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News Archive - 2003
100th Anniversary
Wright Brothers
First Flight Special:
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ESA Orbiter
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ESA Lander 'Beagle 2':
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China's 1st Man
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Galileo Spacecraft
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Mars Express &
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Beagle 2 Image
December 2003 -

100th Anniversary of First Wright Brother Flight

Scientific American: The Top Science Stories of 2003
MSNBC: Year in Review - 2003 Science Highlights
NewScientist: 2003 - The Year in Technology
NewScientist: 2003 - The Year in Space and Astronomy The Best of 2003 Top 10 Astronomy Images
PhysicsWeb - Highlights of the Year
Physics News Update: Top Physics Stories of 2003
CNN: Top Gaming Titles of 2003
BBC: Best Video Games of 2003
Sports Illustrated: 2003 the Year in Sports
World's First Light Emitting Transistor
Mars Rover 'Spirit' Fires Up Thrusters, Landing on Mars Soon
18th & 19th Century Ship Logs Uncover Past Climate Data
Beagle-2 Lander Might Have Landed in Crater Causing No Signal   Status
Young Gas Giant Planets Have to Fight to Survive
First Joint European/Chinese Science Spacecraft Mission Launched OK
NASA's Stardust Mission to Catch Comet Dust Jan 2nd & Return to Earth
NFL: Jamal Lewis Joins Elite 2,000 Yard Club, 5th to Do So
Epic Trip for 'Alternative' Hydrogen/Solar Car
Mars Express Orbiter OK - Orbiting Precisely & Safely
Chimps to Have Retirement Home in U.S.
Bazooka Joe Comics Turn 50
Record Setting Balloonists to Fly Around World in Solar Plane
Business 2.0: 10 Technologies to Watch in 2004
Late Neanderthals 'More Like Us'
Snowboarding Trio Lets Gamers Take to Slopes
New Mars Center At Ames Research Center Opened   Ames Homepage
Ion Engine Passes Test
Surveys: Web Usage Up, Cable Leads the Way
Peter Pan Turns 100
World's Biggest Ship Debuts
Three Dusty Beauties of Galaxies
The Loser's Guide to Getting Lucky
'Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King': King of Box Office   Trailer
NFL: Anquan Boldin Breaks Rookie Receiving Mark
Intel Secret of 'Strained Silicon' Chips Revealed
Chandra Observatory: X-ray Glow From an Exploded Star
Flying Saucer May Yet Take Flight
NASA Successfully Tests Composite Hydrogen Fuel Tank
Beagle-2 Mars Lander Released from Orbiter, Christmas Eve Landing   Pics
Yellowstone Snowmobilers Parked

New Space Observatory: Named After Dr. Lyman Spitzer Jr.   1st Images
Spitzer Telescope 1st Pictures   Spitzer Space Telescope Homepage

Speed of Light Not Slowing, NASA Study Says
Reaching for Interstellar Flight Not Easy
Mars may be Emerging from an Ice Age
2003 Called Third Hottest Year on Record
Panda Cub Named 'Born in the U.S.A.'
SpaceShipOne: First Private Rocket Plane Breaks Sound Barrier   X-Prize
Boeing to Launch 'Dreamliner' 7E7 Jet
New Arm of Milky Way Galaxy Discovered
Dust Storms Threaten Mars Landers, Currently, Just a Few Weeks Away
25 Film Classics Honored
Bhutan Tome Named World's Largest Book by Guinness
Tunnel Linking Europe to Africa Planned
Scientists to Study Life as We Don't Know It
New Fossil Find is New Species of Marsupial Called Sinodelphys szalayi
Russia Will Deliver All Crews and Cargo to Space Station in 2004
Green Bay Packers' Ahman Green Breaks Single-Season Rushing Record
Study: Hearing, Smelling Differ in Man, Chimps
Jets' Martin Gets 1,000 Yards for 9th Straight Year, Tying with Sanders
Shadows are Hardwired Into the Brain
NFL Record First: Peyton Manning's 25 TDs for Six Straight Years
Radioactive Potassium May Be Major Heat Source in Earth's Core
Strange Sighting on the Sun: Looks Like a Reindeer?
Are Cities Changing Local and Global Climates?
Whale Nursery Discovered in Chile
New 2nd National Air & Space Museum Dedicated   Preview
NFL to Consider More than One Monday Night Football Game
First Draft Version of Chimp Genome Assembled
Planet Formation Model Indicates Earthlike Planets Might Be Common
Scientists Reconstruct Earth's Climate Over Past Millennia
Otherworldly Aircraft Take Flight
Physicists Demonstrate New Technique for Stopping Light
How Monty Python Changed the World
NASA Planning Nuclear Probe to Jupiter's Moons
ICESAT Captures Earth in Spectacular 3-D Images
Survey: Kiwis Top World Web Usage at 75%
Japan Abandons its Orbiter 'Nozomi' Mars Probe
NASA Astronaut Michael Foale Breaks U.S. Space Endurance Record
Hungry Elephants Hijack Trucks for Food
IBM Demos New Nanotechnology Method to Build Chip Components
40th Anniversary of Worlds 1st Geosynchronous Communication Satellite
10 Reasons to Put Humans Back on the Moon
Brett Hull Moves Into Third on All-Time Goals List
Quarter Century of Antarctic Ozone Hole Measurements
ISRO Endurance Test on Cryogenic Engine Successful
Beetle a Model for a Better Engine
Shape-Shifting Aircraft Might Ply Future Skyways
Ancient Greek Verses Rediscovered
Astronomers Observe Tiny Non-Gravitational 'Yarkovsky' Effect
Photons Are a Drag
New Years Eve, Saturn Will Be Closest in 30 Years
Sold: 31-Page Beethoven Score of Scherzo from String Quartet Opus 127
Earth's Elusive Mantle Plumes Detected, Scientists Clearest Picture Yet
International Declaration Signed Advocating Return to the Moon
2,500 Year Old Stone Warrior Statue Delights Experts
A Sleeker 'Battlestar Galactica' Returns
Firestorm of Star Birth Seen in Local Galaxy   Picture
Your Next OS: Windows 2006?
Chariot from 400 B.C., Found in U.K
Two Eyes are Better than One
Relativistic Chaos
Pulsar Find Boosts Hope for Gravity-Wave Hunters
Student Michael Shafer Discovers Largest Prime Number Ever
Neanderthal 'Face' Found, One of Best Examples of Neanderthal Art
Stardust Spacecraft Finds Comet it Will Rendezvous With
Florida Manatees Remain Endangered
Ancient 'Lost' Avebury Stones Discovered
SOHO Sun Watcher Spacecraft Celebrates 8 Years in Space
Taxis with Wings
Dinosaur Family Footprints Found
Wisconsin Student to Study Neutrinos at South Pole
Scientists Bring Light to Sharpest Focus

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November 2003 -

Largest Solar Storm in Recorded History - Nov. 4th
Extreme Solar Flare Largest Ever, Rated X28
Video   Alert

Evidence for Most Like Our Own Earth-Like Planet Found So Far
Civil War-Era Shipwreck Starts Giving Up Its Riches
Biggest Star in our Galaxy Sits in Ball-Shaped Cocoon
Fiji's 'Extinct' Song Bird Flies Anew
Lonely Planet Formed Just Like a Star
Student Elin Oxenhielm, May Have Solved One of Maths Greatest Problems
The Last Cry of Matter
Space Station Crew Hears Crunching Sound, They're OK
China's Alternative to DVD, Called EVD
Your Future: Never Out of Touch
Solution for Kuiper Belt Mystery
Chemistry Could Save Chinese Terracotta Army
Plan Your Holiday Film Viewing
Mars 2001 Odyssey Orbiting Spacecraft Damaged by Intense Solar Activity
Monkeys and Humans See Differently, Experts Say
Humankinds Closest Relative, The Great Ape, On Verge of Extinction
Black Bears Adapting to City Living, Study Says
Looking to Lasers, Microwaves & Anti-Matter for Space Travel
Forgetful Gray Squirrels Good for Trees
Are Wild Jaguars Moving Back Into the U.S.?
Intense Solar Storm Advisory
Quest for Space Impact Riches
Intel's New Process Preserves Moore's Law
Do Microfluid Pumps Give Humans their Sensitive Hearing?
Venus Has 'Heavy Metal Mountains'
Tribesmen Find Rare Owl-Eyed 'Slow Loris' Monkey in Bangladesh
National Zoo Expands Elephant Home
Elusive Jaguars Remain a Mystery, Even to Experts
Magnetic Graphite
Tests Achieved on 2 Key Next-Generation Rocket Engine Components
Radio Waves Locate Water Within Walls
Cinnamon Spice Produces Healthier Blood
Galactic Winds Blow Away Idea of 'Island Universe'
As Universe Comes Undone, Electrons Cling More Tightly to Protons
Red Sea Urchin 'Almost Immortal'
First NHL Brother Score Against a Brother in 23 Years
Caribbean Reefs Healthier than Expected
This is 'Jeopardy!'
'Timeline' New Film Updates Time-Travel Tales
India's Space Program Turns 40
Quantum Pileup: Ultracold Molecules Meld Into Oneness
SpaceShipOne Soars on Fifth Test Flight   X-Prize
Triangular Taps Produce Tiniest Drops
Bison Leave Island After 79 Years
Japan’s Nozomi Mars Mission: Latest Status
First Photograph from 1826 Sits for Own Close-Up Look
Final Death Throes of Nearby Star Witnessed First-Hand
George Harrison's First Guitar Transforms $6 to $469,000 at Auction
Scientists Hail New 'Map of Life'
Nano-Transistor Self-Assembles Using Biology
NASA Successfully Tests Ion Engine
Dead as a Dodo? Not Necessarily
Old Fish Turns 65, Even Older Fish in Chicago
Secret of Cell Movement 'Found'
Shuttle Enterprise Arrives at New Smithsonian Museum
Home Run Science Explained
U.S. Mars Exploration Rover Mission Status
Ancient Toothbrush Unearthed in Germany
Heavy-Lifting Delta 4 Rocket to Take Test Flight
Video Game Review: Star War Galaxies & TRON 2.0
Sun Does Magnetic Flip
Easter Island's Statues Await Facelift
50th Anniversary of Scott Crossfield's First Mach 2 Flight
World's Lightest & Smallest Helicopter Unveiled at Robot Show
Garry Kasparov Ties X3D Fritz in 3D Chess Final, Series Ends in Draw
New Whale Species Announced, Balaenoptera omurai
Ford Makes 300 Millionth Vehicle
International Space Station Marks Five Years in Orbit
Tropical Islands Under Human Threat
Space Robot will Help Prevent Landslides
'Whale Rider' & the Fight for Indigenous Films
A Liquid Wall in a Fusion Energy Device Improves Performance
The Future of String Theory, A Conversation with Brian Greene (Physicist)
Lockheed Opens Orbital Space Plane Demo Center
Hippos Rescued from Muddy Channel
Moon Seen as Astronomical Outpost
Study Gamma-Ray Mystery Solved
Leonid Meteor Shower Peeks   Guide
Astronomers Find Huge Ice-Rock Orbiting Sun Near Neptune's Orbit
Pennsylvania Rest Stop Yields Fossil Find
X-Ray Jet Discovered, Most Distant Yet Found
New Train Record Set, 347 MPH
Seven Flights of Fancy that Fizzled
Russell Crowe's 'Master & Commander: the Far Side of the World'
Garry Kasparov Tied as of 3rd Game of 4 Against Computer in 3D Chess
U.S.'s Oldest Person Turns 114 Years Old
Mickey Mouse Turns 75 Years Since Start
Humpty-Dumpty Effect: Acoustically, People Resemble Large Eggs
Alien Life? Astronomers Predict Contact by 2025
New Particle Turns Up in Japan
Cassini Spacecraft, On Way to Saturn, Captures Jupiter Close-Up Portrait
Astronomers Ready for Comet Encke's Return
Master and Commander Movie Anchored in True History
Latest Status of Stardust Spacecraft Mission
Baboons Recognize Complex Relationships
Wheaton College Lifts 143-Year Dance Ban
Huge Sunspots Set To Return Again
'Back in Action' Looney Tunes Never Left
Quest Begins to Unmask Dark Matter and Perhaps Supersymmetry
Pandas Supplement Bamboo with Biscuits
Can Codependent Species Survive Forest Breakup?
Changing Climate May Leave Wintering Monarchs Out in the Cold
Myth-Breaking Could Save Dugongs
Pleiades Star Cluster in Rare Interstellar Three-Body Collision
Not-Yet-Turned-On Star is Forming Jupiter-Like Planet
Water on the Moon? Scientists Await Definitive Answer
Single Speaker Unit Creates Surround Sound
R2-D2, NASA Rover, Others Enter Robot Hall of Fame
Keeping Watch for Interstellar Computer Viruses
Solar Flare 'Reproduced' in Lab
XCOR Submits 1st Complete RLV Launch License Application
Merriam-Webster: 'McJob' is Here to Stay
Can Animals Sense Earthquakes?
European Beagle-2 Set for Christmas Day Mars Touchdown Landing
'Matrix Revolutions' Tops Box Office   Homepage/Trailers
Ice Age Floods Trail Quite a Hike
Computer Viruses Now 20 Years Old
Master Puppeteer Honored for Lifetime Achievement
Mayberry, The Little Town That Will Live Forever
First Image from 'Gigantic' New Infrared Camera
Total Lunar Eclipse Wowed Skywatchers   Pic   More Pics
John Gagliardi Becomes College Football's Career Victory Leader
NASA Names Crew Members for Shuttle Return to Flight Mission
Searching for the New, New Thing
New Armor-Plated Snail Discovered in Deep Indian Ocean
Evidence Seen of Hydrated/Hydroxylated Minerals on Asteroid 4 Vesta
100+ Space Artifacts Missing in Kansas Museum
Reusable Vehicle Flight Experiment at Noshiro Testing Center
Scientists Document Most Extreme Case of Animal Structure Elongation
Games at Work May Be Good for You
Chandra Space Telescope has Build-Up of Grease in Front of Camera
NASA Beefs Up Space Station Safety
Help Imminent for Mud-Bound Hippos
Break Ground on World's Largest Millimmeter Wavelength Telescope
Wristwatch Phone That Uses its Owner's Finger as an Earpiece
Turbulent Neighborhood Near Eruptive Star Seen by Hubble
Map Reveals What a Fly’s Genes Do
Mesons Tested to Violate Bell’s Inequality of Quantum Mechanics
Weak El Nino Brewing in Pacific Ocean
World's Most Alkaline Life Forms Found Near Chicago
'Matrix Revolutions' Movie Review   Homepage/Trailers
Explorers Rediscover Inca City, Ruins at Llactapata
Researchers: Baltic Seals Recovering
Did First Americans Arrive By Land and Sea?
Study: Early Man Used Toothpicks
Dark Matter Forms a Ghost Universe, New Theory Shows
U.S. Mint to Unveil 2 New Nickel Designs
Voyager 1 Leaving Solar System   Homepage   Interactive
Record 16 Pandas Born this Year
Deep Space Network Gears Up for Interplanetary Boom
Pondering the Mysterious Keanu Reeves
Scientists Eye 303-Year-Old Earthquake, Now Rated 9.0
NASA Celebrates Skylab 30th Anniversary
Astronomers Find Nearest Galaxy to the Milky Way   Video
World's Smallest Motorcycle Weighs 2.4 Pounds
10 Cool Lunar Eclipse Facts   Guide
Latest Status: Mars Rover Spirit
Fish Farting May Not Just Be Hot Air
Acceleration Disrupts Quantum Teleportation
Sun Unleashes 3 More Storms, Bringing to Never Before Seen 9 in 14 Days
Ranulph Fiennes & Mike Stroud Finished 7th Marathon in 7 Days
Ultra-Thin 'Blankets' Cut Reservoir Evaporation
Sperm Whale Voices Used to Gauge Whales' Sizes
Ig Nobels: Prizes with Humor
Sun More Active Now Than it Has Been for a Millennium

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October 2003 -

China Launches First Human Piloted Spacecraft

International Space Station Crews Mark Three Years Aboard
CBS Celebrates 75 Year Anniversary   CBS 75th Interactive
Cassini Spacecraft Captures Sounds of Solar Storm
Concorde Supersonic Plane Flies Into History, Retired After 1/4 Century
Plankton may Protect Planet Earth from Icy Fate
Major Solar & Geomagnetic Activity Continues
Megastar-Birth Cluster is Biggest, Brightest and Hottest Ever Seen   Image
Nine Eyes Help Robots to Navigate
Discoveries May Help Unlock Secrets of Long Life
Infrared Flares Seen from Black Hole at Galactic Center
Green Tea and Ginger Show New Cancer-Combating Abilities
Another Major Solar Storm Erupts On Sun
'Brain Itch' Keeps Songs in the Head
Pterodactyl (Pterosaurs) Dinosaur Flyers were Sharp-Eyed, Nimble
Space Storm Hits Earth, Earths Power & Communications OK
Thinning Ice Caps May Threaten Polar Bears
One Man’s Mission to Find Atlantis Leads to Cyprus
Science Agrees: Moms Courageous, Cool
2nd Major Solar Storm '3rd Most Powerful Ever' Comes Earth's Way
Space Station Crew Lands Safely in Soyuz Craft   Video
NASA Satellite Takes Pictures of California Wildfires
3D Map of Universe Bolsters Case for Dark Energy & Matter   Picture
Bad Gas Mileage: 98 Tons of Ancient Plants Per Gallon
Pine Nuts Keep Grizzlies Out of Trouble
North American Eagle - Hope to Break Land Speed Record
Net in a Box Hits the Streets
Walruses Prefer Right to Left
Earth Monitoring Satellite Goes Silent
Solar Storm Reaches Earth, More Activity Expected
Florida Marlins Beat New York Yankees to Take World Series Win
Green Mineral Indicates Red Planet is Dry
New Crew Takes Over Space Station, Old Crew Landing
Satellite Data Reveals Rapid Arctic Warming
More Powerful Five-Segment Shuttle Solid Rocket Booster Test Fired
Giant Methane Bubbles Could Sink Ships
NASA Monitors Solar Flare Activity During Space Station Mission
First Solo-Piloted Flight Around World Without Refueling Record Attempt
Researchers: Pets Good for Kids
Search Launched for Ice Age Fish
NASA Scientist Dives into Perfect Space Storm
Ocean Census Discovers New Species of Fish
Mystery Spot on Jupiter Baffles Astronomers   Pic
Revised Periodic Table of Atoms Proposed
Andes Mountain Height Due to Climate, Study Says
G3 Solar Storm Erupts, Hitting Earth, Could Hit Communication, Power
Dutch Solar Car NUNA II Wins 2003 World Solar Challange in Australia
First Century Roman Ship Sheds Light on Defenses
Extinct Thylacine May Live Again
Artificial Proteins Assembled from Scratch
Researchers Zero in on 'New' Viking Ship
Mystery Asteroid, Hermes, May Have a Partner
One-Horned Rhinos Making a Comeback
World's 'Oldest' Rice Found
World's Wading Birds are Vanishing Fast, Experts Warn
Astronomers Spy Strange Pairing
Two Astronauts Arrive at Space Station
Astronomers Find First 'Dark Galaxy'
Hypersonic Plane Efforts Get an Extra Boost
Ancient Carved 'Faces' Found, 200,000 Years Old
Tiny Tubes Squeeze Electricity From Water, Could Power Small Devices
Fire Threatens Canada's Wild Horses
Researchers Reconstruct Cargo Carried by Lewis and Clark
Massive Stars Live Fast, Blow Hard and Die Young
New Online Science Journal Challenges Establishment   PLOS Online
Two Astronauts Launched Safely on Soyuz Spacecraft   Launch Video
Mutant Pollen Clue to Ancient Fallout
Tribute to Mel Blanc's Animated Voice
Ice Age Marsupial Topped Three Tons, Scientists Say
Lasers Reveal Invisible Stonehedge Carvings
Leonid Meteors Return! 3 Separate Showers Due in November   Guide
Boy Finds Two-Headed Snake
Rock Lost in Space for 66 Years
PC Game Fans find Heaven in New 'Halo'
Europes 'Integral' Space Telescope Discovers Hidden Black Holes
South American Glaciers Melting Faster, Changing Sea Level
Music Memories Form Within Minutes
NOAA Issues 2003-04 Winter Outlook for USA
New Species of Purple Frog Found, Named Nasikabatrachus Sahyadrensis
World's Seagrasses 'in Peril'
Going Up, WAY Up
Scientists Unravel Peacock's Beauty Secrets
Australian Selling Moon Plots
Wild Boars Running Rampant in France
Latest Status, Space Infrared (SIRTF) Telescope
Martial Arts Robots Hit Asian Tech Fair
Swiss Cows Go Wild
Life's Lucky 'Kick Start'
Monkey's Brain Signals Control 'Third Arm'
Photo of Fiery Object Mystifies Scientists
Global Warming to Put Gardens in Bloom
Dinosaur Tracks Found in Portugal, Over 100 Million Years Old
NASA Tests Laser-Powered Plane
Crayola Crayons Celebrates 100 Years with Worlds Largest Crayon, Parade
Japan's Last Crested Ibis Dies
Coming Nov. 8: Second Total Lunar Eclipse of 2003
Lions to Roam in South Africa's Cape Wild for 1st Time in 150 Years
Weird Rock Carvings Puzzle Archeologists
Scientists Capture Yangtze Sturgeons
Disney Begins New Alliance with HP as 'Mission SPACE' Opens
Can't Remember? Sleep on It
Sandy Grains Circle Young Star
Universe Shaped Like a Soccer Ball?
Underwater Windmill Helps Power Arctic Village
SpaceShipOne's Third Drop Test   X-Prize HomePage
Species in China Face Extinction
Chemistry Nobel Awarded for Work with Cell Membrane Channels
Beetles & Leaf-Squirters Wage War
New Species of Lizard-Like Reptile Fossil, Named Priosphenodon Avelasi
Mountain Gorilla Census Underway
Rain Forest Plan Blends Drug Research, Conservation
Where Did Laughter Come From?
Medicine Nobel Awarded to MRI Developers
New Road Reveals Stone Age Site
Physics Nobel Awarded to Three American/Russian Theoreticians
World 'Not Saving Wild Plants'
Was Royal Infighting Behind Maya City's Fall?
Lions are Going Extinct, Said Expert
Meet The Geniuses
NASA Gives 'TIMED' Spacecraft More Time to Study Atmosphere
North vs. Northwest Lewis & Clark Diaries Provide Directional Clue
Copter-Plane Flies through Tests
Minoan Ship Replica To Sail Seas
Bird of the Pharaohs Stages Comeback
Saturns Major Moon Titan May Have Oily Oceans
Another, Even Closer, Asteroid Whizzes Very Close by Earth
Hubble Releases Beautiful Picture of Sombrero Galaxy
Did Comets Make Life on Earth Possible?
Comic Izzard Tipped as New Dr Who
Discovery may Spur Cheap Solar Power
Did Galapagos Turtle Lineage Survive Ancient Blast?
Police Expert Claims Bigfoot 'Proof'
The Sky isn't Falling, But Pieces Sure Are
Video Game Review: Mario Kart: Double Dash, Lord of the Rings & More
Biggest Fish Ever Found Unearthed in U.K.
Whats the Moon Made Out Of?
Broken Biscuit Problem Breakthrough
Supercomputer Climate Model Whips Up a Tropical Storm
World's Oldest Shark Fossil Found - Over 400 Million Years Old
Europes SMART-1 Spacecraft Fires Up Its ION Engine on Way to Moon

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September 2003 -

Galileo Spacecraft Ends Historic 14 Year Jupiter Mission

Rocket Launches Smart-1 Moon Probe OK, On Way to Moon
Long Wait for Jupiter Return
Wild Orangutans: Extinct by 2023?
Giving Batteries a Golden Boost
Gallery of Mars Closeups from NASA Orbiter Adds 10,232 Views   Pictures
Aquaria 'Risk to Tropical Fish'   PDF Report
Wan Hu: China's 16th Century Astronaut
At 102, Property Developer Named Oldest U.S. Worker
Roman 'Souvenir' Bronze Pan of Hadrian's Wall Found
National Geographic's Greatest Photos Collected in New Book
Want a PC this Xmas? Then Print It
Lockheed Martin & Northrop Grumman to Develop Orbital Space Plane
King Crabs March Towards the North Pole
The Reality of Antimatter
Hubble Glimpses 2 New Moons Around Uranus, New Total 24
2003 Ozone 'Hole' Approaches, But Falls Short of Record
Rare Meteorite Wrecks Houses in India
Curvy Aircraft Could Silence Sonic Booms
Sharpest Ever Color View of Mars Captured by Hubble

X-Prize: 2 X Prize Teams Poised for Manned Spaceflight
XPrize Interactive  X-Prize HomePage

Malleability of Spacetime Theory Affirmed Once Again
Lake Reveals Evidence of Pre-Incan Silver Industry
NASA Marks 45 Years of Exploration and Discovery
Relativity of Time Theory Affirmed Once Again
Ancient Beaver Pond Fossils Unearthed
Paleontologist Produces Evidence for New Theory on Dinosaur Extinction
Human, Dog Genomes Similar, Study Finds
Movie Westerns Now 100 Years Old
Study Predicts Trillions of Planets
Detailed Look Shows Our Milky Way Gobbling a Galaxy
Gamma Rays May Have Devastated Life on Earth, 443 Million Years Ago
In Egypt, Archaeologists Fly Kites to Detect Ancient Sites
Space Rock's Close Call with Earth
180 Million-Year-Old Dinosaur Discovered, Named Tazoudasaurus Naimi
Why Did Ancient Britons Stop Eating Fish?
Jawbone Dates Back 34,000+ Years Old, Europe's Earliest Modern Humans
Neanderthal Hunters Rivalled Human Skills
Respect for Orangutans Increasing
US Returns Moon Rock to Honduras
Mount Kilimanjaro's Glacier is Crumbling
Florida Crocodiles Make a Comeback
Report: Giant Arctic Ice Shelf Breaks Up
Video Game Review: F-Zero GX & Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour
Ice Age ‘Time Capsule’ Cave Found in Missouri
Tigers Set AL Record with 118th Loss (Update: Now 119)
First Power Station to Harness Moon Opens
Indian Motorcycle Closes its Doors
Saving the Asian Elephant, Only About 16,000 Remain
'Transparent' Galaxy in Death Throes Around Andromeda
Beatles New CD Recording to Go 'Back to Basics'
China to Breed Golden Monkeys
Buffalo-Sized Guinea Pig Revealed
A Look at This Fall's Big Video Game Titles
Mars Express Latest Status Report
Plasma Blobs Hint at New Form of Life
New Theory: Universe Born in a Black Hole
A Single-Atom Laser Created
NASA: 'Iron-Clad' Evidence for Spinning Black Hole
Monkeys Show Sense Of Fairness, Study Says
Oldest Women in World Turns 116
Giant Star Caught Swallowing Three Planets
Yukon Sunset Scene Wins Mountain-Photo Competition
China Nears First Human Space Flight
Lunar Prospecting with Chandra Space Observatory
Ocean Plant Life Slows Down and Absorbs Less Carbon
Workweek Causes Climate Fluctuations
Tilt Rotor Aircraft Joins National Air and Space Museum
Scientists Identify Strongest Animal Bite, The American Alligator
Stardust Spacecraft Mission Latest Status
Ohrid Trout Faces Extinction in Balkans, Experts Warn
Greeks 'Borrowed Egyptian Numbers'
Carbon Nanotubes for Solar Cells
Autumn Is Art Time
Beatle George Harrison Guitar Sells for $434,000
Around the World, Parks Underfunded, Studies Say
Hybrid Rocket Motor for X Prize Entry SpaceShipOne Tested X-Prize
Polar Worms May Warn of Global Warming, Experts Say
Nanotube Velcro
700 Threatened Species Unprotected
Powerful New Catalysts Attack Wide Range of Pollutants
Movie Film's Golden Year 'Was 1939'
Sea Cucumbers Clone Themselves: Biologists
'Jurassic Insect' Breeds at Melbourne Zoo
Plans for NASA's Next Decade of Red Planet Probing
Physicist Puts String Theory on Television
Record-Setting Panda Born in China
Is Hydrogen the Gasoline of the Future?
Scientists Develop 'Bacterial Battery' Cheap, Based on Sugar-Eating Bacteria
Black Hole Sings in Key of B Flat
Study: CDs May Soon Go the Way of Vinyl
Venus Possibly Habitable for Billions of Years in its History
'Cannonball Pulsar' Flying Across Space at 20X Speed of Sound
Poison Frogs Upgrade Toxins from Prey
Simon & Garfunkel Reunion Said Set
Ham-Radio Cam Built for Outer Space
ISS Budget Trimmed, Pluto Mission Funding Restored
The World's Smallest Buckets
Solar Transits: Tools of Discovery
Scientists Face Steamy Mystery at Yellowstone
Progress Ship Leaves Space Station for Russian Science Mission
Borneo's Elephants Gain Recognition
Furthest Comet Ever Observed, Picture of Comet Halley on Way Out
Recently Launched Space Infrared Telescope Facility Mission Sends Pics
Amphibious Car Drives Over Water
Bangladesh Tries to Save its Crocodiles
Are Plastic Grocery Bags Sacking the Environment?
ET Search Teams Win R-E-S-P-E-C-T
Mice Sign on the Dotted Line
The Woman Who Changed TV, Lucy (Lucille Ball)
Top 10 Chandra Telescope Pictures: Four Years of X-ray Imaging
Online Sci-Fi Shooter Listens to Fans
Plugging Hole in Heart Slashes Migraines
Self-Parking Car Hits the Shops

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August 2003 -

Hubble's Closest View Of Mars   Hubble Images

Harley Davidson, 100 Years of Living High on Hogs
Scientists Highlight Fish 'Intelligence'
NASA: Tides Control Flow of Antarctic Ice Streams
Poaching Causes Hippo Population Crash
Game Graphics Hit Their Limits
Europe Readies to Drop in on Saturn's Moon Titan
Air Analysis Solves Enigma of Hydrogen Balance in Atmosphere
Russia's Unique Seals Struggle for Survival
Sky After Mars Closest, More Mars, Plus Saturn and Bright Stars to See
First African-American in Space Marks 20th Anniversary of Flight
World's Biggest Battery Switched on in Alaska
Silkworm's Secret Unraveled
Resupply Ship Bound for the International Space Station
Time, Trips Taking Toll on Titanic
Astrophysicist Recognized for Discovery of Solar Wind
Global Views: NASA Radar Mission Produces 3-D World Map
Tips for the Humor-Impaired
Humans Related to Humble Mud Worm
Civil War-Era Steamer Could Have Richest Cargo Ever from Shipwreck
Largest Diatomic Molecules Ever Created
Moon Colony 'Within 20 Years'
Woman Topples World's Longest Solo Domino Topple Record
Beetle Find is One of the Oldest Colored Fossils
Powerful Geomagnetic Storm Sent Out By the Sun
'Talking' Chimp Baffles Scientists
Boeing to Build Electric Propulsion System for NASA
Hawaii Ridge Helps "Stir" Ocean Waters, Study Says
Could Space-Based Power Plants Prevent Blackouts?
Scientists Acknowledge Animal Emotions
Dog Days and the Star Behind the Phrase
Hot Spot that Spawned Hawaii Was on the Move, Study Finds
Amateur Locates Powerful Stellar Explosion Before Pros
Study: Singapore has Lost Half its Animals
Snakes Revel in Hot Summer
New Carnivorous Dinosaur Species, Rajasaurus Narmadensis
Astronomers Pinpoint Most Accurate Distance Measurement of Pulsar
Juno the Third Asteroid ever Discovered has a 'Bite' Out of It
Big Beast Extinction Blamed on Prehistoric Fire Starters
Ulysses Spacecraft Sees Galactic Dust on the Rise
First Wedding in Space, Man on Space Station Weds Woman in Texas
SpaceShipOne Makes its First Glide Flight   Picture   X-Prize
Heathrow Dig Reveals Ancient Farming
'Winking Star' Started Winking Only Recently
Game Revives Futurama
Hudson River Yields Sunken Scientific Riches
It's Universal: The Lights are Going Out
Hubble Space Telescope Images Nearby Star Cluster NGC 6397
Six Degrees of E-mail Separate Wired World?
Dwarf Galaxy Torn Apart in Dark Matter Halo of Massive Galaxy Video
Most Efficient Solar Cell Yet Revealed
Dinosaur-Era Spiderweb Found in Amber
Mars Rover Update: Instrument on 'Spirit' Malfunctions
Report: Polar Bears Spotted in Tibet?
New Theory of Time Rattles Halls of Science
First Shape Measurement of an Exploding White Dwarf
NASA Selects Winning Student Design for Titan Aerial Vehicle
Riding the Sun: Maiden Flight Looms for Solar Sail Satellite
Researchers Find Marine Predator Hotspots
Asteroids Dedicated to Fallen Columbia Astronauts
Federal Court Sets Value of Stolen Moon Rocks: $5 Million
Whale Beachings Linked to Mysterious Heart Defect
Ice Cream Threatens Turkey's Flowers
Role-Play with Star Wars & Pirates of the Caribbean Games
SMART-1: Europes Lunar Probe Mission About to Begin
Ozone Layer May Be on the Mend, New Data Suggests
Futurists Flock to Telluride to Roadmap Space Exploration Goals
Perception of Musical Pitch Uses Separate Parts of Brain
August 27th Mars at its Closest to Earth in 60,000 Years
NASA Picks Mars Lander for First Scout Mission in 2007
Old Worms, New Aging Genes, Secrets of Long Life
Co-Existence Good for People and Wildlife
Deeply Embedded Stellar Clusters Found in Milky Way
New Sky Survey Begins at Palomar Observatory
Will 2004 Olympics Destroy Ancient Greek Battleground?
Earth Set for Mars Close Encounter, Closest in 60,000 Years

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July 2003 -

2nd Twin U.S. Mars Rover 'Opportunity' Launches

Oldest Known Planet Discovered 12.7 Billion Years Old
NASA's Ion Engine Runs for Nearly 5 Years: No Problems
Eyeing a Post-Hubble Telescope Universe
Is This the World's Smallest Seahorse?
New Species, Extremophile Bacteria, Found in California
A Water Molecule's Chemical Formula is Really Not H2O, It is H1.5O
Satellite Shows Dramatic Aral Sea Loss
Froghopper Bug Crowned "World's Greatest Leaper"
Loch Ness Monster (Nessie) Does Not Exist, Experts Say
Wind and Reflections from Supermassive Black Hole
From Nag to Riches: The Story of Seabiscuit
Space Station Milestone, 1,000 Days of Human Presence
Music Training with Children Benefit with Better Verbal Memory Skills
Unlocking the Brain's Secrets
Intriguing Celestial Images Arrive from GALEX
Genetic Analysis Revises Tally of Past Whale Populations
New Map of Water Ice on Mars  Map
Mars Picture: Fortune Cookie Sand Dunes
Next International Space Station Crew Named
Giant Gas Cloud Made of Atoms Formed in First Stars
Reverse Course! Mars Motion Soon to be Backward
Latest New Planetary Satellites Named
Brain Machine 'Improves Musicianship'
Grace Missions New Gravity Map   Map
Elephants to Retire with Benefits at Age 65
Scientists Manufacture Nanomotor
Bald Eagle Population Soars
Calculation of How Many Stars in Visible Universe Now 70 Sextillion
Breaking through Greenland's Ice Cap
101 Amazing Earth Facts
Dinosaur Stolen from Museum
'Stability Control' for Autos
Cousteau Legend on the Seas Again
Heavy Metal Stars have More Planets
Search for Large Asteroids Nears Completion
One Step Closer to Next-Generation Spaceflight Engines
Dark Matter Investigation Maps the Invisible
SpaceDev Wins Small Launch Vehicle Contract
Researchers Shed Light on Mysterious Jumbo Squid
Top 10 Summer Sky Targets to Look At
Cosmic Mirage: Discovery of Quasar with Einstein Ring
Baja California Rock Art Dated to 7,500 Years Ago
Tiny Tanzanian Toad Sidesteps Extinction
Supernovae Spawned Universe's First Solid Particles
Farewell to Earth & Moon, View from Mars Express
Scientists Discover Mystery Krill Killer
Mars-1 Humvee Rover Arrives at NASA Haughton-Mars Project
Search Under Way for Woolly Mammoth
First Map of Cosmic Neutrinos Unveiled   Map
Survey Shows 36,000 Ft. Hole, Rivals Other Lowest Spot on Earth
U.S. Retains World Geography Champ Title
Puzzle of Empty Starless Galaxies, that Inhabit Isolated Regions
Link between Black Holes, Galaxies Discovered Nearby
National Zoo Opens Bald Eagle Exhibit
Self-Destructing DVDs, Rent Once, 48 Hours Later Throw Away
Ovation for Craig Biggio after No. 500 Double
China Three Gorges Dam Switches on Power
Mexico Stopping Last Production of the Volkswagen Bug, End of an Era
Mars Express Instruments Check Out
Researchers say Pluto's Atmosphere is Expanding, On its Way from the Sun
Big Tree Grows In Brooklyn, NYC Trees Grow Twice as Large as Others
Beagle 2 Tests Successfully Completed
"BioBlitz" Finds 800+ Species in New York Central Park
2003 Comet Awards Announced
Test Your Tech Jargon
Top Ten Endangered Canadian Rivers Named
X Prize Entry Undergoes Drop Test   X-Prize Contenders
Space Sailing Test Could Launch Within Months
Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest, Takeru Kobayashi Wins With 44 1/2 Dogs
Mars Global Surveyor Catches Autumn Dust Storm Pics
The New World Heritage List
First for Hawaiian Telescope Link-Up   Image
Giant 40 Ft. Long, Gelatinous Sea Creature Baffles Chilean Scientists
Japan's Nozomi Mars Probe Stirs Contamination Qualms
European Mars Express 'On 70% Power'
Japan's Prototype Space Shuttle Crash Lands in Test
African Dung Beetle Navigates by Moonlight
Web-Footed Birds Use Two Strokes
High-Tech Nest for Bald Eagle
The Hulk: Fact vs. Fiction
Rare Aboriginal Rock Art Collection Found
Einstein's Gravitational Waves may Set Speed Limit for Pulsar Spin
Boeing to Build Space-Borne Power Generator for Future Mars Missions
Bruce Springsteen Haunt (The Stone Pony) Sold in Asbury Park, New Jersey

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June 2003 -

1st Twin U.S. Mars Rover 'Spirit' Launches

European Probe Mars Express & Beagle 2 Blasts Off for Mars
New Class of Matter Reported, Five-Quark State Called 'Pentaquark' Diagram
Chandra Observatory Discovers Unusual Jet from Vela Pulsar Video Pics
First Look at the Doughnut Around a Giant Black Hole
NASA Experiments Validate 50 Year old Hypothesis
Destruction of Amazon Rainforests Accelerating
Is This the Smallest Primate on Earth?
Columbia Board Tells NASA to Develop Heatshield Repair Capability
Meteorite Reveals Signs of Life from Space
NASA's Odyssey Orbiter Watches a Frosty Mars
X Prize's Canadian Arrow Announces its First Astronauts X-Prize Contenders
Helios Prototype Solar Aircraft Lost in Mishap
Monkeys Match Sounds with Expressions
First 3-D Assembly of Magnetic & Semiconducting Nanoparticles
Smart Devices Help Dumb Drivers
Hotbed of Volcanic Activity Found Beneath Arctic Ocean
IBM Envisions 'Butler in the Dashboard'
LiftPort Inc. Announces Support of the Space Elevator Concept
Japan & European Space Agency Plan Aims for First Landing on Mercury
Foam 'Most Probable' Cause of Columbia STS-107 Disaster
NASA Mulls Ways to Improve Shuttle Safety
At Least Seven New Species Found in the Mountains of Bolivia
Tax on Animal Emissions Angers Farmers
Weird Ocean Life Surprises
Ancient Tibetan Relics Unearthed - First Finding Of Its Kind
Second Black Hole May Lurk at Milky Way's Heart
Tale of the Tape: Saving Historic U.S. Sounds
Women Secretly Trained as U.S. Astronauts in 1960s
25th Anniversary of the Discovery of Pluto's Moon Charon
Universe Slightly Simpler than Expected
Japanese Mars Probe Makes Earth Pass
Unexpected Message Delays European Mars Lander 'Beagle 2' Boot-Up
Rare Pacific Bird Safe from Extinction
Investigating Africa's Mysterious Cave Crocodiles
Powerful 'Conveyor Belts' Drive Sun's 11-Year Cycle, New Evidence Suggests
Hubble & Chandra Combine Info to Verify Cosmic Baby Boom
U.S. Buys Oldest Map Marked "America"
U.S. Jet-Car Shoots for Land-Speed Record North American Eagle Homepage
Sun-Watching SOHO Spacecraft Experiencing Serious Technical Problems
A First, Ancient Organism Found Challenging Cell Evolution Theory
Physicists Re-Create Primordial Soup
Great White Hooked from Public Pier
Tourist-Class Soyuz Seats Open for International Space Station Trip
Nanotube Chip Could Hold 10 Gigabits, A Manufacturing Milestone
20th Anniversary of First American Woman in Space, Sally Ride
Study: Humans Can't Detect Pheromones
Scientists Image 3-D Surface of the Sun, Near the Solar Limb Images
World's First Tidal Energy Turbine Launches
Air France Concorde Readied for Display at Smithsonian
Earliest Known Prehistoric Cave Art Discovered in Britain, 12,000 Years Old
Flying Artist Preserves Beauty of Shifting Barrier Islands
'Solar Tsunamis' Used to Study the Solar Corona
Spurs Cut Down Nets to Win NBA Title
Object Seen Drifting from Space Station Likely ID Tag from Wiring
Flattest Star Ever Seen
Legendary Hatfields & McCoys Feud Now Over, Descendants Sign a Truce
Most Detailed Probe Yet of Distribution of Dark Matter in Cluster of Galaxies

Roger Clemens: Gets 300th Win, 21st Pitcher To Do It
Roger Clemens Gets 4000th Strikeout, 3rd Pitcher To Do It

The Summer of Mars: What You'll See, How to Observe
Africa Fights To Reclaim Lost Art, Artifacts
Rome Hottest Since 1782
Comets Survive Plunge through Sun's Atmosphere
NY Yankees get No-Hitted for First Time in 45 Years, From Houston Astros
1st Successful Flight Test of Aerojet Controllable Thrust Solid Rocket Motor
First Measurement Made of a Dead Star's Magnetism
59 Endangered Crested Ibises Born in China, Now Total Around 250
Tate Gallery Unearths 500 Turner Pictures
Maples Give Mighty Oaks a Shove
Rest Costs More Energy Than Flight for Migrating Songbirds
Cargo-Carrying Craft Docks to International Space Station
Oldest Homo Sapiens Fossils Found, 160,000 Years Old
Horny Kangaroo Fossils Found, New Species
New Jersey Wins Stanley Cup Finals
Family Celebrates 100 Years of Ford Motor Cars
Itchy Answer to Hairless Humans
Comet X-ray Emissions Simulated in Laboratory
Poachers and Fires Menace Endangered Parrots
Students Shirk Cursive as Keyboard Rules in Third Grade
Mars Rovers Named 'Spirit' & 'Opportunity' Video of Announcement
Getting an Earful: With Gene Therapy, Ears Grow New Sensory Cells
Russian Proton Rocket Flies its 300th Launch
Earth Formed Earlier than Thought, Just 10 Million Years After Birth of Sun
Matrix: Big Test for IMAX
European Mars Express Passes First Milestone: Beagle 2 Launch Clamps Cut
Direction of Another's Gaze Affects How Brain Perceives Emotion
Weather Service Gets Supercomputer
Quantum Leap for Secret Codes
Pencil Nebula: New Hubble Shot of Colorful Crash Scene Video
Earth Becomes Greener as Climate Changes
Saturn's Equatorial Winds are Decreasing, from 1700 km/hr to 990 km/hr
Japanese Space Probe Headed to Mars Rendezvous
Group Urges National Effort to Save U.S. Ocean Areas
Future Lunar South Pole Landing Sites Studied
World's Natural Underground Water Supplies Threatened
Great Barrier Reef Gets Protection
Sawfish is First Sea Fish on U.S. Endangered List
Planet Puzzle: The Mystery of the Disappearing Disks
Another Jupiter Moon Found, Now Totals 61 Moons
Vocal Learning Similar in Humans, Birds
Burma Rediscovers Vanished Bird, Not Seen in 90 Years
Will "Gecko Tape" Let Humans Climb Walls?
New Observations Revise View of Solar Neighborhood
China's Three Gorges Dam Fills
Australia's Tallest Giant Tree, El Grande, Destroyed by Fire

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May 2003 -

Tarzan's Cheeta Retired Movie Star At 71

Space Station Expedition Seven Crew Doing Well after Month in Orbit
Unique Dogon Culture Survives in West Africa
Japan Recovers Capsule that Carried Made-In-Space Product
Rare Two-headed Tortoise Found in Africa
3-D Map of Local Interstellar Space Shows Neighborhood
French Concorde Makes Final Flight from Paris to New York
For First Time, Astronomers 'Weigh' Planets Orbiting Around Pulsar
Space Station to Shift to Avoid a Close Call with Italian Satellite
50th Anniversary of First Everest Climb Celebrated
Long-Range Migrant Birds 'in Peril'
Bob Hope Turns 100 Interactive
New Clues to Nature's Greatest Explosions
Chimp Study Yields Clues to Evolution of Human Speech
Reclaiming the Ancient Manuscripts of Timbuktu
Fastest Ever Ascent of Mount Everest Broken for 2nd Time in 3 Days
Conservationists Fight to Save Tiny Colombian Monkey
Explorer Stuck Alone at North Pole
30 Year Anniversary of the Ethernet, Thats Why You're on the Internet Now
SOHO Spacecraft Investigates Source of 'Fast' Solar Wind
Private Spacecraft Tested X-Prize
An Aircar in Every Garage?
'Oldest Sculpture' 400,000 Years Old Found in Morocco
First-Ever Snapshot Released of Earth from Mars
Beethoven's Ninth Symphony Manuscript Sells for Over $3 Million
Hubble Sees the Mysterious 'Garden-Sprinkler' Nebula
70-year-old Japanese Man Becomes Oldest Person to Climb Mount Everest
The Next Shuttle: Capsule or Spaceplane?
Archaeologists Discover New Ancient Civilization, Dates before Mayan Era
Sloan Digital Sky Survey Study Confirms Dark Matter
Quantum Computer Draws Closer
Washington State Eighth Grader Wins National Geographic Bee
Vegetable Oil-Powered Bus Starts Road Trip
Five Spacecraft Join to Solve an Auroral Puzzle
Video: Newly-Discovered Faint Red Dwarf Star may be Third-Closest to Sun
Chimps Belong on Human Branch of Family Tree, Study Says
Digital Noah's Ark Launched ARKive
Einstein's Archives Papers Go Online
Scientists to Begin Decoding Dog Genome
Women Dominate Texting Craze
Robots May Be Built as Companions, Expert Says
XCOR Aerospace Zeroes in on Xerus Suborbital Space Plane X-Prize
Wake-Up Call on Extinction Wave
'Happy Face' Crater Photographed on Mars
Europa's Ice Crust Probed, Probably 15 Miles Thick
Humans Are Driving Birds to Extinction, Group Warns
'Martian Features' Found on Earth
Comet Could Brighten Night Skies Next Spring
Scat-Firing Caterpillars Elude Predators
Small Aircraft to be Built to Fly Over Mars Within a Few Years
NASA Selects In-Space Propulsion Innovations for Research
Big Trouble for Asia's Giant Catfish
Large Fish Populations Imperiled, 90% have Disappeared
Brighter Neptune Suggests a Planetary Change of Seasons
World's Heaviest Bony Fish Discovered, Over 5,000 Pounds
Families Trace Lewis and Clark Links
Astronomers Map the Hidden Universe, First Survey Ever for Cosmic Hydrogen
England's Otters Stage a Comeback
Image of the Day: X-rays from ... Venus?
Palmeiro Hits 500th Home-Run, Becomes 19th Member of 500-Homer Club
Like Fine Wine, Personality Improves with Age
Paul McCartney Rocks the Roman Colosseum
Largest, Most Detailed Celestial Images Ever Made, Coil Iridescent Helix Nebula
Army Ants, All Came from Single Source Over 100 Million Years Ago
Tiny Fossil of a Fly Discovered 300 Miles From the South Pole
Animals 'Are Moral Beings'
NASA Explores Innovative Future Space Telescope Technologies
Silicon Valley Pins Hopes on Nanotechnology Boom
Your Name Could Make a 'Deep Impact' on a Comet
Biologists Study Alaska Bugs' "Antifreeze"
500 Million Years Ago Meteorites Rained on Earth After Asteroid Breakup
NASA Hoping to Go Back, Unearthing the Moon, Sampling Our Natural Satellite
Bugs Come to Aid of Penguins
Scientists Fabricate Pliable Electronic Display, Hope to Replace Ink & Paper
Hopes Rise for Albatrosses Survival
Counting on Distant Worlds: Math as an Interstellar Language
Planet Mercury has Rare Transit Past Front of Sun as Viewed from Earth
Deepest View of Space Yields Young Stars in Andromeda Halo
Darwin Proved Right by Experiment with 'Alien' Life
Tolkien's Rings Reading Unearthed
Tall as a Deer, Huge U.K. Bird Staging a Comeback
Great Maths Puzzle 'Solved'
Rocketeers: Setting Their Sights on Suborbital Flights & X-Prize
Scientists May Have Discovered Secrets of Baby Soft Skin
17th-Century Indian Chief Powhatan’s (Father Of Pocahontas) Village Found
Mystery of 'Cosmic Dandruff' Solved, Scientists Say
Extreme Beings: How Life Scrounges for Photons
New Jellyfish Species Found, Named ganrojo, Spanish for 'Big Red'
Instant Souvenirs for Concertgoers, CD of the Concert Just Attended
'Legend Of Zelda' Video Game Series Voted Best Video Game of All Time
Asteroid is Named in Mister Rogers' Honor
Birds Act 'Like Human Shoppers'
On the Edge: Interplanetary Internet
The Man Who Invented Video Games
Rutgers Scientist Sees Evidence of 'Onions' in Space
Review: X2 - 'X-Men United' a Superior Sequel
First Stars Formed 200 Million Years after Big Bang, Earlier than Thought
2-Year Experiment, World Series Home-Field Advantage to All-Star Winner
IBM Creates World's Smallest Solid-State Light Emitter Using Carbon Nanotubes
Freewheeling Galaxies Collide in a Blaze of Star Birth

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April 2003 -

Sosa Becomes 18th Player to Hit 500 HRs

'Indiana Jones' Swings Into the Gaming World
Einstein and Newton had Autism
Manatees In Peril
Early Universe Sheds Light on How Elements Form
Physicists have Found a New 'Rebel' Subatomic Particle, Ds (2317)
Tea Boosts Immunity and Helps Skin, Study Finds
Italian Satellite Fell from Orbit Spreading Debris Across the Pacific
Archaeologists Thought to Find Tomb of King Gilgamesh
Memory Aids Birds in Migration, Study Finds
Huge Dinosaur Find in B.C.
World's Wettest Area Dries Up
New Crew Arrives at Space Station Via Soyuz Spacecraft for Half-Year Stay
Classic Star Wars Character Chewbacca, R2-D2, C-3PO Return for Final Film
Pandas' Natural Habitat Must Expand, Experts Warn
Fight to Save Hanna-Barbera Studios where Flintstones, Jetsons were Sketched
Nanocontainers May One Day Deliver Drugs Directly to Cells
Russia Returns to Arctic After a 12-Year Absence
Rare Antelope on Brink of Extinction, Scientists Say
Astronomers Spy Surface Ice through Titan's Haze
Hula Men: An Endangered Species
Scientists Add New Member to Vitamin B Family
First in World, Iceland Opens Filling Station for Hydrogen-Powered Vehicles
What's Shakin'? Tiny Satellite to Try and Predict Earthquakes
Female Characters Infiltrate Gaming World
Energetic Jet Meets Resistance in Nearby Galaxy
Mystery of the Sun's Two North Poles
Crows Better at Tool Building Than Chimps, Study Says
Ivory Sales 'Risk Poaching Spree'
NASA Starts Project Prometheus, Using Nuclear Energy Explore Solar System
Storm 'Ana' Starts Hurricane Storm Season Early
Space Age Metal: New Titanium Alloys Near 'Magic' Strength Threshold
Unusually Long and Aligned 'Buckytubes' Grown at Duke
Spectacular Photos Unveil Mysterious Nebulae
Boeing Launches Orbital Space Plane Design
Sediment Found with Plant DNA Nearly 400,000 Years Old, Oldest Ever
Passenger-Carrying Spaceship Makes Desert Debut
51-Year-Old Albatross Breaks N. American Age Record
For First Time Scientists have Predicted Explosion of a Star, Supernova 2003dh
Africa's Bushmen may Get Rich from Diet-Drug Secret
New Look at Mystery Flashes Reported by Astronauts
Preparing for 40th Anniversary, Midlife Makeover For Ford Mustang
The British are Coming! The Legendary Yardbirds are Back!
NASA Orbiter Camera Begins Daily Mars Picture Web Postings
Solar Cells Less Pricey, More Efficient
Elusive African Apes: Giant Chimps or New Species?
Human Genome Finally Complete, Two Years Ahead of Schedule
First American to Summit Everest to Mark Climb
NASA Satellite Looks at Menacing Glacier in Peru
Physicists Measure Reactions Rate of Protons, Neutrons, & Atomic Nuclei
Supermassive Black Hole at Core of Skinny Galaxy, Changes Previous Theories
Advanced Telescope Camera Astounds
A Titanic Effort in 3-D Moviemaking for 'Ghosts of the Abyss'
Giant Solar Tadpoles Born in Explosion
British, French to Retire & End Concorde Flight Service
Dark Cloud 2: Sony's Answer to Zelda
Galactic Collision in Close-Up
Astronomers Find Galaxies Devoid of Dark Matter
Cosmic Link to Stone Circles from Stone Age
Sample Questions Asked in the 2003 National Geographic Bee, Test Yourself
Galaxies Orbiting Galaxies Create Wakes and Tails
Alternative Fusion Machine Limbers Up
Two Micron All-Sky Survey: Hard Data from 6-Year Mapping Project Images
Wild and Escaped Parakeets Captivating City Dwellers
Africa's Great Apes in Peril
Wired Oven Keeps Food Cool
20th Century Climate Not So Hot, Study Shows
Prime Number Breakthrough
SuperCroc's Jaws were Superstrong, Study Shows
India 'On Course' for the Moon
Splashing Down on Oceans of Saturn's Moon Titan
Creation Force: Black Holes Linked to Star Birth
Hubble Telescope's Rainbow Image of a Dusty Star
How the Sun Shines: New Evidence Pins Down Elusive Core Action
New Phenomenon Impacts Atomic Physics, Chemistry & Nanotechnology
Coot Birds Can Count, Study Says
It was a Dino-Eats-Dino World
Evidence, 'African Eve' Everyones Female Ancestor from Tanzania & Ethiopia
Top 100 April Fool's Day Hoaxes of All Time, From the Museum of Hoaxes
Researchers Put Rogue Proteins to Work Assembling Nanowires
Fossil Find Sheds Light on Ancient Plants

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March 2003 -

Internet Speed Record Smashed,
3,500 Times Faster than Broadband

Fans in Amsterdam Celebrate 150th Anniversary of Vincent Van Gogh's Birth
Wide Annual Fluctuations Found in Arctic Ozone Loss
Pictures Only a Computer Could Love
Earliest Salamanders Discovered
Researchers Find Neandertals More Nimble-Fingered than Previously Thought
The Movie 'Core': Hollywood Fiction or Science?
Stunning Hubble Images of Mysterious Erupting Star, Called a "Light Echo"
Evidence Mounts for Mysterious New Class of Black Holes
Panda Passion at San Diego Zoo
Telescope Detects Most Distant Galaxy Ever Observed, 12.8 Billion Light Years
Search for ETs Focuses on over 150 "Promising" Signals
Space Aliens Honored in New Mexico
Digital Race to Save Languages
Most Detailed Pictures Yet of a Gamma-Ray Burst & Afterglow
For First Time, Astronomers Weighed a Black Hole at the Edge of the Universe
New Telescope is Upside-Down at the Bottom of the Sea
Pulsar Bursts Coming from Beachball-Sized Structures
For First Time Astronomers Calculate Exact Size of the Closest Sun-Like Stars
After a Century of Searching for Answer, Physicists Solve Spherical Puzzle
Spell-Check Crutch Curtails Correctness
Bizarre Dinosaurs Shed Light on Adaptation
Sub Probes Active Underwater Volcano
Dark Spot on Jupiter Bigger than Famed Great Red Spot
Water 'Flows' on Mars
Droughts Ended Maya Civilization, Experts Say
1st Time Astronomers Observed Evaporating Atmosphere of an Extrasolar Planet
Tiny Flying Robots Modeled on Insects
Greenland Cools as World Warms
Oldest Fossilized Human Footprints ever Found on Volcano, 325,000+ Years Old
Discovery of Another New Batch of Jupiter Moons, Now Totals 52
"Dinosaur-Killer" Asteroid Crater Imaged for First Time
Lawrence Livermore Discovers New Source of High-Energy Neutrinos
Cougar Reports on the Rise in Eastern U.S.
Scientists Report Mars Has Liquid Iron Core
Did Neandertals Lack Smarts to Survive?
Researchers Create Highest Resolution Optical Image Ever, on the Nanoscale
Ape Fossil Found in Thailand, May Be Orang Ancestor
Two Giant Sequoia Trees Fall Unexpectedly, Up to 750 Years Old
Whales Win Right-of-Way in Atlantic Shipping Lanes
Who Knows How Many Stars There Are?
Nursing an "Extinct" Tree Back to Health

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February 2003 -

STS 107 Space Shuttle Columbia Explodes:
Lost Over Texas Coming In For Landing
STS-107 Crash Video

Rare Nubian King Statues Uncovered By Archaeologists In Sudan
Pioneer 10, First Spacecraft Out of Solar System, Silent After Nearly 31 Years
Computer Made from DNA/Enzymes Performs 330 Trillion Operations/Second
The Coolest Place in Space
Scientist Proposes New Theory for Gully Formation on Mars, May Support Life
After 27 Years of Study, Biologist Finds Elephants Speak with 70+ Vocal Sounds
'Double Whammy' Created the Moon
Criteria for Orbital Space Plane Begins to Take Shape
1.8 Million-Year-Old Hominid Jaw Found, May Change Evolutionary Tree
Space Station Crew Photographs Mysterious Clouds that Shine at Night
Army Ants Obey Traffic Plan to Avoid Jams, Study Says
Leatherbacks 'Extinct in 30 Years' if Current Fishing Practices Continue
NASA Releases Most Vivid Snapshot of Infant Universe Ever Taken
Hubble Telescope Gives Close-Up View of the Dumbbell Nebula
Fifth Closest Star Discovered
"Walnut-Size" Male Blanket Octopus Seen Alive for First Time & Photographed
End Nears for Galileo Jupiter Probe
Grand Chessmaster Garry Kasparov Versus Computer Deep Junior Ends in Draw
Frogs Leap through Legal Loophole
'Sticky' DNA Crystals Promise New Way to Process Information
Scientists Produce "Blackest Ever" Surface, Called Blacker
Do Fish Use Cold Current to Cross Tropics?
Sleep Lets Brain File Memories
Cyclops Myth Spurred by "One-Eyed" Fossils?
Attack of the Killer Weeds
Our Galaxy's Next Supernova?
A First, Surgeons See Live, 3D Images of a Beating Heart Without Surgery

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January 2003 -

New Type of Star Identified

Stephen Hawking Muses on Ultimate Theory of the Universe
U.S. Launched First Satellite 45 Years Ago
Scientists Observe Single Molecules in Their Natural State
X Prize Gets Four New Competitors, Rushing to Space
Nanodevice Breaks 1-GHz Barrier, Achieving a Milestone
Ultrapowerful X-Rays Reveal how Beetles Really Breathe
Mystery Matter Helped Build First Galaxies, Study Suggests
'Oldest Star Chart' Found, 32,500 Years Old
Paleontologists In China Discover New Species, Fossil of Four-Winged Dinosaur
Hypergiant Sun Eruption Observed
Ancient Greek Wreck Found in Black Sea
Giant Squid 'Attacks French Boat'
Distant Ring of Stars Found Around the Milky Way
Most Detailed View Yet of Black Hole in Center of Remote Quasar
Peering into the Cosmic Past 800 Million Years When Stars Were Young
A First, Astronomers Discover Rare Trojan Object on a Similar Path with Neptune
A First, Young Star Was Booted Out of its Stellar Family Forever Observed
Australian Co. Planning World's Tallest Structure, a Solar Energy Tower
Scientists Map Fourth Human Chromosome
China One Step Closer to Manned Flight, Shenzhou IV Successful
Researchers Finds Life 1000 Feet Beneath Ocean Floor
U.S. Research Team: Chimp Develops 'Ability to Talk'

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