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News Archive - 2004
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Twin Mars Rovers:
On-Going Coverage

Latest Status
Pics  3D  PDF  M2K4
Spoof:   Video   Pic
Launch Video
Rocket Cam
Leaving Earth Video
Launch Video
Rocket Cam

December 2004 -

Rare Event: Moon Eclipses Jupiter Dec. 7th
Pictures   Audio   Sequence

2004: Year in Space & Astronomy Specials:   Sky & Telescope   MSNBC   NewScientist   Pictures   NASA

New Scientist: The Top 10 News Stories of 2004
New Scientist: The Year in Technology - 2004
PhysicsWeb Highlights of the Year 2004
Physics News Update: The Top Physics Stories for Year 2004
Top Ten National Geographic News Stories of 2004
Sports Illustrated: The Year in Sports 2004
'Blog' is Merriam-Webster's 2004 Word of the Year
2004: The Year Global Warming Got Respect
'Science' Magazine Names Martian Water Top Story of 2004
Mars Rover's 1 Year Milestone on Mars   1 Year Documentary Video
Quadrantid Meteor Shower Peeked Early in New Year   Map
Ken Jennings 74-Game Winning Streak on Jeopardy Finally Ends
Steam Engines Could Be Eco Hope
Close Human Relative Nearly Extinct
NFL: Peyton Manning Breaks Single-Season Touchdown Pass Record
Video: Real 'Spiderman' Climbs Worlds Tallest Tower, Taipei 101
Russian Cargo Spacecraft Docks to Space Station   Food Rationing Ends
If I Could Turn Back Time
Delta 4 Heavy Rocket Lifts Off for First Time
Balloon Circles South Pole on Search for Antimatter
Monkey Vocal Ability Investigated
Supercool Helium Ions Make Their Debut
Researchers Discovers 1st Evidence of Microbes Living in a Rock Glacier
Deep-Fried Mars Bars Myth No More
New Monkey Species Called 'Arunachal Monkey' Discovered in India
Humanoid Robot Learns How to Run
Winter Solstice Dec. 21st & Sun's Rebirth   Time Chart   Animation
Molecular Orbitals Come Into View
Turning 'Poop' Into Gold
NASA Scientists Discuss Giant Atmospheric Brown Cloud
2004 was Fourth-Warmest Year on Record
Ants Follow Forks in Their Roads to Find Home
Satellites Plus Software Equal Best-Ever Mediterranean Heat Map
Era Ends: NASA's Famous '008' B-52B Retires, Dropped X-15 & X-43A
One in a Million: Twins Deliver Twins on Same Day
1 in 10 Bird Species Face Extinction by 2100

 Courtesy NASA/JPL/Cornell
Latest Panoramic Pictures from Mars Rovers   Mars Clouds

Geminid Meteor Shower: 'Best Of 2004' Shower Peaked Monday Night
Dec. 10-15th Guide   Sky & Telescope   Dec 13-14th Peak Pictures
Audio   Geminids   Viewing Map

During Einstein's Theories Centennial, Ask Is Special Relativity Wrong?
'Ultrasound' May Explain Solar Weather Mystery
Experimental 'Laser' Lightning Rod
The da Vinci Code for Flight
Crows as Clever as Great Apes, Study Says
Tool Use Confirmed in Monkeys
Kuiper Belt Object 'Quaoar' Warmer Than Thought   Kuiper Belt Info
Complete Chicken Genome Sequenced
New Highway Signs Easier to See
Physicist Solves Desert Mystery
Chemical Tests Confirm Ancient Chinese Brewing
Strange-Voiced Whale Wanders Pacific
IBM: PC Pioneer Leaves its History Behind, Sells PC Business to Lenovo
NASA Ames Research Center Celebrates 65 Innovative Years   Ames
Scientists Teach Sparrows to Sing Backward
NASA Satellite Measures Flattest Place on Earth
New Sub-Species of Tiger Found
Seal Cams Reveal Fight for Breathing Holes   Pictures
Boeing Rolls Out 500th Market-Leading 777, Breaks Delivery Record
Your Inner Ear: Nature Engineers Perfect Balance
Gill Theory: Human Gland Evolved From Fish Gills
Electrode-Covered Hat Allows Computer Control by Thought
From Gemini to Shuttle, Astronaut John Young Retires   Pictures
Planet Parade and Geminid Meteors Come in Mid-December
Magnetic Effects Seen in Water
Language of Prairie Dogs Includes Words for Humans
Finns World's Math Mavens
Hints of 9,000-Year-Od Wine Found in China
Brain Asymmetries in Chimps Resemble Those of Humans
New Look for Nanofabrication
Forecast for 2005: Another Busy Hurricane Season
'Tis the Season to Find Exoplanets
Geneticist: 'We Will Be Able to Live to 1,000'
W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) Ten Years of Standardizing Internet
DNA 'Velcro' Binds Nanoparticles
What Do You Say to An Extraterrestrial?
America's Oldest Surgery Unearthed
Toddlers Targeted for Video Games
Another Theory: Volcanoes Snuffed Out Most Life 250 Million Years Ago
Some People are 'Immune' to Exercise
Ancient Roman Rest Stop Discovered
Fossil Egg Finds Yield Clues to How Pterosaurs Lived
Quantum Errors Can Be Corrected, Quantam Computers Closer to Reality
Explanation for Soft-Metal Whiskers
Next-Generation Russian Spaceship Unveiled
World Wide Web Hits 15th Birthday
'King Tut' Treasure to Return to U.S. in 2005
A Soapy Solution, How Dies Mix in Turbulent Liquids
Humans Can Learn to Be Nice
Did Our Sun Capture Alien Worlds?   Sun's Brush with Star   Video

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November 2004 -

 Courtesy NASA
X-43A 'Scramjet' Breaks Record with Mach 9.7 Flight
Hypersonic X43-A Mission   Record Flight Pic   Photos
NASA X43A Scramjet Hypersonic Plane Homepage

Godzilla: After 50 Years Godzilla Gets Star On Hollywood Walk Of Fame
Godzilla Goes Retro In New Film 'Godzilla: Final Wars'
28th Movie: 'Godzilla Final Wars' Homepage   Godzilla Trivia Quiz

2004 U.S. Hurricane Season Among Worst on Record
How the Real 'Loch Ness Monster' Swam
Rare Discovery: Moon Rock Found in Antarctica
Physicists Develop New Computer Model to Tackle Linguistics
Robots: Our Helpers in Space
Systems for Prevention of Drowsiness at the Wheel
The Real Spider-Man
Atlas Experiment: Device to Probe Limits of Physics
Future Engines: Hybrids or Hydrogen?   How Hybrid Engine Works
Guinness World Record: 80 Year-Old Woman Experiences Zero-G
Prodigy, Jay Greenberg, 12, Compared to Mozart
'Gone with the Wind' Tops UK Film List
Color at Night: Geckos Can Distinguish Hues by Dim Moonlight
Self-Cleaning Coating for Clothes Developed
Water is Not an Essential Ingredient for Life, Scientists Now Claim
Your Shopping Guide to Buying a Telescope (or Binoculars)
Artificial Gravity a New Spin on an Old Idea
Intensive Fishing Was an Ancient Practice
Dialing Up Holograms
Lizards Help Explain Survival of the Not-So-Fittest
Inflatable Space Module Cleared for Liftoff
Census Slowly Reveals Ocean's Hidden Denizens   Pictures
Mystery of World's Tallest Sand Dunes Solved
Neandertals Beaten by Rivals' Word Skills, Study Says
RoboCoaster G2: First Industrial Grade Robotic Rollercoaster
Smallest 'Test Tube' Scoops World Record
Comeback Beavers Butt Heads with Humans
Fact vs. Fiction: 10 Questions to Test Your Space IQ
Geologists Flood Grand Canyon to Restore Lost Sediment
Evidence of 16th-Century Spanish Fort in Appalachia?
SMART-1 Spacecraft Completes its First Orbit Around the Moon
Sound Solution to the Pistachio Problem

 Courtesy NASA
'Swift' Space Telescope:   Space Observatory Successfully Launched
Galactic Cosmic Rays   Sun's Magnetic Field   Homepage
Heliosphere   PDF   Launch Video   Enter Orbit Video

 Courtesy NASA
35 Years Later for Apollo 12 Moon Landing   Ocean Rendezvous

Largest Panoramic Digital Photo in the World, 2.5 Billion Pixels
Future Astronauts Could Repell Cosmic Rays with Magnetic Bubbles
Movie Review: SpongeBob SquarePants Movie   Trailer
Human PacMan Hits Real City Streets

Fossil Found: Could Be New Species of Common Human-Ape Ancestor
Pierolapithecus catalaunicus   Pics   Missing Link?

Shape-Shifting Robot Shows Off its Moves
Latest News: Atom Lithography
IUCN Releases New Red List of Threatened Species
Another Stonehenge Found in Russia?
Study: Humans Were Born to Run   Evolution
Researchers Measure Energy Required for Membrane Fusion
Study: Notorious Asteroid Didn't Kill Dinos
Leonids Meteor Shower Peaked Nov. 16-19th   Leonids
Equivalence Principle Passes Atomic Test

SMART-1: European Spacecraft Reaches Lunar Orbit   Overview
Moon Bound   Smart-1 Info   Homepage   BBC Report   ION Engines

Does Life Exist in Antarctic Lake Buried Under Miles of Ice?
NASA Scientists Help Create Complete Human Genome Activity
Physicists Find Strong Evidence for New State of Superconductivity
New Claim: Atlantis Buried Between Cyprus, Syria?
'Halo 2' the Book Also a Best-Seller (270,000 Copies in One Day)
First Time: Spin Hall Effect Seen in Experiment
Brown Bears Came to N. America Earlier Than Thought, Fossil Suggests
Oceangoing Robot Glides Under Water
Stormy Uranus Takes Astronomers by Surprise   Picture
‘Polar Express’ Takes Quick Trip to 3-D   Movie Trailer   Movie Review
Bees Challenge Dino-Killer Theory
Invasion of the Killer Marsh Grass
100th Anniversary of Electronics
Dolphin, Human Brain Size Not So Different
'Halo 2' Reports Record $125 Million in First-Day Sales
Spitzer Telescope Discovery is Good News for Planet Pluto
Launch Date Set for World's First Solar Sail Spacecraft   Cosmos 1

 Courtesy NASA, JPL-Caltech, R. Kennicutt (University of Arizona)
NASA Spitzer Space Telescope Latest Pic of M51 'Whirlpool' Galaxy

Uranus' Rings Just One Particle Thick
Brazil Spaceport Threat to Villages, Best Place to Launch From
New Tech: Television from Your Telephone
Boeing, Northrop Team Up on Future Spaceship
Firefox 1.0 Web Browser Takes on Microsoft Explorer Web Browser
Mount Rainier Hit by Biggest Quake in 30 Years, No Danger
Game Review: 'Halo 2' Better than First 'Halo'
Three New Species of Bottom-Dwelling Marine Life Found in Georgia
Student Discovers New Salamander-Like Fossil, New Species & Genus
Exploded Star Possibly Affected Human Evolution
Physicists Unravel Slippery Surface Problem
New Video Games Review: Which One to Buy?   Christmas Gaming Info
US Heavyweights Storm Supercomputer League   NASA's   IBM's
First Launch of New Russian Soyuz 2 Rocket
Arctic Hit Hard by Climate Change
Complexity, Randomness and Impossible Tasks
Largest Ever Field of Impact Craters Uncovered
Jupiter, Venus & Moon Together: Beautiful Morning Viewing Nov. 9th

Courtesy NASA ESA and Erich Karkoschka (University of Arizona)
Hubble Space Telescope: Three Simultaneous Eclipses On Jupiter
Large Image   Eclipses Diagram

Jupiter & Venus: Beautiful Morning Viewing Nov 4-11
Incredibles: Evolving Animation, It's All in the Pixels   Review   Trailer
New Worldwide Coral Reef Library Created   MCRL Archive
New Type of Solar Cell
Walk in Nice Weather Improves Mood
Cooper Pairs Unpaired
Hairy Legs Help Bugs Walk on Water
Fish Fossil Confirms Origin of Nostrils
First Time: Images of Geomagnetic Storm on Saturn
This Month in 1957 Russians Launch 1st Living Thing (Dog) Into Space
Researchers Bang Quantam Gases Together at Record Velocities
Mystery of Magnetic Stars Solved
Antarctic Lakes: 145 and Counting, Scientists Say
To See More Neutrinos, Just Add Salt
Organized Chaos Gets Robots Going

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October 2004 -

Courtesy NASA/JPL/University of Arizona
Cassini Flys-By Saturn's Largest Moon Titan
1st Close Encounter of Moon with an Atmosphere
New Pics   Cassini 3D   Mission   PDF
Saturn   Titan   Xanadu   Homepage

Scientists Zero In On Why Time Flows In One Direction
NASA's 'Vomit Comet' AKA 'Weightless Wonder' KC-135 Final Flight
Daylight Saving Time Ends
Optical Trap Dates Krypton Gas in Water Up to a Million Years Old
Space Construction Nuts: So Easy Even a Child Can Do It
National Air & Space Museum New Space Hangar at Udvar-Hazy Center
Robots Learn 'Robotiquette' Rules to Get Along with Humans
Liquids Double Up, Liquids Can Exist in 2 Different States at Same Time
Supernova Debris on Earth
New Ancient Human Species Found 'Homo floresiensis'
Physicists Say Big Bang was 'Nothing Special'
Sunspots Hit New Highs, More Active Then in the Last 8,000 Years
Swimming in Newtonian Space
CURSE IS GONE: Boston Red Sox Win First World Series in 86 Years!
Ready: World's Biggest Fibre Optic Network for U.S. Scientific Research
High-Speed Nano Memory Element from Single-Crystal Silicon Wafers
Rare, 'Weird' Louisiana Pine Snake Survives in Beinville Parish
Total Lunar Eclipse 10/27-28   Guide   Picture Gallery
Money-Saving Energy Tips From This 'Old House' Pro
HP Prototype Liquid-Crystal Display 'As Clear as a Glossy Magazine'
'World's Weirdest Animal' the Platypus has Birdlike Sex Chromosone
Coffee-Based Log Burns Cleaner, But No Starbucks Smell
Aerojet Tests LOX Ethanol Reaction Control Engine for Space Use
Quantum Quirk May Give Objects Mass
Expedition 9 Space Station Crew Land Safely   Latest Status
Famous Deep-Sea Submersible 'Alvin' Goes into Retirement at 40
Are Earthquakes Encouraged by High Tides?
Study: Tyrannosaurus rex Ate Like a Mammal
Unknown, Brandon Routh, 22, to be New Superman, Slated for 2006
Video Game Review: Star Wars: Battlefront
Watching TV on a Cell Phone
Silicon Nanocrystals Made Easy
Security Fails as Top New Video Games Leaked Online
Humans 'Will Live to Age of 150'
Burmese Python Establishing Itself in Florida Everglades
'Star Trek Captain' William Shatner Signs Up for Real Flight to Space
New Class of Material Discovered: 'Graphene', Electronic 'Holy Grail'
Cuban Tree Frog Found in Georgia
Previously Unknown Sites in Jewell County Excavated by Professor
Boston Red Sox Get in World Series by Beating Yankees, End of Jinx?
Democracy in Orbit: American Astronaut Leroy Chiao to Vote in Space
Crystalline Order at 40,000 K
Audubon 'State of the Birds USA 2004' Report Released   Pics
Human Gene Count Revised
Rise of the Robots: Segway Platform Gives Mechanoids Motion
Atoms Can Transfer their Internal 'Stress' to Other Atoms
Einstein's Relativity Theory Passes Latest Test   Drags Time & Space
Miniature Jet Engines Could Power Cellphones
The Hand is Quicker than the Eye
50th Birthday Of The Transistor Radio
Renowned European Lab and Birthplace of World Wide Web Turns 50
TV Set Sends Out SOS Signal, Causes Rescuers To Come To Home
Dragonflies & Damselflies Indicators of the Quality of Wetlands Habitats
Ancient Fungus 'Revived' in Lab
Backyard Beekeepers Abuzz Over Social Life of Hive
Mammoth Will Star in Japan's World Fair
Solar Minimum is Coming   Audio
Scientists Ponder the Problem With Gravity
Orionid Meteor Shower Peaked Oct. 21st   Orionids   Observing Info
‘Shark Tale’ Tops Box Office for 3rd Straight Week   Trailer
British Historical Directories Go Online   Online Historical Directory
Judge Strikes Down Ban on Snowmobiles in Yellowstone
Superstructures Add to Superconducting Mystery
Raised by Others, Birds Use Code to Find Their Kind
On Display: 1600 B.C. 'Sky Disk of Nebra' Oldest Image of the Cosmos
Detected: Earthquake Shakes Up Gravity
Ancient Clams Lived 120 Years
Big Fish and Prized Trees Gain Protection
New 'MagBeam' Propulsion Concept: 90-Day Mars Roundtrips?   Pictures
Global Amphibians in Deep Trouble
Pinecone-Inspired 'Smart' Clothes Expand, Contract
A Realistic Laser-Operated Molecular Locomotive
Composite Fibres Light Up
Soyuz Spacecraft Launches New Space Station Crew Safely
'Sleeping Dragon' Fossil May Link Dinosaurs, Birds
Surprising Properties of Sunlight
Huge Ruby Heads for D.C. Museum
World's Pollution Hotspots Revealed from Space
Reindeer Decline Threatens Mongolian Nomads
Happy Halloween: California Pumpkins Contest Winner, 1,229 Pounds
Nobel Focus: Limited Freedom for Quarks
Americans Crowned 'Counter Strike' Champs at   World Cyber Games
Partial Solar Eclipse Oct. 14th   Diagram   Guide   Photo Gallery
Next Step to the Quantum Computer
Why Do Fall Leaves Change Color?
State-of-the-Art Robotics on Display at IROS Conference
National Geographic World Atlas Gets a Major Update
Physics Hit Parade: Idiot's Guide to Top 5 Equations of All Time
Study of Cellular Protein Disposal Garners Chemistry Nobel
New X Prize Sets Sights on Science, Technology and Social Solutions
Volcanoes May Have Sparked Life on Earth, Study Says
Device Translates Spoken Japanese and English Languages
Great White Shark Breaks Captivity Record
The Best Fuel Efficient Cars
Extinct Giant Deer Survived Ice Age, Study Says
Nanotubes Shape Up for Spintronics
Two Comets Cross Paths Near Sun:   SOHO Video 1   SOHO Video 2

Courtesy NASA
Astronomer Johannes Kepler Documented Supernova 400 Years Ago
History of Johannes Kepler
New Dinosaur Discovered: 'Dilong Paradoxus' Had Feathers   Pics

Mount St. Helens Volcano Alert Downgraded to Level 2 Volcano Advisory
Latest USGS Status   Watch For Eruption: Live Volcano Cam

Chimps Shown Using Not Just a Tool but a 'Tool Kit'
Space Spuds to the Rescue
Medicine Nobel Awarded for Elucidating Sense of Smell
Frog Glue Repairs Damaged Cartilage
An MRI Wind Tunnel
No More Flying Blind   Video
Bee Decline May Spell End of Some Fruits, Vegetables
Video Game Review: New GameBoy Advance Titles Keep Thumbs Busy
47th Anniversary of USSR's Sputnik 1, Worlds First Artificial Satellite
Isaac Newton's Legacy on Display at New York Public Library
Robotic Capsule to Crawl Through Intestines
Getting an Extra Bounce
World Space Week: October 4-10

SpaceShipOne: Private Manned Spacecraft Wins X-Prize
Another 'Small Step'   Latest Status   X-Prize   PDF
Scaled Composites   Interactive   Launch Video

Montreal Expos Play Last Game, Going to Washington DC Next Year
Canada's Rain Forest Wolves a Link to Past
Video Game Review: Outrun 2
Cruise Control Keeps an Eye on Traffic
Coming October 27: Total Lunar Eclipse
A First: Particle Physicists Create Massive Numbers of Pionium Atoms

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September 2004 -

  Courtesy NASA/JPL
NASA Genesis:
Crashes to Earth After Parachute Fails
Some Solar Samples Intact   Crash Video
First Space Sample Return Mission Since 1972
Homepage   Genesis Info   Mission Video   Images

Bigger isn't Always Better for Species Survival
Clever Cars Can Read Road Signs
After Trio of Explosions, Scientists Say Supernova is Imminent
Radio Signal Product Tags Coming
Table-Top Accelerators Make Progress
Earth's 'Hum' Springs from Stormy Seas
Sweden to Save 'Sinking' Town
Z Machine Creates Twenty Million Amps of Current
Deriving Dimensions
Buckyballs Made Safer for Humans

Toutatis: Giant Asteroid Brushes by Earth Safely   Video1   Video2
4179 Toutatis   JPL Video

Helium-6 Nucleus Measured for First Time   Graphic
Iowa is Campus for New Ape School   Great Ape Trust, Des Moines, Iowa
Shields Up! Interstellar Helium Atoms Blowing Through Solar System
Solar Car Racing Competition Heats Up
Bigelow's Gamble: Inflatable Space Modules
Happy 90th Birthday, Jack LaLanne, Still the Muscle Man
SMART-1: Inserts in Lunar Orbit in November, 1 Year Since Launch
DVD's: Optical Technique Promises Terabyte Disks
Conan O'Brien to Replace Jay Leno on 'Tonight' Show in 2009
'What NASA Did This Summer' Video
Scientists: Increased Thinning of West Antarctic Glaciers
Burp Vaccine Cuts Greenhouse Gas Emissions
Law-Breaking Liquid Defies Rules, Freezes When Heated
Space Adventures' Spaceflight Club News   Spaceflight Club
Electron Cloud Watchers
1st Time: Physicists 'Complete' Measurement of Breakup of Molecule
Smallest 'Guitar String' to Weigh Atoms

  Courtesy NASA
NASA Selects Northrop Grumman as Contractor for First 'Prometheus'

Is This What the Big Bang Sounded Like?   Listen Here
Holey Fibers Shed New Light
Hydrocarbons in the Deep Earth?
Multiplayer Games Coming to Cell Phones
'Star Wars' Cast, Crew Demystify Trilogy
Ox's Natural Mosquito Repellant Synthesized in Lab

'Dream Chaser' SpaceDev/NASA Begin Work on Manned Space Vehicle
SpaceDev Corporation   'Dream Chaser' Picture

San Francisco Giants Barry Bonds Hits 700th Career Home Run   Photos
Third to Join 700 Home Run Club Behind Hank Aaron and Babe Ruth

Human Body Clocks 'Hinder' Space Travel
Deaf Nicaraguan Children Create New Language   A Language is Born
Clock Synchronization with Entangled Photons
Coming Soon: Your Local Earthquake Forecasts
Broadband Starts to Rival Dial-Up in Britain
Newfound Comet Set for Winter Display
An Antenna for Visible Light
'Miracle' Microbes Thrive at Earth's Extremes
A Traveling-Wave Engine to Power Deep Space Travel
Smithsonian Unveils Ocean Science Program
New U.S. Nickel Coin Unveiled   Coin Images   U.S. Mint Story

Moon Astronaut Buzz Aldrin Goes Weightless on ZERO-G Flight
Private ZERO-G Zero Gravity Flight for Under $4,000   Are They Safe?

Neutron Physics Instrument May Unlock Mysteries of the Universe
Microscope Focuses on Sub-Angstrom Scales   Oak Ridge Labs   NION
Crashed Genesis Spacecraft Team Hopeful Solar Wind Samples OK
AAPS Announces Five New Planets Out of Our Solar System
Space Habitat Headed for Antarctica
Arnold Testing Done on NASA's X-37 Future Orbiting & Re-entry Craft
Starry Nights Clearest in Antarctica
At New American Indian Museum, Artifacts Are 'Alive'   NMAI Museum
Gemini Observatory: Galactic Contortionists Captured in Stunning Image
One Ear is Not Like the Other, Study Finds
Linnean Naming System Faces Challengers
Yale University Physicists Create Artificial Molecule On a Chip
Video Game Review: 'Burnout 3: Takedown' Offers Racing with Attitude
Nanotechnology Leads to Discovery of Super Superconductors
Asteroid Impact Craters Could Cradle Life
Can Chemical Environment Affect Nuclear Properties?
The AC of Tomorrow? Tapping Deep Water for Cooling
Popeye the Sailor Man's 75th Anniversary
Engineer Builds Robot That Walks On Water
Internet 'Overlay' Could Boost Performance
Making Stellar Magnetic Fields In a Jar
Extinctions Could Have Domino Effect, Study Says
Fossil Supports Case for Dutiful Dinosaur Parenting
Taking a Close Look at Turbulence
Earth's Magnetic Field is Fading
‘Flying Triangle’ Sightings on the Rise
Bimetallic NanoClusters: Magic Clusters Double Up
Floppy Disk Already a Dinosaur
Video Games: 'Pong', 'Centipede' & 'Asteroid' Come to Playstation
Group Plans New 'Kon-Tiki' Expedition
Floating Femtodroplets
Humans and Parrots May Share Sharp Tongues
Needles Capture Whispers of Light
Alien Contact More Likely by 'Mail' than Radio, Study Says
NIST Unveils Smallest Atomic Clock   NIST Clock   Time & Frequency A-Z
Crafty, Cunning Owls Bait Beetle Prey
Gentlemen, Start Your Gyros! 'Gravity B' Space Probe Begins Mission
Fossil Pushes Upright Walking Back 2 Million Years, Study Says
Evidence for Supersolid is Firmed Up
The Worldwide 'Grid' Becomes a Reality
'Envisat' Witnesses Return of the South Polar Ozone Hole

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August 2004 -

  Courtesy NASA/JPL/Northwestern University
NASA Messenger Spacecraft:
Launched on Mission to Orbit Planet Mercury   Video
First Mercury Mission in 3 Decades   Latest
FAQ   Messenger Home   NASA   PDF   Planet Mercury

Getting a Grip on Antimatter
After 42 Years, Launch Team Salutes Cape's Pad 36A After Final Liftoff
Traces of Prehistoric Homes Open Door on Early Man
NASA Satellites Detect Glow of Plankton in Black Waters

New York Yankees Suffer Record Worst One Game Loss Ever 22-0
List of Worst Yankee Losses   Major League Most Lopsided Shutouts

Grains Found in Georgia Traced to 35 Million Year Old Asteroid
'Atlas 2' Rocket Retires with Remarkable Record
When Cars Fly
First Practical Plastic Magnets Created
The Internet Turns 35
Engineers: Bananas Could Power Australian Homes
New Process Could Help Make Hydrogen Fuel Affordable
Underwater Mountains: 50 Millions Of Years Of Climate Clues
Superprotonic Transitions
Get Wired for Superconductivity
Sunflower Oil Adapted for Fuel Cells
Space Houses on Earth
Jupiter's Comet Impact Leaves Mystery
Asteroid Shaves Past Earth's Atmosphere
NASA Engineers Refine Robonaut
Newly Created Antihydrogen Atoms
Spotlight on Nanotubes
Nanotechnology Material May Supercharge Internet
Why Are Seacoasts Fractal?
Smart Floor Tiles Add Reality to Virtual Worlds
NASA Working on Early Version of 'Star-Trek'-like Main Ship Computer
Five New Moons Found Around Planet Neptune   Neptune Info
Restoration Afoot for Ancient Inca Trails
Greenland Ice Yields Ancient 'Plant Matter'
Super Ant Colony Hits Australia
Perseids Meteor Shower Peaks August 12th & 13th
Insect Vibrations Tell of Good Times and Bad
'Cluster' Finds Giant Gas Vortices at Edge of Earth’s Magnetic Bubble
Dino-Size Spurt: T. Rex Teens Gained 5 Pounds a Day
Glass Breakthrough
Smart Windows to Let Sun's Light In, Keep Heat Out
It Isn't a UFO, It's a Space-Age Car
Scientist Warns of Atlantic Tidal Wave
Rare Laurel and Hardy Film Found
NASA Team Successfully Deploys Two Solar Sail Systems
Retreating Glaciers Spur Alaskan Earthquakes

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July 2004 -

Courtesy NASA/JPL/Space Science Institute
Cassini-Huygens Goes Into Orbit Around Saturn
Cassini-Huygens 'Flagship Mission Of Our Time'
Spacecraft Homepage   Latest Images

Record Breaking World's Smallest Submarine Makes Big Splash
Photon Marathon
Sci-Fi Film ‘Thunderbirds’ Get High-Tech Upgrade
Speech Science Sings a New Quantum Tune
City Heat Warms Plants Miles Away
Scientists Solve Sun Jet Mystery
3D Neutron Imaging for Medicine
Bob Newhart Bronzed for Posterity in Downtown Chicago
Summer Annual Perseids Meteor Showers Peak Aug. 11 & 12   Perseids
Lucas Films Names 3rd 'Star Wars' Prequel 'Revenge of the Sith'
Lance Armstrong Makes History with 6th Consecutive Tour de France Win
World's Tiniest Fish Identified, Called 'Stout Infantfish'
Physicists Show Optical Hall Effect
As in Humans, Yawning is Catching in Chimps
Ship-Sinking Monster Waves Revealed by ESA Satellites
Steven Hawking's Changes His Mind with New Black Hole Theory
Trillions More Internet Addresses may Emerge

Courtesy NASA
35th Anniversary of Apollo 11, Man's First Landing On the Moon   Video
Astronauts, Walter Cronkite to Get Moon Rock Plaque for Moon 35th

Speaker System Lets Flowers Sing
Poll: Support Grows for NASA's Space Vision
First Direct Measurement of Solitary Star's Mass Other than Our Own Sun
Jeopardy King Ken Jennings Wins Again, Longest Winning Streak Ever
Astronomers Pinpoint Date of First Marathon
Satellite Sees 'Sprites' in the Upper Atmosphere
Humans May Surpass Other Natural Forces as Earth Movers
Scientists Observe Biggest Monster Raindrops Ever
'Aura' Spacecraft Launched to Study Our Air   Aura
Creator of the Web Tim Berners-Lee Turns British Knight
Chipmunks Toughed it Out Through Ice Age
Oceans Found to Absorb Half of All Man-Made Carbon Dioxide
Babies Babble in Sign Language Too
Focusing Sound Without a Lens
'I, Robot' Are Real Androids Ready for This Close-Up?   'I, Robot' Trailer
Xbox Live Reaches 1 Million Users
Sun Kicks Up Major Flare, Labeled an X2
Fractal Patterns of Early Life Revealed
Braiding Patterns in Flowing Streams
Video Games: 'Doom 3' Launch Confirmed for Early August 2004
For First Time, IBM Scientists Imaged Spin of Individual Electron
Neutrinos 'Topple Matter Theory' Creating Mystery
New World Computer Chess Champion Crowned
Found: Beatles' Treasure Chest a Bargain
Red Sea Corals Near Extinction
Songbirds Can 'Stash' Sleep During Migrations
Dust Worms Hold the Key to Planet Formation

Solar Storm Coming Your Way, Voyager 1, Prepare for Action
Fastest Space Storm on Record Reaches Edge of Solar System

In North Dakota, What Happened to the Pelicans?
Dark Matter and Dark Energy: One and the Same?
New Map Reveals Hidden Features of Antarctica's Icey Lake Vostok
U.S. to Look for First Navy Sub Sunk in Civil War
Next PlayStation to be Ready May 2005, Sony Says
World Wide Web Narrowing?
Compound Underlying Smoke's Positive Effect on Plants Identified
Sowing the Seeds of Planets
Wanted: Young American Scientists
Controllable Nano-Diode Created
Africa Black Rhinos May Be Heading Back From Brink
Campaign to Eradicate Frankenfish
NASA Goes Underwater to Study Outer Space   NEEMO 6   Aquarius
Sunspots Reaching 1,000-Year High
'Spider-Man 2' Snags Record
Sky Ear Maiden Flight Successful   Sky Ear Video
Hurricanes Spark Ocean Blooms
Robotic Wheels That Just Keep Rolling
'Magic Ink' That Makes Metal Grow
US Team Breaks Power Density Record
Fifty Years of Rock and Roll
First 3D View of Solar Eruptions   Picture   Video
The Power is Blowin' in the Wind in Colorado
New Symmetry for Silicon
Pig Manure Converted to Crude Oil
When Sun's Too Strong, Plankton Make Clouds
Humble Bacteria Found to Possess Precision Clocks
New Shift Seen in Cyclotrons
Petite Skull Reopens Human Ancestry Debate
1-4,000 Year-Old Perfectly Preserved Ancient Sites Found in Utah
In Pictures: New World Heritage Sites

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June 2004 -

SpaceShipOne (SS1):
1st Private Spaceship to Carry Man to Space & Back
1st Civilian Astronaut, Mike Melvill   Ansari X-Prize
Scaled Composites   Video

Quantam Computing Now Possible, Physicists Entangle More 5+ Photons
New $50 Bill Set to Arrive in Banks on Sept. 28   Picture
Dinosaur Pterosaur's Tooth Found in Flying Reptile Spinosaur's Spine
Satellites Virtually Map Volcanic Home of Africa’s Endangered Gorillas
Seeing Double: Spitzer Telescope Captures our Galaxy's Twin
New Record Claimed for Text Message, 46 Words in Under 44 Seconds
Scientists Discover Two New Interstellar Molecules
Do the Nano-Locomotion
How Left-Handed Amino Acids Got Ahead
New Species Found in Earth's 'Refrigerator'
Physicist Grigory Volovik Scoops Low Temperature Award
Hubble IMAX Film Takes Viewers on Ride Through Space & Time   Video
Woodstock Concert Relics Honored in Museum
New Light on Dark Energy
Tropical Primate Found to Hibernate
Classic Video Games Make Comeback
Naturally Decaffeinated Coffee Plant Discovered
Amorphous Steel Fabricated by Scientists
Floating Ivory Soap Comes Clean on Story Behind Why it Floats
Nanoimprint Lithography
Ex-Beatle Paul McCartney Plays 3000th Concert
Nanotube Water Studied
Cinc. Reds Ken Griffey Jr. 20th Player to Get 500 Home Runs   Caught
Spider-Man Game Sequel on Form

Historic Robots:   Robby   B9   Shakey   C-3PO   R2-D2   Asimo
Carnegie Mellon Announces New Inductees into   Robot Hall of Fame

NASA Data Shows Hurricanes Help Plants Bloom in Ocean Deserts
NBA: Detroit Pistons Beat Los Angeles Lakers for NBA Title
Speed Limit Found for Solar Storms
X-Rayed Movie: Fastest Movies Ever Made of Electron Motion
Inventor Plans Cloaking 'Invisible Walls'
New Science-Fiction Museum is More Than Ray Guns   Sci-Fi Museum

Courtesy NASA/JPL/Space Science Institute
NASA Cassini-Huygens Mission Spacecraft Passes Saturns Moon 'Phoebe'
Flyby Movie   Latest Images   Mission Arrival Info

Mathematicians Skeptical Over Claimed Breakthrough
1st Time - Physicists 'Hands-Free' Manipulation of Mesoscale Device Parts
Jupiter's Moon Io is Hottest Body Outside the Sun
Youngest Possible Black Hole Spotted Near Birth
Spiral Ring Reveals Ancient Complex Machines
Microscopy Moves to the Picoscale
Record-Breaking Ice Core May Hold Key to Climate Variation
Freak Bumps Halt Speed Record Attempt
Scientists 'See New Species Born'
Quark Experiment Predicts Heavier Higgs
Hubble Space Telescope Successor Under Way, Will See Even Farther
Purdue Mathematician Claims Proof for Riemann Hypothesis
Chimps Nearing Extinction, Study Warns
Nasty Hurricane Season Seen for U.S. East and Gulf Coasts
Elephants Turn to Seismic Communication
The Hidden Comedy of Science
Erupting Volcano Found Underwater

Courtesy NASA/ESA
Rare Planet Venus Transit of Sun, First in 122 Years
Venus Transit History   Images   Newscast   Video

New Theory for First Stars
Phytoplankton, A One-Celled Animal, Create Half of the Worlds Oxygen
NHL: Tampa Bay Lightning Beat Calgary Flames in Stanley Cup Final
Electric-Powered Land Speed Record Attempt All Set
Origin of Enigmatic Galactic-Center Filaments Revealed
Theory: Methane 'Belch' Caused Global Warming 55 Million Years Ago
Dancing Lasers Levitate Carbon Nanotubes
Nanobulbs Make Their Debut
Titanic Damaged by Tourists, Salvagers, Expedition Finds
Game Review: 'Syberia II' Requires Brains, Not Brawn
David Tidmarsh Wins National Spelling Bee with Word 'Autochthonous'
First Quantum Cryptography Network Unveiled
Observing Superfluidity in Hydrogen Molecules
Lemur Logic May Provide Clues to Primate Intellect Evolution
New Clues in Search for Theory of Superconductivity
Microsoft Gains Double-Clicking Patent
Dig Uncovers Roman Bath House
600 Million Year Old Tiny Fossil Reveal Key Step in Animal Evolution
Hubble Takes Faintest Spectroscopic Survey of Distant Galaxies
Smoking Gun Found for Gamma-Ray Burst in Milky Way
Hidden Supermassive Black Holes Come Into View
Above-Normal Hurricane Season Forecast   Hurricanes of History
Discovered: Largest Prime Number with 7 Million Digits
Chocolate Compounds Boost Blood Vessel Function
Primal Scream: The Infant Universe Speaks
Scientists Measure Sun's Smallest Visible Magnetic Fields

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May 2004 -

Courtesy NASA/JPL/Space Science Institute
NASA Cassini Spacecraft Officially Enters
The Saturn Planetary System

Astronomers See Faintest Galaxy Yet
Double Stars Emerge as New Heavyweight Champions
The World is a Brighter Place
Rosetta's Spacecraft Scientific 'First', Observation of Comet Linear
Raw Ingredients for Life Detected in Planetary Construction Zones
Astronomers See Evidence for Youngest Planet
Next GameCube Set for 2005 Debut
Russian Progress 14 Cargo Craft Arrives at Space Station   Progress
Kansas Student, Andrew Wojtanik, Wins 2004 National Geographic Bee
'American Bandstand' with Dick Clark to Return to Television
43rd Anniversary of U.S. President Kennedy's 'Man on the Moon' Speech
New Study Super-Sizes the Universe
'Shrek 2' Has Fairy Tale Opening   Shrek 2
Robot Learns Origami
New Therapy Helps Rats Regrow Nerve Fibers
China's First Astronaut, Yang Liwei, Meets U.S. Astronaut, Buzz Aldrin
High Flux Isotope Reactor Marks 400th Cycle
Airship Groomed for Flight to Edge of Space
Hottest Life-Form Found: Microbe Thrives When Boiling
NASA Mars Odyssey Spacecraft Reaches Milestone 10,000 Orbits
LONEOS Discovers Asteroid With the Smallest Orbit
Dog DNA Study Yields Clues to Origins of Breeds
Universe Could Be One Billion Years Older Than Previously Thought
New Underwater Volcano Discovered Off Coast of Antarctica
Hayabusa Spacecraft Rounds Earth for Asteroid   Earth Pics   Hayabusa
'Catapults' Give Chameleon Tongues Superspeed, Study Says
Claim Made for New Form of Life, Nannobacteria
Hundreds of Mummies Found in Egyptian Caves
First Time: One-Dimensional Gas Coaxed into Tonks-Girardeau Gas
Pennsylvania Scientists Discover New Dinosaur   Suuwassea emilieae   Pic
Randy Johnson, 40, Oldest Pitcher to Get Perfect Game
Theory Proposes New View of Sun and Earth's Creation
'Day After Tomorrow' Movie: Could Ice Age Occur Overnight?   Trailer
Geologists Add New 'Ediacaran' Period to Earths Geological Timescale
First Wild Animal, An Owl, With Artificial Eye Lenses, Now Free
50 Years Old: Boeing DASH-80 Airplane, Changed Aviation
Game Preview: Halo Sequel 'Halo 2' Shows Potential
Southern Sky Hosts Modern Named Constellations

T. Rex (Tyrannosaurus rex) Found in Montana Dig Goes Interactive
Interactive T. Rex Dig

'SpaceShipOne' Sets Private Altitude Record at 212,000 Feet
'SpaceShipOne' Launch Pic   Flight Image   X-Prize Homepage

Hubble Telescope Snaps Likely 1st Pic of Planet Beyond Our Solar System
Document Shows Baseball Dated Back to 1791
First Space Tug Could Be Launched By 2007
Book Sales Plunge, Down by 23,000,000
As Biodiversity is Lost, Ocean Medicines Could be Lost Forever
First Time: Physicists Succeed at 'Entangling' More than 2 Photons
Found: Iron Age Tool Marks Move to Steel
Laser Pinging the Moon, Researchers Test Physics
Tungsten Inverse Opal Created for First Time
Yellowstone Virus Startles Scientists with Ancient Lineage
Light Wave Outlasts Itself
500 Rare Butterflies Discovered in Oregon
Terraforming Mars One Piece at a Time
Milky Way Spiral Gets an Extra Arm
Season for Space Station Spotting   See from Your Backyard   Skywatch
New Material Grabs More Solar Energy
'Garcon a la Pipe' A 1905 Masterpiece Painting by Picasso Sells for $104m
NASA Introduces New Class of 11 Astronauts
Physics: Persistant Holes Observed
Ancient Arthropod Caught Moulting, 500 Million Years Ago
Lost Maya City Rediscovered Called Cival After Over 2,000 Years

Comet NEAT C/2001 Q4 Now Visible In Northern Hemisphere
C-2001 Q4 (NEAT) Factsheet  Close-Up Picture

Fences "Can Help Apes' Survival"   GRASP
Rolls-Royce Turns 100 Years Old
City-Sized Asteroid to Pass Earth This Fall
Scientists Plan Teeth that Regrow
High Energy Physics Report Charts a Path Forward   Report
Space Explorers Inducted into Astronaut Hall of Fame

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April 2004 -

Last Oldsmobile Rolls Off Assembly Line
End of 106 Year-Old Company  Oldsmobile Heritage
Classic Oldsmobile  Oldsmobile Club of America

Scientists Announce Cosmic Ray Theory Breakthrough
Warping Mona Lisa Nothing to Smile About, Experts Say
Baby Buckyballs Hold Unusual Promise
Life-Saving Kangaroo Wins Award
George Washington Tree Cloned for Plantings
New Device Allows Recording at Concerts

ISS Expedition 8 & Delta Mission Crews Land in Soyuz Spacecraft Safely
New Expedition 9 Crew Takes Command of Space Station
Soyuz Deorbit & Landing Interactive   Expedition 9 Mission   Latest Status

Chemists in China Make Carbon-50 in Solid State for 1st Time
Computer Helps Map Ancient Rome
Scientists Find New Mineral 'Hapkeite' in Moon Rock
Noah's Ark Found Turkey Expedition Planned for Summer
Patagonian Ice in Rapid Retreat
Scientists ‘See’ Effects of Aging in Brain
Proof of New State of Matter is Ultra-Cold Jelly-Like
Happy 50th Anniversary to the Official Baseball Cap
New Evidence: 3 Major Glaciation Events in Earth's Past   Shuhai Xiao
Cactus Patterns Buckle Up, Use Fibonacci Sequence of Numbers
Pointy End Up? with Aerospike Rockets, It's Down, Too!
Warming to Cause Catastrophic Rise in Sea Level?
Ancient Pebbles Provide New Details About Primeval Atmosphere
Govt. Working Group Completes 'Physics of the Universe' Report
Bell Labs Celebrates 50th Anniversary of the Solar Cell   Solar Cell Timeline
World's Largest Ball of Paint, Painted for 27 Years
FAA: XCOR Wins 2nd Private Suborbital Launch License   XCOR
Archaeologists Uncover Maya 'Masterpiece' in Guatemala
Fight On to Save Buried 19th Century Smiddy
New Science Museum Opens in Washingtion, D.C.   NAS   Koshland
Shakespeare's Coined Words Now Common Currency
Happy 14th Birthday, Hubble!
3.5 Billion Year-Old Lava Yields Signs of Early Life   Image
Will Nanotech Save the World or Is It Mostly Hype?
Satellites Act as Thermometers in Space, Show Earth has a Fever
The Unicorns of Shangri-La
Parity Violation in Electron-Electron Scattering
Even Tallest Trees have Limits, Study Says
Magnetic Recording has a Speed Limit
Jupiter Could Lose Some of its Great Spots
Arecibo Telescope: ALFA Makes it Even More Sensitive   Arecibo
Golden Queen Boadicea Necklet 2,000 Years Old Found
Released: Genome H-Invitational Database
Caviar Shortage No Fish Tale
Particle Physicists Rescue Rare Vinyl Recordings

'Gravity B' Spacecraft: Launched Successfully   Audio   Guide
Stanford   Picture   Launch Video   QT Video

17 Year Cicadas: How to Protect Your Yard During Bug Attack
AIA Announces Finalists for World's Largest Model Rocket Contest   Info
Natural Gas-Powered Limos are Hollywood Hit
Dryden: Aerospike Engine Flight Test Successful
Super-Antibodies Break the Cell Barrier
X-Prize Entrants Race Against Time & Each Other   X-Prize
Lyrid Meteor Shower Peaked Early Thursday Morning 4/22
Earth Day is April 22nd   Sierra Club Info
Lights Off, National Dark Sky Week Celebration 4/19-26   Homepage
Look Up, Astronomy Week 4/19-26 & Astronomy Day 4/24 - Events List

Expedition 9: Astronauts Launch OK Sunday, On Way to Space Station
Mission PDF   Expedition 8 Mission Overview   Soyuz Information

Metal Coolant Adds to Space Junk Risk
First Successful Teleportation of Light Outside a Lab
Video of Comet Bradfield (C/2004 F4) Passing by Sun
Ford Mustang Reaches 40 Year Anniversary
'Lost' Rudolph Valentino Silent Film Classic from 1922 Discovered
Reinventing the Yo-Yo, A Simple Toy Gets Seriously Techno
Local Taboos Could Save the Seas
'Star Trek' Like Trekkie Communicator Ready to Go
Vaporizing of a Cometlike Body by a Very Young Hot Star Seen
New Blu-Ray Video Disk is Made of Paper
Cassini Spacecraft on Way to Saturn: Sees Moons Prometheus & Pandora
WWW Inventor Tim Berners-Lee Wins 1st Millenium Technology Prize
Satellites Record Weakening North Atlantic Current
Project ASTRO Celebrates 10 Years of Setting Kids Sights on the Stars
Lindows Changes OS Name to Linspire
Migrating Birds Reset 'Compasses' at Sunset, Study Says
Rare Whales Seen for First Time in Decades in Florida
3 New Planets Found, 1 Breaks Distance Record   Pictures
Big-Bang Glow Hints at Funnel Shaped Universe
Trilobite was Ancient Snack Food
Scientists to Plan International Heliophysical Year
Barry Bonds Passes Mays for 3rd Place on MLB Career Home Run List
Narwhals: Photos Show Decline of Unicorn Whales
In 10 Years, Talking to Your Car Will Become Natural
Cricket: Brian Lara Reclaims World Test Best Mark with 400 Not Outs
A New Direction for Liquid Crystals   Liquid Crystal Photomicrographs
World's Most Controversial Grass
43rd Anniversary of Vostok 1, 23rd Anniversary of STS-1
SOHO Spacecraft Sees its 750th Comet
Researchers Resolve Intermediate Mass Black Hole Mystery
Personalized 22 Pound Moon Crash for Sale on eBay
Science Experiment: Mystery in a Cup of Tea
Cassini Spacecraft on Way to Saturn: 2 Storms Merge   Pictures
1st Time Observed: Entanglement Between Photon & Trapped Atom
When Did Stars Form?
Hybrid MRI Called MRFM has 80-Nanometer Resolution
Quantam Mechanics: A Tiny Solar System After All
IBM: Mainframe Computer Now 40 Years Old, Sparked a Revolution
Wake-Up Call on Hundreds of Imperiled Species
The Crazy Cosmos: Stars Near Sun are Wild & Wayward
Worlds First Gravitational-Wave Detector Goes Underground in Japan
Saturn Moon Titan Casts 'Once-In-A-Lifetime' Shadow
Dinosaur Discovered in Patagonia, Named 'Small Head'
Scientists Levitate Ultra-Pure Glass
'04 Forecast: 8 Atlantic Hurricanes
Celebrating 5 Years of the Very Large Telescope   VLT   Top 20 Pictures
Fossil Found in Pennsylvania Oldest Upper Arm Bone Found So Far?
Physicists Move Closer to the Quantum Limit
Strange Metallic Sound Heard Again on Space Station
Hunt for Extrasolar Earth-Like Planets Intensifies
Zeroing In on the Milky Way's Black Hole
The Earth Core-Mantle Boundary
Ford Unveils 1st U.S.-Made Hybrid

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March 2004 -

Sedna: Found - Most Distant Object in Solar System
Planet-Like   10th Planet May Have Moon   Audio
Kuiper Belt & Oort Cloud Info   Sedna: 2003 VB12

Eastern Lowland Gorilla Numbers Plunge to 5,000
Physicists Create Superconducting Diamond
Is Andromeda Galaxy a Cannibal on Our Doorstep?
Birds Share 'Language' Gene with Humans
Is Bead Find Proof Modern Thought Began in Africa?
NMAI : New National Museum of the American Indian
17-Year Cicada Invasion: Eastern U.S. Braces for Bug Swarm
Common Mushrooms Produce Unique Pigments
90-Year-Old Duo Rewrite Records at Masters Indoor Field & Track

X-43A: First Airbreathing Scramjet Powered Aircraft Soars to Mach 7
X-43A Design   X43A Profile   X43A Photo Collection

New Experiment: Tunable Surfaces
Brazil: Rare South Atlantic Tropical Cyclone   Nameless Hurricane   Audio
New Australian Law, Makes Great Barrier Reef World's Most Protected
Ultrasound Imaging Goes Supersonic
Color Television 50th Anniversary
Olympic Torch Lit by Sun in Olympia, Greece
Scientists Possibly Solve How Humpback Whales Hunt
Galaxy Debris (WIMPs) Raining Down on Earth Might Prove Dark Matter
Balloon and Airship World Records
Amateur Astronomer Jay McNeil Discovers Rare Birth of Star
Mars Rover Finds Evidence It Sits On Ancient Shoreline Of A Salty Sea
Rover Opportunity's 'Excellent' Site To Search For Past Mars Life & Fossils
Rare Kaon Decay Hints at New Physics
Bones Hint at First Use of Fire
A Trick to Remember
Vibrating Accelerator Pedal Saves Gas
Christopher Eccleston is New 'Doctor Who'
Carbon Dioxide Levels in Atmosphere Reach Record High
Light at the End of the Tunnel, Photonic Crystals
Ancient Indians Made 'Rock Music'
Patagonian Ice Dam Studied from Space Cracks Open
Chandra Space Observatory: Birth of a Neutron Star & Supernova Remnant
Asteroid Misses Earth March 18th, Closest One Ever Recorded   Earth Safe
Nielsen: Three of Four Americans have Internet Access
Ultra-Low Friction, Without Lubricants
NASA: Source of 1930s 'Dust Bowl' Drought in Tropical Waters
ESA Integral Spacecraft Solves 30 Year-Old Gamma-Ray Mystery
Physicists have Detected 1st 'Pentaquark' to Contain a Charm Quark
Stunning Amber Butterflies Hint at Ancient Origins

Mitch Seavey Team Wins the Alaskan Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race
Homepage   Standings

Rocket Fuel Hydrazine Boosts Speed of Transistors
Oldest Multimedia: New Renaissance Music Found in Painting
Early Human Marks are 'Symbols'
Sloan Digital Sky Survey Releases New Data   Release 2
Future Plan to Melt Through Jupiter's Moon Europa Ice to Search for Life
November's All-Time Record Solar Flare Bigger than Estimated
Cassini-Huygens Mission Latest Image: Saturn has Clumps in the F Ring
20,000 Roman Coins Found While Man Digs in Backyard
One of Biggest Solar System Mysteries Solved, Inside Neptune & Uranus
Multilevel Molecular Memory
Lakes with Zebra Mussels have Higher Levels of Toxins
Microfluidic Machines
Video Game Review: Jet Li in 'Rise to Honor'
Robot Builder Could 'Print' Houses
High-Speed Color Telegraph
Hubble's Deepest Field View Ever   Deep Field Image   Pictures   Video
Around-The-World Plane 'Virgin GlobalFlyer' Tested
New System of Rating Northeast Storms: '93 & '96 #1 Worst Blizzards
Brain Size Matters for Primates
New Method Measures Bone Loss in Astronauts
Pity the Poor Lonely Encyclopedia, Gathering Dust
Chandra X-Ray Observatory: Saturn X-Rays Pose Puzzles   Picture
Third of Threatened Birds Still Without Help
New Space Telescope Spitzer Looks at a Stellar Nursary
Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race in Alaska Begins   Homepage   Standings
'Rosetta' Spacecraft Status: In Good Health
Scientists are Learning How to Predict Tsunami Risk
Three-Headed Frog Found
Important Discovery: Silicate Found in a Meteorite
National Geographic Traveler Rates 115 Top Spots   Scorecard
New Fossil Human Teeth Fan Diversity Debate
Space Commercialization Bill Approved   H.R. 3752 Bill Summary
Extinct Australian Lion was Big Biter, Expert Says
Major New Finding of Bronze Age Treasure
Sea Survey Finds 1,800 New Microbial Species
New U.S. Nickels are on the Way
Complexity is Elusive
Wayward Sea Lion Returned to the California Ocean
Amateur Stargazers: Get Paid $3,000 for Finding an Asteroid
2003 European Summer: Hottest In 500 Years
House Bill Sets Rules for Space Tourism
Fender 'Stratocaster' Guiter Turns 50 Years Old
Rosetta Spacecraft's Comet Target Seen from Earth Telescope
Generation of Fusion Energy Using Bubble Fusion Reported
Birds 'Heed Monkey Warnings'
Sub-Wavelength Lensing
NASA Sponsors Robotics Competition   FIRST Competition
Evidence Mars Had Past Flowing Water & Could Have Supported Life
America's 'Lost Colony' in N. Carolina: Can New Dig Solve the Mystery?
Primitive Crustacean is Surprisingly Brainy

European 'Rosetta' Mission: Spacecraft Launches OK   Rosetta Homepage
'Rosetta' Mission to Land On Comet 67P Churyumov-Gerasimenko   Status
12-Year Voyage Animation   Mission Video   67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko

Black Holes: Fuzzy Tangles of Strings?
Expert New 'Must Learn' Language Likely to be Mandarin
'Lord of the Rings' Inspired by an Ancient Epic   Homepage/Trailer
'Workhorse' Satellite, Landsat 5, Celebrates 20 Years
Another New Record: Newfound Galaxy Shatters Distance Record   Pic
Excuse Me: El Niño Causes Earth to Pass Gas
'Lord of the Rings' Ties with Titanic & Ben Hur for Most Oscars (11)
NASA'S Improved Web-Site on the Worlds' Changing Climate   GCMD

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February 2004 -

Scientists See Neutron Star Explosion   Video

Nearest, Youngest Star Seen with Possible Planet Nursery   Picture
Toss a Coin? Bias Found in Heads-or-Tails Even Chances
Devers 1st American to Win 60 Meter (Dash & Hurdles) at USA IT&FC
On Final Approach, Cassini Spacecraft Photographs Saturn   Image
Anomalies in Makeup of Interplanetary Dust Particle
First Robot Moved With Muscle Tissue to Propel Machine
Former Conjoined Tortoises 'Peanut Butter & Jelly' Go Their Own Way
Tiny Radar System Could Make Driving Safer
The Fallacy of the Full Moon
First Report of Growth of Zinc-Oxide Nanorings
Stop Light on a Chip
Problem Spacesuit Cuts Space Station Spacewalk Short   Successful
Pacific Turtles 'Gone in Decade'
'Liquid Teflon' Used to Fabricate Microfluidic Device
English Won't Dominate as World Language
Pacific Coast Seafaring Clues to First Americans 8,000 Years Ago
Snowflake Scientist Reveals Secrets Behind Shapes
Latest Theory: Magnetic Fields & Water on Jupiters' Moon Europa
Seen on our Sun: A Tangle of Filaments   Video
New Website Uses Modern Technology to Animate Ancient Egypt
New Coral Family Identified in Atlantic Ocean
Pair of Comets (2001 Q4 & 2002 T7) Set for Spring Sky Show
Flashback: 70's 'Chopper' Bicycle Returns
Cosmic Dark Ages Lasted for More Than a Billion Years
Earth at Risk: New Calls for Planetary Defense
Teen Brains Show Low Motivation
Second Star, Not Planet, Explains 'Winking Star'
Polar Bears at Singapore Zoo Turn Green
1st Time Physicists Have Weighed Object at the Attogram Scale
Ancient Coin Reveals Little-Known Roman Ruler, Domitianus
Earth Almost Put on Asteroid Impact Alert Last Month
An Extra Day for Everyone, Lobbying for Leap Year Day Status
Microbial Fuel Cell Cleans Water, Generates Electricity
Nushu, A Chinese Language By Women, For Women
California Vineyard Expansions Hurting Wildlife?
World's Biggest Pig?
PC Pioneers Win Charles Starke Draper Engineering Prize
Africa Chimp Expert Elizabeth Lonsdorf Extends Path Goodall Blazed
New Science Museum to Open in Washington D.C.   Koshland Museum
'Star Trek' Honors NASA with Voyager Award
Peruvian Mummies Found in Peru Predate the Incas
Army Blows Up Virginia Dam to Benefit Fish
Amateur Finds New Nebula with Small Telescope
Making Decoherence Visible
Aerobic Activity Fuels Elderly Brains, Minds
Ulysses Spacecraft Sweeps Up Dust from Jupiter
Governments Target Reducing Rates of Biodiversity Loss by 2010
Low-Level Magnetic Fields Concern
Final Answer on Foam That Doomed Space Shuttle Columbia
Scientist Discovers Why Cobra Venom Can't Kill Other Cobras
Planetoid '2004 DW', Largest Object Found in Solar System in 73 Years
Universe Has At Least 30 Billion Years Left   Einstein Right After All   Pic
Ulysses Spacecraft Finds Streams of Dust Coming from Io
Top Ten February to Early March Sky Objects to Watch
Traditional Knowledge 'In Peril'
A Toys Story: The Latest in Toys
'Fairly OddParents' Not Just for Kids
Connect the Spots: Revealing Leopard Seal Secrets
Mysterious Mayan City, Naachtun, Explored
Closing In On a Theory of Superconductivity
Secret of Invasive Plants’ Success Lies in the Soil
Fading Supernova Producing a Spectacular New Light Show   Video
NHRA Veteran Jim Head Back Funny Car Roots
'James Bond 007: Everything or Nothing' Major Star (and Fire) Power
Distant Galaxies Line-Up in Space
Four Boeing Engineers Receive National Black Engineer Awards
Asteroids Made our Watery World
Plans to Protect Red Squirrels in Scotland
Giant Black Hole Destroys Nearby Star
Interstellar Cloud of Gas is a Natural Lens
Mars 'Express' Spacecraft Takes Picture of 'Kasei Vallis' Channel
Bald Eagles Wait to be Taken Off Threatened List
Human Brain Began Evolving Earlier than Previously Thought
'Mister Ed' Gets a New Voice in New Remake
Russians to Build Bigger, Better Spaceship, Seats Six
Robots Take Aim at Humans in Segway Soccer
Grow Your Own Teeth
Muppets Moving To Disneys' Magic Kingdom
Glitch Delays X-43A Test   X-43A Photographs
Vikings' Barbaric Bad Rap Beginning to Fade
Charles Darwin's 'HMS Beagle' May Lie in the Mud, Near London
Space Station Crew Spots Bits of Debris, Concern Raised
On Sale: 'Flying Scotsman', 1st Steam Engine Locomotive to Hit 100 MPH
Curly-Tusked Boxing Pigs Rejoice
Bargain-Bin Video Games Still Pack Thrills
Physicists Use M&M's to Show Oval's Pack More Densely than Spheres
Hunt for Ancient Human Molecules
Comet 'C/2002 T7' Ahoy Off Venus at 7th-Magnitude, Getting Brighter
Farthest Known Object in Universe Discovered   Furthest Galaxy Pic
Scientists Discover Lost 10,000 Year-Old Plain Now Under the North Sea
Ulysses Spacecraft Mission Extended Until 2008 to Study Suns Heliosphere
Beyond WWW Lies Interplanetary International Internet
Left-Handedness Common in Ice Age
Scientists: Hard Heads a Key to Survival
Leaked Windows Code Spreads Across Net, Analysts Worried
'Save the LUT', Apollo Launch Tower Campaign Kicks Into High Gear
Pacific Sea Lion Population Collapse Probed
Scientists Map ‘Highways of the Sea’
Coffee Breaks Sabotage Employees' Abilities
Star Brightness Ratings: The Astronomers' Magnitude Scale
Study: Women Over 40 Biggest Online Gamers
Oldest Known Insect Fossil Identified, Called 'Rhyniognatha Hirsti'
Researchers Invent Reactor That Produces Hydrogen From Ethanol
Dolls: Splitsville for Ken and Barbie
U.S. Amateur Sees New Star Emerge From Dust Cocoon
FCC Starts Rewriting Internet Rules
Tetris Game Inventor: Alexey Pajitnov
Olympus Mons, The Caldera in Mars Express Close-Up   Picture
Robot Balloons Could Explore Mars Next
Did Walls Spark the Birth of the Pyramids?
Next Generation Rover: The Mars Science Laboratory
Cities Built on Fertile Lands Affect Climate
Europe's Mars Lander, Beagle 2, Officially Declared Lost
Chemists Discover 1st Organic Molecule That Breaks Hund's Rule
40 Years Ago, Beatles Came to America & Ed Sullivan Show
Snake Ancestors Lost Limbs on Land, Study Says
Twenty Inducted Into Inventors Hall of Fame
Europe's Mars Express Spies Valles Marineris Region
Snowmobile Ban in Parks Overturned
Boeing 747, Queen of the Skies, Celebrates 35th Anniversary
Private Space Race Winner Predicted by End of Year   X-Prize
NBA: Jazzs' Jerry Sloan Becomes 8th Coach to Win 900 Games
South African Cave Art Much Older than Previously Thought
Scientists: Comet Caused Crop Failures & Summer Frosts in 536-540 AD
Mars Rover 'Spirit' Drills 'First Planned Hole' in Martian Rock
Beam Up an Electron
Scientist: Extinct Red Colobus Monkey May Be Alive
How Did Dogs Become Adept at Playing to Humans?
Orbital Tracking Reveals Thinning Upper Atmosphere
Plan Ahead: Rare Transit of Sun by Venus on June 8th
Italian Scholar: Leonardo Da Vinci Created First Natural Plastic
Natural Hydrogen Factory Analyzed, To See How Plants Split H20
Pigeons Reveal Map-Reading Secret
Catapult Makers: Rock Stars of Antiquity
Charles Darwin Day: February 12   Darwin's Universe
Are You Just Four Steps Away From a Genius?
Chemists Report Two New Superheavy Elements   Chemical Periodic Table
NASA's Moon-Mars Plans Take Shape   NASA Plan
Alaska Sea Otters' Disappearance a Mystery
'Mindsight' Could Be an Explanation for 'Sixth' Sense
10 Technologies That Refuse to Die
Smart-1 Mission Status: Ion Engine Shut-Off for 3 Weeks
Clouds of Hydrogen Swarm Around Andromeda
Capacious Crystal Breaks Roominess Record by 40%
The Top 50 Most Watched TV Shows of All Time
Europeans Want to Send Humans to Mars By 2033
'Snowmobile Capital of the World' Copes With Changes
Terraforming Mars
Saturn’s Moon Titan Eyed for Increased Exploration
First Time Oxygen & Carbon Detected in Distant Planet's Atmosphere
'Smart' Giant Sperm Whales Pluck Cod from Fishing Lines
'Halo' Video Game Sequel 'Halo 2' Delayed Until Autumn
Lunar Land Grab: Celestial Real Estate Sales Soar
Boeing Successfully Tests New Engine for NASA Program
New U.S. Park? Maine Bid Draws High-Profile Debate
Carbon Nanotube Gel Created by Scientists
UN: Antarctica's Resources 'At Risk'
Mars Rover 'Opportunity' Finds Hematite

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January 2004 -

1st Mars Rover 'Spirit' Lands at Gusev Crater

2nd Mars Rover 'Opportunity' Lands at
Appolinaris Patera Volcano

Student Intel Science Competition Announces 40 Finalists
Russian Progress Cargo Spacecraft Docks with Space Station   'Progress'
NASA to Review Hubble Decision
Mars Rover 'Opportunity' Drives Off Lander onto Mars Soil
Mars Rover 'Spirit' Fixed: Regains Science Capability
Counting Atoms that Aren't There, In Stars that No Longer Exist
Particle Experiment Produce Abundant Hypernuclei
Record-Setting Brits Reach South Pole
'Penguin Ranch' Reveals Hunting, Swimming Secrets
Chandra Telescope Finds Star Survives being Engulfed by Companion Star
New Asteroid Found in Univ. of Arizona Spacewatch Project   Spacewatch
Centuries-Old Murals Revealed in Mission Dolores
Meet the Inventor of 'CtrlAltDelete'
Europe's Smart-1 Spacecraft, On Way to Moon, Getting New Software
School 'Report Card' Site Unveiled
Ancient Mexican Settlement Found
Scientists Plan 'Deep Impact' Crash With Comet
'Weird NJ': Book Celebrating the 'Weird' State New Jersey
Fitful Young Star Sputters to Maturity in Rosette Nebula
X43A: Second Hyper-X Plane Prepares for Test Flight   X-43A Photographs
New Orangutan Relative Fossil Found, Named 'Khoratpithecus Piriyai'
Ulysses Spacecraft Jupiter Encounter Approaches, Closest Approach Feb. 4
Fixing What Chuck Yeager Broke: Reducing Sonic Boom Noise
NASA Scientists Use Yeast to Understand Microgravity
Oxygen Triggered the Evolution of Complex Life Forms
JASON XV Project: Rainforests at the Crossroads   Jason XV Project
Most Flexible Electronic Paper Yet Revealed at Phillips
Smart Parrot Stuns Scientists, 950 Word Vocabulary
X-ray Shout Echoing through Space Seen by Newton Spacecraft   Video
Pop & Celebrate! 1/26, is National Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day
Public Cries Out for Saving Hubble Space Telescope
Study: That Neanderthal was Not Your Grandfather
Space Station Crews' Earth Photos Tops 100,000   Astronaut Photos
Mars Rover 'Spirit' Has a Major Problem
New NASA Data Release Invites You to Explore Two Vast Continents
Momentum from Nothing
European Mars Express Orbiter Sees its First Water Ice
New Jersey Nets Sale to Developer & Move to Brooklyn Approved
Hubble: The Colorful Lives of the Outer Planets
New Data Clouds Past Cosmic Distance Measurements
Juggling 'Can Boost Brain Power'
Extreme Ultraviolet from Argon
Nintendo Plans Two-Screen Hand-Held Gaming System, Codenamed 'DS'
North America, Europe to Cool as World Warms?
NASA Marks Milestone in Human Spaceflight
Found in Morocco: New Mars Rock Hints at Past Water
Online Spacewatch Volunteer Discovers Close-Approaching Asteroid
Harvard Study: Monkeys Can Understand Simple Rules of Grammer
50,000 Year-Old Well Preserved Ice Age Mammoth Skull Found in England
Earth's Changing Environment 'Entering Uncharted Waters'
Ancient Artifacts Found In Greece Near Site of Summer Olympics
1st Extra-Solar Planet Found With a Magnetic Field
Blind Mole Rat, 1st Animal to Use Earths' Magnetic Field for Direction
Other Nations Jump on Space Bandwagon
Ancient Cosmic Superstructure Defies Theory
Steve Yzerman Becomes 7th Player to Join NHL's 1,700 Points Club
NASA Cancels Hubble Telescope Servicing Mission   2002 Servicing
Latest 'Stardust' Mission Status Report  Surprise  Where is Stardust Now?
ESA's 'Huygens' Spacecraft 1 Year Away from Saturns Moon Titan
Hubble Obtains Ultra Deepest Space View Yet
NASA Mars Rover 'Spirit' Soil Mystery at Gusev Crater
Alabama Space Museum Trying to Save Aging Saturn V Rocket
What's a Labradoodle - Designer Dog or Just Another Mutt?
A Failed Star is Born
President Bush Reveals Plan for Moon and Mars   Speech Text
The Female Robinson Crusoe: Who Was Ada Blackjack?
Scientists Find 'Spitting Star', Imitates Black Hole
NASA Mars Rover 'Spirit' Rolls onto Martian Soil   Travel Plan
75th Anniversary of Popeye the Sailorman
Disgust is Good for You, Study Shows
Digital Dooms Some Kodak 35mm Cameras
Group Lists 10 'Most Endangered' U.S. Parks
Color Glass Condensate Created
'Robot Scientist' Said to Equal Humans at Some Tasks
New 'Supersolid' Phase of Matter Created, Behaves Like a Superfluid
Ancient Tools Unearthed in Siberian Arctic
First Lion Mummy Found in Tomb Near King Tut   Picture
Human Benefits from Space Exploration
Reworked 1975 Images Reveal Hot Venus
Worsening Spam Epidemic Chokes the Net
Lasers Overcome the Lorentz Force
Hollywood's Lengthening Film Credits, 'Rings' Record 9-1/2 Minutes
New Fly Species, Erebomyia Exalloptera, Male has Uneven Wings
Chemists Identify Key Ingredient of Mussels Natural 'Superglue'
A 'Hot Tower' Above the Eye Can Make Hurricanes Stronger
IBM Holds Patent Record for 11th Consecutive Year
Scooter Clone Takes on the Segway
Bejeweled Weevil May Inspire Synthetic Gem
U.S. Goal for New Human Space Program for Going to Moon & Mars
Climate Model Predicts More Long Hot Summers
As Consumerism Spreads, Earth Suffers, Study Says
First Supernova Companion Star Found
Sony Unveils 45 Hour Mini Disc Called Hi-MD
Infrasonic Symphony, The Greatest Sounds Never Heard
Robotic Segways Play Soccer with Humans
NHL: Coyotes Brian Boucher Sets Modern-Day Shutout Record
Find Mars: Easy Doorstep Viewing Guide
Next-Generation Robot Subs Take the Plunge
San Andreas Quakes Show Cyclical Pattern
Negatively Misbehaving Muons
Ninja Turtles Return for Battle in Video Game, Dude
Arctic Natives have DNA Built for Warmth
Earths Mantle, What's Down There?
Report: Herbal Remedy Boom Threatens Plants
Cartoon Character Tintin Celebrates 75th Birthday   Global Hero
'All Grown Up' - The 'Rugrats' Grow Up, A Little
First-Known Double Pulsar Opens up New Astrophysics
High Notes 'Make Opera Unclear'
Exotic Around-The-World Without Refueling Jet Unveiled
In Tropics, Forests are Cool but Croplands are Hotter
NASCAR to Change Points System with Playoff-Like Structure
Bobtail Squid's Built-In Light to Inspire New Gadgets
ESA Mars Lander 'Beagle-2' Still Unheard From
Stone Skipping Gets Scientific
Discovered: A Planet that Heats its Sun
Largest Hubble Telescope Picture Yet, Shows 10,000 Galaxies Shine
Too Fast, Too Furious: A Galaxy's Fatal Plunge
'Longest' Snake Doesn't Quite Measure Up
Staying Warm with 'Frozen Smoke' of Aerogel
Lifeless Suns Dominated the Early Universe
Did "Little Ice Age" Create Stradivarius Violins' Famous Tone?
Chandra Space Telescope Locates Planetary Ore in Colliding Galaxies
Digital Radio Debuts
47 Light-Years Away, Astronomers Find Sun's Twin, Called 18 Scorpii
7,000 Year-Old Stone Age Settlement Found on Marawah Island
Poincare Conjecture, 100 Year-Old Great Math Mystery, May Be Solved
By 2050 Global Warming to Doom Million Species, Study Says
ESA Last Ditch Effort to Locate 'Beagle-2' Mars Lander   Status
Jets Spout Far Closer to Black Hole than Thought, Scientists Say
White Tiger Population Gets Boost (Sextuplets)
Neutron Star, Turning into Rare Ultra-Magnetic Object
Scientists Turn DNA Tubes into Nanowires
Star May Be Biggest, Brightest Yet Discovered
Hundreds in Spain See 'Fireball Shower' in Sky
Big Old Stars Don't Die Alone
Why Do Galaxies in the Young Universe Appear So Mature?
Topsy Turvy: In Neutrons and Protons, Quarks Take Wrong Turns
Enter the Tiny World of the Molecule
'Stardust' Flies By Comet on 1st Mission to Retrieve Dust   Pics
Endangered Species Act Turns 30
One Tenth of Stars in Galaxy May Support Life

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