Cassini's Latest Fly-By Images of Titan Shows New Territory

On Display Now: Jupiter Easy to Spot
Phononic Crystals Go Hypersonic

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March 2005 -

Record: Most Distant Massive Object Ever Seen  
Image Gallery

Animals Laughed Long Before Humans, Study Says
Fill 'Er Up With Hydrogen?
Scales Tip with Tiniest Mass Yet, Measured in Zeptograms
Hole-In-One for Blind Golfer, Joel Ludvicek
New Sources of High-Energy Gamma Rays Found at Milky Way's Center

Courtesy NASA
Astronaut Launches Satellite During Spacewalk   Space Station

Breeding Success for Rare Kakapo
First Solar Sail Continues Methodical Launch Checklist
France's Maud Fontenoy, First Woman to Row Solo Across Pacific Ocean
Whiskers Go Wild at World Beard, Mustache Games   Pictures
Theories of High-Temp Superconductivity Violate Pauli Principle
World Year of Physics: The Birth of Wormholes
Blue Gene/L: Fastest Supercomputer Gets Faster
Viewer's Guide to Spring's First Full Moon   Full Moon Names/Meanings

NASA Centennial Challenges: Prizes for Space Breakthroughs
Centennial Challenges   The Spaceward Foundation

A Gadget to Make 'Peeps' at Home
New NASA Image of Earth Seen Through Gamma-Ray Eyes   More
Space Exploration: What Could be Cooler?
Moorestown NJ Student, Ian DiMedio, Wins National Space Day Contest
Octopuses: Two Tentacles Used for Bipedal Walking
70 Million Year Old T-Rex Fossil Found with Soft Tissue & Blood Vessels

Playstation Portable:
What to Play, Game Review   Sony Gets it Right & Not Just for Gamers

Personal Travel on 'Microjets' Expected to Grow
Wrinkles Could Be Less than Skin Deep
Shelby Unveils 450-hp Mustang Cobra GT500
Mystery Minerals Formed in Fireball Asteroid that Destroyed Dinosaurs
NASA 'Ambassadors' Spread the Scientific Word
Jupiter Moon May Have Life, Experts Urge a Mission
Veteran Astronaut Launches into Cyberspace
Remains of Ancient Egyptian Seafaring Ships Discovered
Elephants Can Mimic Traffic, Other Noises, Study Says
Space Debris: Assessing the Risk
Contact Lenses React to Blood-Sugar Levels
Study Unravels Mathematics of Wildfires
Drop Sensor Provides Laptop Motion Control
Fossil Records Show Biodiversity Comes and Goes
Hold Still
Babies Recognize Faces Better Than Adults, Study Says
First Membrane-Free Alkaline Fuel Cell Built

Courtesy NASA/JPL-Caltech/R. Hurt (SSC)
A First: Light from Two Extrasolar Planets Detected   New Worlds Atlas
Spitzer Space Telescope   Online Extrasolar Planet Database

Classic Maths Puzzle Cracked at Last
Fish Diversity Tied to Evolution of Diving Ability
A Dog's Life Is Looking Better and Better
Turning Off The Tubes, Back to Realm of Choice
NASA Study Finds Soot May be Changing the Arctic Environment   Info
Saturn Cassini Craft Sees Mimas Occult Janus   Cassini
50 Years Ago: Film That Launched Rock   Blackboard Jungle   Rock is 50!
Cops with Six Legs: Law and Order Among Insects
Young Talented Student Scientists Win Big in Annual Competition
Envisat Enables First Global Check of Regional Methane Emissions   Pics
3D Printer to Churn Out Copies of Itself
Microscope Zooms In On Crystallisation
NASA Uses Imaging Radar to Detect Coastal Pollution
In Animal Kingdom, Size Matters
Spring Starts Sunday, But Why Has the Date Changed?
Image Gallery of Ancient Observatories for Sun-Earth Day 2005
Lab Fireball 'May Be Black Hole'
Volvo & Sir Branson Unveil Winner of Trip to Space   Virgin Galactic
Robonaut Shows Sensitive Side
Plasmonic Computer Chips Move Closer
Softening the Blow
Irish Eyes Smiling over Shamrock

Saturns Moon Enceladus: Watery Atmosphere Discovered   Diagram
Sky & Telescope   Saturn   Enceladus   Fly-By Pictures & Info

Space Station Loses Second Broken Gyro   No Threat
First Time: Physicists have Counted Individual Electrons in Current
Exploring the Sun Through Ancient Civilizations
Sled Dogs Train, Perform Like Top Athletes   Iditarod Dog Sled Race
Degenerate Gas Stuck in Optical Lattice
Owl On The Prowl Flies 150 Miles
Photonic Crystal Slows Down Light
Mountain Living More Heart-Friendly, Study Suggests
Explained: Puzzling Signal in RHIC Experiments
Death Valley Alive With Flowers, Most in 50 Years
Bright Light Over Pacific Northwest Likely A Meteor
Astronomers Measure Slowest Motion Across the Sky
Midwest Weather 2004, Weather So Perfect It's Strange
North Carolina Scientist: Tracking Critters' Mass Migrations
Jupiter's High-Voltage Auroras Probed By   Chandra X-Ray Observatory
Slick Surfaces: Pressure Builds to Make Better Motor Oils
Movie Review: 'Robots'
Chess Master Garry Kasparov to Retire
Was the Best of Times, Was the Worst of Times: A Tale of Two El Niños
Hello Aliens, This is Earth Calling
Scientists Construct First Simulated Fully-Jointed Neanderthal Skeleton
Microsoft Reveals Details About Future New Generation XBOX
Physicists for First Time Create Chromium Condensate from Gas
Worms Flood Instant Messaging Networks
How Tunes Get Stuck in Your Head
Hubble's Deepest View Ever of the Universe Unveils Earliest Galaxies
Arizona Meteor Crater Mystery Solved
Researcher Describes New Type of Strong, Lightweight Metallic Material
Kids Today: Media Multitaskers
Study: Stars Have a Size Limit
Superglue of Planet Formation: Sticky Ice
Researchers Find Lightning Clears Safe Zone in Radiation Belt
Kings of 'Kong' and 'Pong' Honored at 'Walk of Game'
Current Definition of the Kilogram is Out-Of-Date & Should Be Abolished
Progress Made on Inflatable Private Space Module
Scientists Work to Detect Mysterious Neutrinos
New Cellphone Virus Rifles through Phonebook
One of Ten, 1894 Dime Sells for Over a Million Dollars
Worlds Oldest 4 Million Year Old Human Type Biped Skeleton Found
Ancient Artifacts Found on North Carolina Campus
First: Measuring of Time Light Spends Outside Glass During Reflection
Laughing Helps Arteries and Boosts Blood Flow
Moonbeams Shine on Einstein, Galileo and Newton
Plants vs. Insects: An Amazon Epic for the Ages
Monkeys See Competitors' Point of View
Chinese Planning for Second Manned Spaceflight

Rosetta Earth Fly-By: Europes Closest-Ever   Video   Pictures
Rosetta Spacecraft   3D   Mission Overview: To Land on a Comet

SMART-1 Apollo Landing Site Images Kill Conspiracy Theory
Time to View Planet Mercury is Now
King Tut Traveling Exhibit Returns to America
No Arctic Ozone Hole this Winter
First Evidence for Entanglement of Three Macroscopic Objects
Hydrogen and Methane Provide Raw Energy for Life at 'Lost City'
Huge Space Clouds May Have Caused Mass Extinctions
X-Ray Thunderbolt
NASA & Predecessor NACA Celebrate 90 Years of Aeronautic Excellence
Steve Fossett: 1st Person to Fly Solo Non-Stop Around World   66 Hours
Surprise Discovery of Highly Developed Structure in Young Universe
Video Games For Tweens Get New Rating, E10+
Satellites See Ocean Plants Increase, Coasts Greening
Quantum Computers may be Easier to Build than Predicted
Video Game Music Concerts Draw Packed Crowds
Yahoo Search Engine Turns 10 Years Old
Soyuz Progress Cargo Craft Arrives at Space Station   1694th Soyuz
NASA and Pokemon Trading Card Game Explain Science   Website
Genesis Capsule Reveals Solar Wind Secrets
Mars Rover 'Opportunity' Breaks Another Driving Distance Record
Astronomy Discovery Points to New Class of Astronomical Objects
Arctic Ozone Loss Blamed on Solar Storm
Making the Best of Garbage Gas
German Shorthaired Pointer Gets 'Best in Show' at Westminster

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February 2005 -

New Dinosaur Species Neuquenraptor argentinus
Found in Argentina

Invisibility Shields Planned by Engineers
Japan Eyes Manned Moon Base
NASA'S 1st EOS Great Observatory 'Terra' Marks 5 Years   Terra
New Jersey Big Band Swings Against History's Tide
Saturn's A Ring has Oxygen, But Not Life
'Optical Vortices' Might Extract Abundent Information from Matter
United Kingdom Gets Official Virus Alert Site
Fractal Jamming of Nanotubes
Creatures Frozen for 32,000 Years Still Alive
Ancient Life Thrives in the Deep Sea
New Look for Chemical Bonds
Space Colonization: The Quiet Revolution
ESA's Mars Express Sees Signs of a ‘Frozen Sea’
Why the North Pole is So Icy   Related: CryoSat
Good Vibrations Rule the Termite's World
Satellite Observes Mysterious Earth Gamma Ray Energy   RHESSI
High-Energy Particles Reveal Volcanic Interiors
International Toy Fair: Looking for the Hippest Toys of '05
Genes Reveal Abundant Past of Antarctic Whales
Shrinking Size of Fish Threatens Recovery of Fish Stocks
Largest Machines on Earth, Particle Colliders, Described
Bigger Brains Are Not Always Better
Human 'Dental Chaos' Linked to Evolution of Cooking
Firefox Internet Browser Tops 25 Million-Download Mark
Monkey's Brain Runs Robotic Arm
Physicists Observe New Molecule for First Time, Called Exciplex
No Nuts, No Problem Squirrels Harvest Maple Syrup

Observed: Brightest Blast Outside Solar System Ever
Blast from Magnetar Spinning Neutron Star SGR 1806-20

Bubbles Reduce Drag
Robots that Simulate Life with Close to Human-Like Walking
Quantum-Dot Proton Detectors
Oldest Fossil 'Rabbit' Unearthed, 5.5 Million Years Old
Fossil Reanalysis Pushes Back Origin of Homo sapiens to 195,000 Years

75 Years Ago: Clyde Tombaugh Discovers Ninth Planet - Pluto
Original News Release   9th Planet - Pluto Info

Evidence for Quantized Displacement
Sleep & Learning: How Baby Birds Learn to Sing in Tune
Optical Networks: Silicon Laser Breakthrough
Traffic Lessons from Army Ants
Is Wave Power in Hawaii's Future?
NASA to Launch Massive Helium Balloons from Sweden
Neutrinos for Geophysics: To Measure Earths Density
Strong Unproven Evidence of Current Mars Life   NASA Disclaimer
Europe's Moon Orbiter SMART-1 Mission Extended One Year

Courtesy NASA/Hubble/Z. Levay and J. Clarke
Hubble Space Telescope: Saturn Aurora Pictures Overturn Old Theories

Ongoing Extrasolar Planets List
Pluto Mission Takes Aim at Last Unvisited Planet
Does Changing Lanes Get You There Faster?
Boeing Unveils 'Worldliner' Longest Range Commercial Jet   777-200LR
Space Tether to Send Satellites Soaring
Winter Wondering: Where Have All the Bugs Gone?
New Zealand Unveils Stonehenge Replica
Best Friends: Young Hippo & 120 Year-Old Tortoise Baffle Biologists
Royal Roman Ruins Go Back to Age of Myth
Smallest Extrasolar Planet Found, Suggests Earth-Mass Planets Common
Coming Soon: Immortality?
The High-Tech Way to Less Road Traffic?
Golden Gates In New Yorks' Central Park  'Gates' as Seen from Space
Multi-Player PacMan Jumps Between Devices
Edacious Deer Endanger Ginseng
Orphaned Baby Rhino Nuzzles Elephant Toy
Watching Atoms Move with Atomic-Scale Movies   View Movie
Octopus Borrows Vertebrate Strategy for Lifting
Forget Takeout, Eat a Print-Out
Physicists Hear High-Tech Whistle While They Work
Ooh La La! Hope Diamond was French
Five-Star Hotel Under the Sea
NASA Answers Many FAQ's on Fun Video Web Site   Brain Bites
Time in the Future Seems to Go Further
Carrot Compound Shows Promise for Slowing Cancer
Falling Tree Ants Swoop Back to Safety
Scientists Aim to Genetically Identify All Life on Earth
Ellen MacArthur Sails Solo Around World in Record Time
Giant Sequoia, 'Washington Tree' 2nd Largest Tree Severely Damaged
NASA's New Budget Proposal: New Age of Exploration   Budget PDF
Optics Enters the Single-Cycle Regime
Study: Why Americans Have Bad Rhythm
New Large Iceberg 'A-53' Breaks off Antarctica
Britains Blue Tits Baby Boom   Blue Tit   BTO

April 2029: Closest Flyby of Large Asteroid to be Naked-Eye Visible
Latest Radar Observation   Sky & Telescope Latest Status
Highest Score on Hazard Scale   Impact Ruled Out, Asteroid 2004 MN4

Cheetah Cubs Make Their Debut at National Zoo   National Zoo
Life is Found Thriving at Ocean's Deepest Point Almost 7 Miles Down
First Time: U.S. Physicists Observe 'End States' on Chain of Atoms
Hawaii's Mt. Kilauea Lava Pouring Into Sea   National Park
Chunk of Universe's Missing Matter Found   Chandra X-Ray Observatory
Groundhog's Day: 'Punxsutawney Phil' Predicts 6 More Weeks of Winter
New 3-D Sound System to be Better than Stereo
Mirror that Reflects Your Future Self
Earth Orbit: Cosmic Scrapheap   Timeline Debris Graphic Chart
Video Game Review: 'Area 51'
Conservationists Name Nine New 'Biodiversity Hotspots'
First Artificial Neon Sky Show Created
Why Insects Hold Their Breath for Days
Fastest Eating Mammal: Peculiar Star-Nosed Mole   Picture
HP: New Computing Breakthrough at Molecular Scale   HP Special
New Roads Can Cause Congestion
Hybrids Car Sales Top Out at 3% of Market
Making a Splash, More Complicated than Appears
Celebrate Earth & Space Week 2005: February 12-20   Homepage
Mink, Lousiana Finally Gets Telephone Service

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January 2005 -

Courtesy ESA/NASA/Univ. of Arizona
Huygens Probe Lands Safely On Saturn's Moon Titan
Images Reveal Riverbed & Delta, Islands, Erosion
NASA   ESA   Cassini-Huygens   JPL   Saturn   Titan
Mission Status   PDF   Animation   Mission   Huygens

Physicists Turn Einstein's Theory into Computer Game   Einstein Year '05
Teaching Computers to Read
Wild Horses Damaging Australian Alps

Latest Picture of SMC: Small Magellanic Cloud, Galactic Building Blocks
Picture   Location of SMC in Universe

SMART-1 Orbiting Spacecraft's First Images From the Moon
Arctic Ozone May Drop to New Low
Superfluid Helium-4 Whistles Just the Right Tune
Good Time to Look at Saturn, Titan   Observation Guide
Boeing Gives the 7E7 'Dreamliner' a Model Designation '787'
Scientists Studying Wintry Ice In Summer Clouds
Hurricanes of History: From Dinosaur Times to Today

Record-Breaking Balloon: Breaks Duration & Distance Flight Record
CREAM Mission   Wallops Flight Facility

Airless Tires? Consider The Tweel
Cosmologists Gunn, Peebles & Rees Win Crafoord Award
Invention of the Maser and Laser
A Phase Change in High-Density Data Storage
Scientists Fill Blanks on Bat Family Tree
NASA Sends First Genesis Early-Science Sample to Researchers
Secret of the Venus Fly Trap Revealed
Study: Pluto Hit By Twin to Create Moon Charon   Like Earth/Moon
Scientists Develop Self-Cleaning Windows
'Moss In Space' Project Shows How Some Plants Grow Without Gravity
Dark Matter Clouds May Float Through Earth
Chimps' Sense of Justice Found Similar to Humans'
U. of Colorado Study: Yellowstone Microbes Fueled by Hydrogen
China Fears Mount Everest is Shrinking
Physicists Trap 50 Times More Antiprotons Then Ever Before
Google Rummages Through TV Shows
Researchers Seek Plastics From Fruit
New Boeing Space Engine Unique Capabilities Demonstrated
Dinosaurs Mingled with Ducks’ Ancient Kin
Pilfering Crab Has Insect's Nose
Study Resolves Doubt About Origin of Earth's Oldest Rocks
Sydney Zoo Plays Platypus Matchmaker
Machine Learns Games 'Like a Human'
A Microscope from Flatland, Camera Images at the Nanoscale
World's Fastest Elevator Installed in World's Tallest Building
Report: Biggest Extinction Not from Asteroid or Comet
Video Game Preview: 'Iron Phoenix'
One Charging Pad Could Power Up All Gadgets
Artificial Cochlea, Mechanical Ear Makes its Debut
Porpoises Flee Killer Dolphins, Possibly Due to Competition for Food
List of Full Moon Names for Year 2005
Sunspot Cluster Ejects Huge Radiation Storm   Video   Auroras
Grounded Iceberg B15A Poses Threat To Penguins, Science   Pictures
Fun Video Game 'Halo 2' Sales Hit 6.4 Million
B-15A Antarctic Iceberg Smash May Not Happen as Previously Thought
SpaceDev's CHIPSat Celebrates Second Anniversary in Space
Fish Discovered with Human Face Pattern
Darth Tater, Mr. Potato Head Feels the Dark Side of the Force
Dishonesty the Best Policy, Cuttlefish Study Concludes
Historic Cape Canaveral Launch Pad 'Complex 36' has Last Atlas Launch
Good News for Threatened Plants

  Both Courtesy NASA/JPL/Cornell
Mars Rover Finds First Meteorite Ever Found On Another Planet

Hawaii: Help Quiet Shrieking Nocturnal Coqui Frogs
100 Pound Woman Eats Six-Pound Hamburger
Wolf Prize Goes to Atomic Physicist, Daniel Kleppner of MIT
Teen Texters' Tabs Take Off, Costing Parents Lots of Money
Untidy Beds may Keep Us Healthy
Airbus Unveils A380 'Superjumbo' Jet   Pictures
Devices Controlled by Thought Move Closer
Micromachine Grows its Own Muscles
Hot-Water Worms May Use Bacteria as Shield

Comet Machholz:
Latest Info   Visible to the Naked Eye   Looking Bright

Aluminum Clusters Exhibit Multiple Personalities
Japanese Researchers Isolate More Antimatter Than Ever Before
Spray-On Solar-Power Cells Are True Breakthrough
Does Science Make Room for Aliens?
Discovered: UHECRs Ultra-High-Energy Cosmic Rays, Celestial 'Spring'
All Change for Stellar Evolution & How Quickly Stars Evolve
Video Game Review: LEGO Star Wars
New Fossil Find Shows Early Mammals Dined on Dinosaurs
Hubble Telescope Finds Infant Stars in Neighboring Galaxy   Picture
New Food Pyramid Scheme Unveiled
Glowing Coral Proteins Aid Medical Research
Video Game Review: 11 New Games for Nintendo DS
NASA Summer High School Program Celebrates Silver Anniversary
Improved JPEG Image-Shrinking Technology Claimed
Back to the Future?
NASA Free Computer Model for Classrooms   EdGCM   Download
Keeping Warm With 'Frozen Smoke' (Aerogel)
Baby Talk Could be Key to Language
Saharan Dust Affects Florida Thunderstorms
Study: Why All Stalactites Shaped Basically the Same
First Direct Sighting of an Extrasolar Planet   Picture   Location
Ancient Statue Linked to Astronomer Hipparchus’s Lost Lore   Pic

'Deep Impact' Mission:  Launches OK, On Way To Comet   Status
In 6 Months: 'Impactor' Crashes Into Comet, 'Flyby' Will Watch   PDF
Comet 9P-Tempel 1   NASA   JPL   Launch Video

A Robot in Every Home?
Working Up a Sweat with 'Exergaming'
Making Microscopes Go Faster
Rapidly Rotating Star Dubbed 'King of Spin' by Research Team
Parents Search for Family-Friendly Games
The 'King' Elvis Presley's 70th Birthday
Right Whale Rescue: Saving a Species, One Whale at a Time
A Look at the Consumers Electronic Show   Pictures
UFO in Roswell? Well, Not That Roswell
Giant Iceberg B-15A About to Collide Near Antarctic Research Station
Spiders Watch Their Diets Too, Study Says

Discovered:  Most Powerful Eruption In The Universe   Photo
Creates Two Huge Bubbles   Sim Animation   Chandra

25 Years of Success for Arianespace
All-Silicon Laser Makes its Debut
Odd Particle Out, New State of Matter May Be Within Reach
Herders' Whistled Language Shows Brain's Flexibility
Huge Eagles 'Dominated New Zealand Skies'
Scientists Unravel How Geckos Keep Their Sticky Feet Clean
Anti-Hydrogen Production Under Laser Control
Novel Calendar System Creates Regular Dates

Courtesy NASA/JPL
Saturn Cassini Mission Completes Fly By Of Moon 'Iapetus'  
Two-Faced Moon   Bulging Waistline   Iapetus   Saturn
Animation   Latest Cassini Pictures   Cassini 3D   Mission

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