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News Archive - 2002
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December 2002 -

Top 10 Space Science Images of 2002

Top Science Stories of 2002
VLT, Very Large Telescope Caught Remarkable Image of the Planet Uranus
'Thunderstorms' Spotted on Saturn Moon
Giant 150 Million Year Old Sea Fossil Unearthed
New Theory on Origin of Life
Moon's 'Youngest' Crater Discovered
Galileo Mission Picture, Clearest Yet of Oddly Shaped Moon Amalthea
Butterflies Point to Micro Machines
Relics Reveal First Written Words in New World

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November 2002 -

'Little' Big Bang Stumps Scientists

Age Secrets Of Little Worm
Runaway Black Hole 6,000 Light Years Away, Will Miss Us By 1,000 Light Years
New Ape Population Found
IBM Trying to Win Battle of the Supercomputer
Did Quark Matter Strike Earth?
Best Sun Pictures Ever Show New Solar Features
Most Powerful Eruption Detected Outside Earth, on Jupiters Moon IO
Aging Galileo Final Flyby of Jupiter's Moon Amalthea
Scientists Possible Evidence of a Parallel Universe of Mirror Matter

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October 2002 -

Astronomers Discover New Small Moon Circling Uranus

Soviet Account of Space Dog Disputed, First Living Animal to Orbit Earth
10 Confounding Cosmic Questions
Dinosaur Found in Montana with Skin Intact
Giant Bird (Est. 14 Ft Wingspan) Sighted Several Times in Alaska
Tally of Asteroids Harboring Moons Grows Beyond 30
Atomic Memory Developed for Storage Capacity
45 Years Later, Sputnik 1, Satellite that Started it All

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September 2002 -

NASA Reveals New Plan for the Moon, Mars & Outward

Odd Dinosaur Discovered With Rabbit-Like Teeth
New Mars Eagle Has Flown, and Landed, in Oregon Test
Anti-Matter is Mass Produced, a Crucial First Step
Suddenly, Universe Awash in Black Holes
Earth's New 'Moon' is Space Junk

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August 2002 -

Has Speed Of Light Slowed Down?

25 Years Later, Voyager Mission Keeps Pushing the Space Envelope
Stardust Sweeps Up Interstellar Dust
Crow Seen Bending Straight Wire Into Hook to Catch Out of Reach Food
Earth's Waistline Could Be Expanding

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July 2002 -

Another Planet Outside Our Solar System Found
Smaller Than Saturn

'Cheap' Space Trips Offered for the Rest of Us
Interplanetary Superhighway Makes Space Travel Simpler
Space Race to Orbit Team Closer to $10 Million Prize

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June 2002 -

Two New Cat-Sized Primates
Discovered in the Rain Forests of Amazonia

Galileo Spacecraft's Farewell Look at Jupiter's Burning Moon Io
Light Observed Fighting to Escape Black Hole's Pull
Archaeologists Discover Large Preserved Copper Factory from Bronze Age
Scientists Have Successfully Teleported a Laser Beam a Yard Away
Human Noise May Disturb Whales' "Love Songs"
New Theory Asserts the Existence of Mirror Matter
Desert-Adapted Crocs Found in Africa
Dino Heatwave Recorded in Leaves
South Pole Telescope Maps Heart of Milky Way
Dino Family Tree Shows Birds are Related
Hubble Space Telescope, Infrared Camera Back Online
Reclaiming the Moon: Plans for a 21st Century Return
How Would We Answer the Phone if ET Called Us?
Discoverers Say New Most Dominant Source of Free Energy Fills Universe
More Red Quasars May Loom in the Universe Than Previously Believed

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May 2002 -

Oldest Worm Trail Discovered

Ants Pawns in Battle of Wasps, Butterflies
Brazil's 'Extinct' Bird Found Still Alive
Europa Shows Evidence of Life's Ingredients
Nasa Says Mars Assault Is On
50th Anniv. Everest Expedition Reaches Summit
Latest Status on Genesis Spacecraft Mission
Chimp Nut-Cracking Site Offers Clues to Early Tool Use
Ice Reservoirs Found on Mars in Vast Quantities Just Below the Surface
New Picture of Gravity Defying Loops on Sun
Paper Plane Pilots Set Record
NASA's Need for Speed: Advanced Propulsion Comes of Age
Study: Babies Can 'Tune In' Faces
Submillimetron Project: Orbital Telescope Platform Proposed for SETI
Guinness Records Names JPL's Aerogel World's Lightest Solid
How Whales Learned to Swim
Fossil May Have Been First Flower
Next Generation Shuttle Plans Ends First Phase, Many Choices

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April 2002 -

Scientists Discover New Order
Of Insects From Africa, Mantophasmatodea

Hubble Telescope's New Camera Operating Great, 4 Pictures Released
TV Guide Names Top 50 TV Shows
Universe in 'Endless Cycle'
Playstation 2 Game Review: Spider-Man
First Birth of Mammals in Space Planned
Indias Snake Charmers Fade, Blaming Eco-Laws, TV
Stardust Sets New Distance Record for a Solar-Powered Spacecraft
JPL Develops New Portable Fuel Cell Technology
Experiment Confirms Sun Theories
Environmental Movement at 40: Is Earth Healthier?
SOHO Spacecraft Video of Newly Discovered Comet Going Near Sun
Human & Primate Ancestors now Date Back 85 Million Years
Super-Colony of Ants Discovered Stretching Thousands of Miles
Ancient Underwater City Discovered Off Coast of Southeastern India
Signs of Another Solar System Like Ours
Astronomers Find New Kind of Matter, Quark Stars
Firm Aims to 'Computerize' Common Sense
Astronomers Detect Stellar Ashes at the Dawn of Time
Why Humans Are Brainier Than Chimps
Was This Earth's First Predator?
Maintenance on Voyager 1 Spacecraft From 7 Billion Miles Away
Re-Check of 1997 Data Suggests Mars Surface Contains Chlorophyll
Hubble Telescope's New Camera Ready to Take Pictures
PC Game Review: Freedom Force
Scientists Say Hydrogen-Fed Bacteria May Exist Beyond Earth
Study: Missouri Tops Endangered Rivers
Ancient Roman Papyri Villa May Hold World's Richest Literary Treasure
A Guide to Internet Lingo and Emoticons

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March 2002 -

Astronomers Have Discovered an Entirely
New Class of Objects
Called 'Faint Extended Clusters'

NASA Researchers Say Seeds of Life (Amino Acids) are Everywhere
GameCube Review: All-Star Baseball 2003
Project Cleared to Build Mercury Orbiter
Arctic Redwood Fossils Are Clues to Ancient Climates
'Crown Jewels' of U.S. Parks Endangered
Ancient Supercontinent Proposed
Historian Gavin Menzies on Pre-Columbus Voyage by Chinese
North Magnetic Pole Could Be Leaving Canada
Enormous Antarctic Ice Shelf Collapses, Existed Since Last Ice Age
Russia Unveals Super Rocket They Tried to Beat U.S. to the Moon With
Scientists Predict Calmer Space Weather, Sunspots Seem to Be Past Peak
Universe Expansion is Accelerating, Researchers Say
Lost Incan Settlement Found in Remote Vilcabamba Region of Peru
Asteroid Buzzes Earth, Highlighting Cosmic Blind Spot
Life is Confusing for Two-Headed Snakes
New Beautiful View of Uranus, Its Ring System and Its Two Moons
New Giant Iceberg Spotted Off Antarctica
Twin Quasars Tango and It's No Mirage
Rare Parrots Lay a Record
Mars Rover Landing Site Sweet Spots Not So Sweet
Dachshund Survives After Eagle Carries it Off
Oldest Intact Maya Mural Found in Guatemala, Dates from A.D. 100
Prototype of Tourist Space Shuttle Unveiled, the C-21    C-21 Diagram
Scientists Say Martian Spots Worth a Close Look
Using 'Nature's Toolbox,' a DNA Computer Solves a Complex Problem
Monkey Thoughts Control Computer
'Blue Jets' Get a Charge Out of Atmosphere
Longitude Clock Comes Alive After Ten Years
Advanced Camera Will Give Hubble New View of Universe, 10X Better!
Exploding Star may have Sparked Ancient Earth Disaster
Team Races to Catalog Every Species on Earth

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February 2002 -

Mr. Potato Head Still Hot at 50

Solar Systems Biggest Object is Bubble of Charged Particles Around Jupiter
Extinct Dodo Related to Pigeons, DNA Shows
Lotus Blossoms After 500 Years
Ferocious Dinosaur A Slowpoke?
Portion of Volcano Slips Toward Ocean
Bailing Out Flooded Venice in the Future
Jupiter Hot Spot Makes Trouble for Theory
Asian Women Love E-Mail
3,000 Languages are Endangered or Dying in Many Parts of the World
Centuries-Old Clock Puzzle Solved
New Look at Fate of the Pillars of Creation
Volcanoes Threaten to Divide Africa Land Mass
Using Lasers NASA Find that Lunar Interior Contains Molten Slurry
Humans Will 'Sail to the Stars'
Distant Space Travel Better Conducted as Family Affair
Intriguing New Theory on the Origins of Jewelry
Newly Discovered Fossil Further Proof of Link Between Dinosaurs & Birds
Space-Based Missile Defense Needed to Thwart Asteroid Attacks
Mars Global Surveyor Sees Surprising Changes in Martian Ice Cap
Taking to the Air on Saturn's Moon Titan
Saturn: The Real Lord of the Rings
A First, Pulsed Plasma Thrusters Used to Guide NASA Satellite in Space
New Space Sail Concept Rides Stream of Laser Driven Bomblets
Putting the Squeeze on Paper
NASA to Test Space Tether Propellant-Free Propulsion Technology

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January 2002 -

World's Oldest Abstract Art Unearthed,
Dates Back Over 70,000 Years

New Thermal Protection Skin for Reusable Space Rockets
New High-Resolution Image Released of Famous "Horsehead Nebula"
New Orbital Maps Show Where Most Powerful Lightning Strikes
Chandra Mission Snaps Image of Galactic Center
Neanderthals 'Used Glue to Make Tools'
New Study: Quantum Leap in Understanding Gravity
Astronomers Find Evidence of 'Missing Link' in Black Holes
Peering Into The Future
Astronomers Push for Observatory on the Moon
Young Star Blasts its Way Out of Stellar Nursery
Antimatter Could Fuel Rockets, Heal Patients
World's Oldest Abstract Art Unearthed, Dates Back Over 70,000 Years
NASA Explores Electromagnetic Space Launches

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