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Largest Known Prime Number Discovered   Meet M77232917 at 23,249,425 Digits



Twin Mars Rovers:
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Weekly Top 150
Bestseller Books
‘Princess Leia’ 3D Holograms One Step Closer to Reality

Minnie Mouse, Gets a Star of Her Own on the Hollywood Walk of Fame
Hollywood Hall of Fame - Stars List A-Z

Halszkaraptor escuilliei - Newly Discovered Dinosaur More Like a Duck

 courtesy ESO/M. Kornmesser
OUMUAMUA - Our Solar System’s First Interstellar Visitor Dazzles Scientists
Interstellar Asteroid Oumuamua’s Path in Our Solar System

Record: Oldest And Furthest Object Spotted In Universe So Far
Giant Antarctic Ice Bridge Linking Wilkins Ice Shelf Collapses
For First Time: Asteroid Debris Tracked in Fall to Earth Recovered

 courtesy NASA TV
Space Shuttle Discovery STS 119 Finishes Mission
Mission: To Bring Space Station Up To Full Power  Space Station Info
STS-119 Mission   STS-119 'Full Power' Mission PDF  

50 Potential New Species Discovered in Papua New Guinea
Satellite Debris No Threat to Space Station or Space Shuttle
Man Survives Plunge Over Niagara Falls
NOAA Unveils New Alert System for La Nina and El Nino

Space Shuttle Discovery STS 124 Lands Safely - Mission Over
Attached Kibo (Japan's Large Lab) to ISS International Space Station
STS-124 Mission   Mission PDF   Space Station   'Kibo' Homepage

Five Electric Cars You Can Buy Now
Prince William made 1,000th Knight, the Top British Order of Chivalry
Holy Grail Find: 1780 British 'Legendary' Warship Found in Lake Ontario
Reds Slugger Ken Griffey Jr. Hits 600th Home Run

First European 'Jules Verne' Space Freighter Docks with Space Station
Automatic Docking - ATV 'Space Truck' - Homepage

Mariah Carey ( 18 No.1 Hit Singles ) Passes Elvis Presley ( 17 No. 1's )
Still Behind The Beatles ( 20 No. 1 Hit Singles )

Many Nearby Sun-Like Stars May Form Rocky Planets
Worlds with Potential Life Might be More Common than We Thought

'Artificial Intelligence' Machines to Match Man by 2029

 courtesy NASA
Total Lunar Eclipse Wednesday Feb 20th - Last Until Dec. 2010

Space Shuttle Atlantis STS 122 Mission Complete
Delivered 'Columbus' Space Lab to ISS International Space Station
STS-122 Mission   Mission PDF   Space Station

NASA Messenger Spacecraft Makes First Flyby of Mercury   Mercury
NASA Images   Messenger Homepage   NASA Mission Page
First Spacecraft to Mercury Since 1975 (Mariner 10)   Mariner 10

Solar Cycle 24 Began January 4th with 'Reversed Polarity' Sunspot 981
Are You Ready for Cars Driving Themselves?
Astronomers Say Moons Like Ours Are Uncommon

Comet Holmes: Unexpectedly Brightens While Exploding
Comet 17P/Holmes 'Outburst' Kronk's Main Webpage
When To View Chart   Sky & Telescope Viewing Chart

STS 120 Space Shuttle 'Discovery' Lands OK - Visited Space Station
STS-120 Mission   Mission PDF   Space Station

Happy 50th Birthday to the Space Age - Started with Russian 'Sputnik'
NASA's Dawn Spacecraft Launched & On Way to the Asteroid Belt
Rare Total Lunar Eclipse Puts On Nice Show   Guide   Pics

STS-118 Space Shuttle 'Endeavour' Lands OK - Finishing Mission
Teacher In Space   STS 118 Mission   Space Station   Info PDF

Ocean's 'Missing Link' Discovered
'Great' Perseid Meteor Shower Peaks   Viewers Guide

NEW HOMERUN KING!  Barry Bonds Blasts Homerun Number 756
Beating Hank Aaron's All Time Homerun Record   NY Times Slideshow

Astronomers Spot Biggest Exo-Planet Yet, 20 Times Larger than Earth

A-Rod (Yanks Alex Rodriguez) Hits 500th Home Run, Youngest Ever
500 Home Run Club Pictures

Phoenix Mars Lander Launched OK - On Way To Mars
Phoenix Mission Homepage   Mission PDF

Lewis Gordon Pugh is First to Swim at the North Pole

 courtesy NASA
STS-117 Space Shuttle 'Atlantis' Mission Has Successful Landing
STS 117 Mission To   Space Station   Mission PDF

New Evidence: T. Rex & Big Dinosaurs Could Swim

574th Home Run: Ken Griffey Jr. Passes Harmon Killebrew for 8th Place
Fans Mark 30 Years of 'Star Wars' Movies
Good Information: Find Your Way to Latest GPS Devices
NOAA Predicts Above Normal 2007 Atlantic Hurricane Storm Season

Expedition 15: New Astronauts Dock at Space Station
Expedition 15 Mission   Space Station Homepage

New Leopard Species in Borneo
Mars South Pole Holds Enough Ice to Cover Planet
The Transition: Flying Car or Drivable Plane?
Daylight Savings Time Begins Three Weeks Early
Rare Total Lunar Eclipse Enjoyed by Many   Viewers Guide
NASA's THEMIS Launched to Study Geomagnetic Substorms   Homepage
Over 100 Dinosaur Eggs Found In India
Apple, Beatles Settle Trademark Dispute 'We Can Work It Out'
U.S. Astronaut Sunita Williams Sets U.S. Women Spacewalk Record
Darwin's Bulldog and the Time Machine
Rare 'Living Fossil' Shark Filmed (includes Video Link)
Comet McNaught: Great Cometary Show (includes Pictures)
Ronald McDonald Statue in Pennsylvania Reported Stolen
NOAA Reports 2006 Warmest Year on Record for U.S.
'Plutoed' is 2006 Word of the Year  Why? Pluto Demotion to Dwarf Planet
2007 CES: Consumer Electronics Show Homepage
Why Don't Woodpeckers Get Headaches?
Ayles Ice Shelf (41 Sq. Miles) Breaks Off in Arctic

Space Shuttle 'Discovery' Mission Over - Lands Safely In Florida
STS 116 Homepage   Mission To Continue Building Space Station
STS-116 'Discovery' Shuttle Mission PDF   Shuttle Crew   Station PDF
Station Crew   'Spaceflight Now' Latest Status

National Geographic News Photo: Giant Squid Captured, Filmed
Scientists Find: Europe's 'Biggest Dinosaur' Fossil Ever Turiasaurus
Winter Starts December 21st
Report: 52 New Species Found in Borneo Counted in 3 Months
Top Ten Animal Stories of 2006 from National Geographic News
Way to Go! You're the Time Magazine 'Person Of The Year'
What will Replace the Laptop? Tiny Handheld Computers
Found: Loch Ness Monster Lookalike, 70 Million Year Old Plesiosaur
'Deep Fritz' Computer Beats World Chess Champ Vladimir Kramnik 4-2
Moon Base Announced by NASA, Permanently Staffed by 2024
2,100 Year Old Ancient Greek Computing Device Identified
Harvard Business School Classmates Try To Restart Indian Motorcycle
Space Station Spacewalker Hits Golf Ball Into Space   Video
Mars Global Surveyor Spacecraft Seems to Be Failing   Homepage
Study: Internet No. 2 Science News Source

Leonid Meteor Shower Peaked Mid-November
Viewers Guide   2006 Leonids Image Gallery

Which Game System: Playstation 3, Nintendo Wii, XBOX 360?
Mysterious Dark Energy Has Existed For Most of Time, Scientists Say
1st-Century Roman Shipwreck May Hold Secret to Ancient Roman Sauce
Three Minute Record: Steve Spalding Catches 116 Grapes in Mouth
Nearby Stars: Out of Hiding, 20 New Local Stars Id'd   Nearest Stars List
To Zune or not to Zune? - Zune Versus iPod: The Battle Begins

 courtesy NASA,JPL,CICLOPS,Space Science Institute
Cassini Spacecraft Pictures Show Hurricane-Like Storm on Saturn
CICLOPS Imaging   Cassini Homepage   Video

Rare Transit of Sun by Planet Mercury - Next One in 2016
Simulation   SOHO Image Gallery Image Gallery

Indian Scientists Find Rare Plant Not Seen for 115 Years
Baboons & Birds Remember Hundreds of Pictures at Least a Year

Star Gazer's 30th Anniversary Show:
30th Anniversay Show Video - Long Version   Short Version
Jack Horkheimer 'Star Gazer' Home Page   Recent Video Show Episodes

Want To Save the World? Make Sur You Plant the Right Tree
Web Milestone: 100 Million Web Sites
Last Ford Taurus Rolls Off the Assembly Line, Once Best-Selling Car

NASA 'STEREO' Mission Launched:
Two Spacecraft On Way To Study Sun And Solar Flares in 3D
Mission   Info PDF   STEREO Homepage   Latest Status

A Very Lost Manatee is Chilly in Memphis, Rescue Planned
100 Million Year Old Bee Fossil Found in Amber
Scientists Create Cloak of Invisibility on Copper Cylinder   Duke Univ.
The 100-Year Forecast: More Extreme Weather
Charles Darwin's Works Go Online   His Life 1809-1882   Darwin-Online
Microsoft Releases Internet Explorer 7 (IE7), Overdue Browser Upgrade
Scientists Create New Element   Element Table
U.S. Population Now Above 300,000,000 People
Unusual Rare 154-Pound Meteorite Found in Greensburg, Kansas
Summary of 2006 Nobel Prize Laureats, including 100th Prize for Physics

 courtesy NASA, ESA & G. Bacon (STScI)
Orbiting Hubble Space Telescope Finds New Type Of Exo Planet
Called USPPs for Ultra-Short-Period Planets   Images   Videos

Doctors Perform First Zero-Gravity Surgery Aboard   Zero-G Aircraft

 courtesy NASA
STS 115 Space Shuttle Lands OK After Successful Mission   PDF
'Atlantis' STS-115: Space Station Building Mission

Deep Antarctic Ice Tells Long Climate Story

European 'Smart-1' Spacecraft Crashes into Moon in Planned Crash
Smart-1 Mission Homepage   Impact Info

Hubble Telescope Captures a Rare Eclipse on Uranus

* Pluto No Longer A Planet *  REWRITE THE SCIENCE BOOKS!

courtesy NASA/Lunar & Planetary Lab
Now 8 Planets In Solar System   IAU General Assembly 2006
Pluto Now A 'Dwarf Planet'   Pluto   Text of Decision

courtesy left=NASA/JPL-Caltech/R.Hurt(SSC-Caltech) right=NASA/ESA

Seven Robots That Will Change Your Life
The Poincare Conjecture: Century-Old Brain-Twister Now Solved
NASA Finds Direct Proof of Dark Matter
1000th Kreutz Sungrazing Comet Discovered by SOHO Spacecraft
The Computer PC Turns 25
Discovered: 'Planemos' - Strange Twin Planets that Orbit Each Other

  courtesy NASA/Regina Mitchell-Ryall
Space Shuttle STS 121 'Discovery' Lands A-OK - Mission Complete
STS-121 Space Station Mission   Crew   Pilot: Mark Kelly   PDF
Flight Plan   Spaceflight Now Mission Status

'Superman Returns'
Superman Returns
Beats Last Years 'Batman Begins' at Box Office  Homepage/Trailers

Accident-Free Future? In 2026, You'll Own a Car That Can't Crash
Archeaologists Find First Intact Tomb in 84 Years
Missing Link in Bird Evolution Found - Gansus yumenensis
Oldest Web-Spinner Spider Found in Amber, Mesozygiella dunlopi
N.J.'s Katherine Close Wins National Spelling Bee, 1st Girl Since 1999
Study: North Pole Once Was Tropical, 55 Million Years Ago
Theory Could Become Reality, How to Make an Invisibility Cloak
Veggie Oil as Gas Substitute
Rare Complete Mammoth Skeleton Found in Siberia
'Extinct' South African Painted Frog Comes Back to Life
Skywalk to Offer Thrilling Grand Canyon View   Glass Skywalk Page
'Poseidon' Movie: Packs Punch of Real Science   Homepage/Trailer
Light Bulbs: Headed for the Museum?, LED & OLED Gain Ground
Why Ants Rule the World
Universe in Flux: Constant of Nature Might Have Changed
Large Hadron Collider Should Detect SuperWIMPS as Well as WIMPS
World's Smallest Car Gets Molecular Motor
Fermilab Probes Matter-Antimatter Transitions
National Geographic Video: Catfish Hunts Out of Water
New Fossil Links Up Human Evolution
Blue Ring Discovered Around Uranus

ESA 'Venus Express' Powers into Orbit Around Venus
Venus Express Spacecraft   Homepage   First Pics

NASA Celebrates 25th Anniversary of the First Space Shuttle Launch
Arctic Fossils Mark Move to Land

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March 2006 -
National Geographic Photos: Lifelike Robot Waves Away Skeptics
MRO: New Mars Orbiter First Pictures   Malin Images
Ancient Tree in Indiana Thought to be 6,000 Years Old, Only 2,000
Atmospheric CO2 Accumulating Faster Than Ever
Bosons Form Quantum Threesome
Scaly New Dinosaur Creates Flap Over Feathers' Evolution
40th Anniversary of Launch of 'Gemini VIII'
RFID Worm Created In the Lab
Satellite Closes In On Noah's Ark Mystery
Polar Bear Triplets Born in Zoo, A First?
Penumbral Lunar Eclipse Tuesday, March 14th Viewer Guide   Map
Chilly 'Super-Earth' Detected at Distant Star, 9,000 Light-Years Away
National Geographic Video: Einstein for Non-Geniuses
Rain in Phoenix, Arizona Ends Record Dry Spell at 143 Days

 Courtesy NASA/JPL
NASA Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) Enters Mars Orbit
MRO Spacecraft   Homepage   NASA   JPL   Mars Milestones
MRO Graphic   PDF   Launch Video   Journey Video   Latest Status

Fuel Cells to Change Laptop Use
Tiny Nano-Scale Motor Turns Giant Rods
A Better Weather Forecast On the Sun
New Rodent is 'Living Fossil', Thought Extinct for 11 Million Years
How to Calculate Hardness of a Material
Key to Strong Memory in Old Age: Just Believe

 Courtesy NASA/SVS
NASA - Impact of Climate Warming on Polar Ice Sheets Confirmed

Origami - Microsoft Seeks Niche for New Device
Intel Speeds Up 'Wimax' Plan
Record Set for Hottest Temperature on Earth: 3.6 Billion Degrees in Lab
Divers Discover New Crusteacean: A Blonde 'Furry Lobster'
Research Warps into Hyperdrive
North America's 'Loch Ness Monster' Spotted Again
How to Digitize Your Home Videos
Next Solar Storm: Sooner, Stronger
The World's Toughest Coffee Cup
NASA Aids in Resolving Long Standing Solar Cycle Mystery
New List: Top 20 Extinction Hotspots
Green Chemistry: Back to the Future, Plants to Replace Petrochemicals
The Harder You Exercise, the Quicker You Recover
Why the Inner Ear is Snail-Shaped
NASA Awards Supercomputing Time for Advanced Research
New IMAX Film Brings Deep Sea to Life
Cavemen Preferred Blondes
NASA Mission Detects Significant Antarctic Ice Mass Loss
National Geographic Video: From Edison to Oscar, Film History Shines
Chimps Prove Altruistic and Cooperative
New $10 Bill Starts Circulating   Picture
The Biggest Carnivore: Dinosaur History Rewritten
Does Saturn's Moon Titan Methane Originate from Underground?
New Mexico Governor Signs Spaceport Bills
Yellowstone Volcano Grows as Geysers Reawaken   Yellowstone

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February 2006 -

 Courtesy NASA/NSSDC
World Population Hits 6.5 Billion

Scientists 'Can Predict Memories'
Traces of Lost Civilization of Tambora Found in Indonesia
See it Now: New Comet 'C/2006 A1' Brightens Rapidly
Jurassic Beaverlike Creature Found in China   Castorocauda lutrasimilis
Star Trek Like Quantum Teleporter Creates Laser Beam Clones
Parents of Stolen Penguin 'Toga', Hatch New Egg
A Fresh Spin in Quantum Physics: The 'Spin Triplet' Supercurrent
'Tyrannosaurus rex' had Razor-Sharp Senses
NASA Honors Legendary Journalist Walter Cronkite
Bull Terrier Leads the Pack at Westminster Dog Show   Breed Photos
GlobalFlyer: Steve Fossett Breaks Non-Stop Flight Distance Record
New Kind Of Cosmic Object Discovered - 'Rotating Radio Transients'
'Antigravity' Propulsion System Proposed
Sneak Peak: Hottest Toys for Autumn '06
1932 Landmark Discovery: 1st Antiparticle - The Positive Electron
T. Rex's Oldest Ancestor Discovered in China
Super Bowl XL: Pittsburg Steelers Beat Seattle Seahawks 21-10

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